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for Customer Support

I just bought the support package for 28 dollars and where can I ask for a question now?????????!!!!

for Feature Availability

Good plugin, easy to use though a little confusing at times.

for Code Quality

I'm never using this plugin again. It's sooooo slow and it's making me look bad because my client keeps asking me why the site takes so long to load and it's because of the slider. I made the mistake of using it as the page header on every page and now, when you visit the site, the very last thing to load is the header. You have to wait, often a long time, for the header to be visible. So, all you see is a big blank section at the top of the page while the browser is spinning and spinning and spinning. What is it loading? Revolution slider. And to make matters worse, it doesn't always load 100%. Sometimes, the page header text is missing so all you see in the background image. WTF?? I"m never using this dumb plugin again. It's heavy, loaded with !important tags, and way too much effort and time to setup than it's worth. I rather just code the page the normal way next time.


Author response


sorry your projects did not work out the way you planned it. In most case you need to check the sizes of the images you upload and use.
It is only marginal CSS and JS added to the page but huge images can be several megabytes.

You can check our page which is build completely out of Slider Revolution sliders for example which got a GTmetrix score of 99%.
If there was a general issue this score would not be possible.

Can our support team be of help? Please contact our experts at so they can share some knowledge!

Cheers from your Team @ ThemePunch

for Flexibility

Awesome slider. by far the best I have used so far. using for a client. Its the best. I am the master of rev_slider. I design websites fiverr/md_j4mil ;)

for Customer Support

This plugin is great and the support is just fantastic! So speedy and helpful... thank you!

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