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This is a good start. The way I see it, this is missing three things right off the top.

  1. forward or backward scrolling when mouseover the edges of the slider
  2. the images themselves should be the drag target not a small slider rectangle
  3. the image itself should be clickable rather than a small balloon.
  4. Think of it this way.. it’s more intuitive for someone to want to grab the image in front of them and drag it left or right these days. Let’s say the first click on an image will allow dragging and a subsequent click on the same image will invoke the linkage.


Thank you for you comment. I’ll update the Slider as soon as I can with those features.

text for hidden elements to the right of the slider area in IE 8 clearly visible

Did you really test this before ticking the IE boxes?

Demo page is out.

What you mean out? Check here:


Steam design, nice :-)

Aaaah this is what I’m lookin’ for ;)

Just want to make sure before purchase. Are this script is easy to customize?? Just have little knowledge on Javascript :D

And, if I purhase the script, may I contact you directly through email or with IM for conversation to helping customize the script?

Just let me know. Many thanks!!


Yes it’s easy and I’ll be glad to help you using it :)

Hi! Is it possible to pause on mouseover?

Not yet but that’s a good update I should do :)

Hi, Great post, almost exactly what I was looking for! I wondered if it’s possible to showsome sort of auto info when a slide goes by. For instance the slide has the title on top like it is now, but below the slider it shows a little box with more info with about 3 lines and a link?

I hope you understand what I mean and look forward hearing from you, great job!

Hi and thank you for purchasing.

I’m sorry, you left me confused. Please explain.

This is still all broken in IE, completley unusable in the most used browser

I’m sorry if you’re not satisfied. I just opened my IE8 and it works fine.

looks great!

doesn’t work on IE …... regret that i buy it

Hi Can this be used for text rather than images? Thnx

I never tested but… each slide is a table cell so you can remove the background image and put text. You need to change the stylesheet a little.

Demo link is not working, at this time.

Is there a way that you can use different size images in the slider? You can only set a specific width.

I’m sorry, it is not possible at this time. It’s not just the building method that is affected, it’s sliding one..


Demo page is out?

Demo page is still out.

The internet explorer issue may be due to IE blocking activeX components from online sources. It blocked it from my hard drive but from the webspace it was fine.

Nice gallery thing, cheers.

The demo is down