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Thank you. Did you find the script useful?

Very useful script, and easy to use. :)

Thank you, very much!

how do i center the images vertically? they are all positioned at the top of the option box.

Sorry, slideselect does not support vertical centering yet, though, you can edit the LESS code for each theme as you like

how to put a link on an option? When the user selects an option I want to direct you to a link.

Excellent idea. I made a new version with a href option. Send me a private message, so i can send it you.

Hello, I sent a private message to you but had no answer.. Could you send me this new version with link? My e-mail

Hi – does this support rendering of HTML for the list items? For example, if I had the list items in a database with html (i.e. Test), would it be displayed as bold?

Hi there, this script only turns a <SELECT> tag into a nice looking slide. Unfortunately you cannot do that.

Hi there, does this support multiselected items ?

I had problems with them,

<select… <option value=1 selected> <option value=2 selected> <option value=3 selected> </select>

doesnt work for me, only the first option is selected.

Can you plese send me a full exmple? At my first look might you have missed the <select multiple> keyword in your select tag.

Hi, How can I select an option dynamically using jQuery?

Looks Great! Best of luck with sales

can i get url json with your slideselect ?