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I bought your game, but I have a question about distorting images, when dragging window size. Is it possible to keep image in consistent proportions?

Its appears only when you resize the window horizontally!

I know, how to prevent losing proportions?

Now its not possible, I’ll try to implement this in the next update!

Its works only in Landscape mode!! Rotate your device!

Today I tested puzzle on my website and sometimes it doesn’t catch final puzzle and doesn’t show Congratulation sign. Puzzle just keeps playing even when it’s complete. I hope it’ll be fixed in the next releases.

Also Next-Image shows blank screen if “next image” is the same as current image. Only way to avoid it is to have many many images in your gallery to lower occasion.

I started refactoring the whole code, and its half done, I need a little bit more time.

Hello Andy, after 3 months, is there any way to fix this bug?

Ok, the update is uploaded now, waiting for approve. I hope the mentioned problem is solved. Thank you for your patience!

Can you make it into a multi-player game with PayPal integration so you can make a wager and challenge friends to win cash, like this one?

no way, sorry

Hi Andy,

I have purchased this amazing game , I am contacting you through the email but you didn’t reply my emails !


oki I will be waiting for you

Email sent ;)

Andy I sent u many emails and you didn’t reply yet ?

Your product looks good. Please confirm it meets my requirements.

I need a responsive sliding puzzle. It needs to fit inside a div so can be centered on page and contained. It needs to be able to be viewed on mobile phones in portrait

Please advise

Its responsive and you can fit it inside a div, but its not working in portrait mode yet. Now if the height is bigger than the width its not working. I have to re-position the timer-moves-buttons block from right side to bottom of the puzzle when you are in portrait mode. I planned this, but I am too busy for any update yet.

Ok. Thank you for the reply. I will buy your product as soon as you have completed this planned update. Please advise me when this is done.

Can you put html content over the picture after user solves puzzle?

Can you please reply my emails ?!

This is not like the demo, how frustrating. What are all those silly menu options? I just want users to get straight to the game so i can use it for a project.

How do I get the script exactly like the demo?

Frustrating?! Open the documentation, and don’t be rude…

How do I put html code after user completes the puzzle?

in the config file, you can set your own callback function for the win. You can see the example in the config.js.

Will i be able to use this in my webview for app??? Is there any scope of editing in Jquery of it

Nice work! I bought this game for use on mobile, but I am having some issues with it.

First, swipe doe not work at all. Second, the tap response times are incredibly slow…sometimes I will have to tap on a square many times before it is selected.

Any idea how I can smooth things out?



What phone do you have? And in which web browser do you tried the game?

I tested on an iPhone 5s and and iPad. On desktop Safari/Chrome it works perfectly.

Still having issue…can you give it a look here?

see below

Heh…sorry, really wish i could delete comments. The actual url is :

Love this, how can I listen for the start? I’d like to play audio when the user starts a puzzle.

There is no callback for the start button at present.

Hi , there, i would like to know the output of : time spent and points output , in which format we get that ? ... and i would like to know i fit’s also possible to integrate it with facebook access system (by editing the code obvious) , so these are the main points i would like to clearfy before making an pruchase.

Thanks & Regards.


there is a callback for time spent and points. Its a canvas only game, so yes, you can integrate it with facebook.


I have a pre-sale question, the game is perfect to my requirement but just that I need to disable the random shuffle function when game starts. That means each of the puzzle pieces will stay at exactly the same location every time the game loads.

May I know if that is possible? Many thanks!