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Looks nice… GLWS!

Thanks! )

Very nice, can you make it responsive – would buy then.

update is sent to the moderation

Hi, I can use URL link to click?? Thanks

Yes, of course

lightbox doesn’t work – image opens in a new page

sorry my bad! it does work

I love this! Amazing work! But before I buy it, can I link the picture or the title to a URL?

Yes, of course

no auto scrolling?

Now such opportunity is not

added the ability to auto-scroll

Can we add different thumbnail images in the carousel. Like

First image will occupy two rows and other will have one thumbnail in each row.

awesome slider Ksayri, before i purchase it i’d like to know if this slider has the ability to loop ?

I have a problem with your slider, section “Gallery with three rows” (gallery5). With 4/5 result, the slider arrow work and cut image. See my test:

index.html (Minimized)!sIsUxBDY!78GuJMV7k6_Z9MRfWZ1FA8UMWucu_sFdKfFmavrpmCk

(Copy and paste inside your folder)

We’re fixed it and updated this plugin today.

Thank You

I used a different slider to split my page in three rows but I can’t figure out how to make all three rows move together. Could I use your slider to accomplish this in full screen as in my example below?

This possibility is not made now. But we are going add adaptability very soon.

Looks Great! Best of luck with sales