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​Good day, - I have setup a custom post type (CPT​). - I have also used Advanced Custom Fields to collect an array of images for each post on the CPT. - I have setup a page template ‘my-single.php’ for this CPT​ to render the post meta information saved as I’d like it to. How can I use a Revolution Slider in my page template (my-single.php​) to show images in a slider (like a normal carousel) from that specific CPT post. Furthermore, How can I show meta detail from the CPT, i.e. Caption etc, on top of the image slider?

An example would be a restaurant listing website. A normal listing is posted with custom meta information. Upon viewing the listing (single.php) a slider with images and meta data is shown. How would I go about reproducing something similar in my page templet? Thank you in advance, Rgds, Wzz

Thanks for your request !

Due to our exclusive agreement with Envato, we can only provide support for those that qualify. But here’s how you can renew your support:

and then one of our technicians can review your case and provide some assistance!

I’m happy to do that, could you at least tell me if it is possible to pull specific post content w/rev slider – otherwise it is useless to subscribe to support if the functionality is not there… thank you :)

In the past SLider Revolution had compatibility problems with PHP 7. Are those problems fixed once and for all.? I am testing on >PHP 7.1, seems working. Did you test on PHP 7.1?


Thanks for the great plugin!

I got the plugin with the BestBuild theme.

I have inserted two sliders in a tabs (used plugin Livemesh Tab).

The first tab displays a slider with no problems.

The problem is if I switch to another tab, slider appears in a small size:

In site:

Can you help?

Hi, I simply want to hide the default hamburger menu on my Fashion Revolution Slider, and use my default menu from another theme. I cannot seem to find where it is located to turn off.

I have just taken over a site which came with Revolution slider and Visual Composer. Owner have no clue about the Revolution Slider Licence Code. Are you able to help?

My issue is slides are doubling up or sometimes trppled. If I de activate the REV plugin on the page it has the short code showing twice. I can not even get rid of the short code after deactivation? Can you please advise?

Hi, I just redesigned my site (on the same domain) but I can’t activate because it says that license is in use. Am I really gonna have to deal with this every time I do a revamp?

suggestion – forum for customers
Have you ever thought about having a forum on your website for people who are verified customers? A community where we can login share codes, ask questions, etc?

The comments section on the Envato site has very little info – because in most cases ask customers to submit a ticket. There is no way to search tickets that someone else has submitted – even though we may be asking the same question. Seems like this would make things more efficient for you in regards to support ticket – and definitely more valuable to the end user – like me ;)

hi, i would like to know if revoluton slider in carousel mode can slide and display images with differente width. i would to build an irregular carousel slide as here In your demo ( )this kind of carousel seem to be not possible because the center image has alwasy same width. There is a api or documentation to easy change (a few line of code/script) revolution slider regular behavior?

Hello! When adding a Youtube video layer into the Revolution slider, this one autoplays on desktop browsers, could I configure that as well on mobile? Thank you!