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Micatuca Purchased


Is it possible to add statistics to your sliders…something like this:

Hi Micatuca,

Not by default but here’s some information how you could add Google Analytics to a slider:

Cheers from the team @ ThemePunch

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agispas Purchased

Hi there,

Is there any possibility to play the next slide automatically after the current slide is finished?

Thank you!

Hi agispas,

Yes this can be achieved by setting the “Stop Slider After” option to “Off”:

Cheers from the team @ ThemePunch

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Hello, I am trying to download the “news header” template from within the template store. On the Import Template Slider popup, if I choose “Online”, it just stays on the “Now Installing” screen. I read that I should Deregister the code to solve this issue. When I click on Deregister the code, I get an error “Could not remove validation!” I have all green checkboxes under system requirements. My support has run out. Do I need “support” in order to download templates? I have download the full package. Is the Template in there? I can’t find it. Thanks.

...and we recently went from http to https, I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it. Thanks.

Hi GeorgianCourtU,

Here’s some information that often helps with this:

then if you’re still having trouble we could help you further over in our support center!

Cheers from the team @ ThemePunch

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I purchased Slider Revolution 1 year ago. My wordpress site tells me there is an available update, but will not allow me to update the plugin. What am I doing wrong?

Hi awsmart80,

We could help you with this our support center. Or updating via FTP is also a possible option for you.

Cheers from the team @ ThemePunch

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Hi. Didn’t know, you guys were from Cologne up until combing through the comments here. Still keeping it in English, might help others, too :)

We use Revolution Slider a lot and it is usually bundled to the themes we buy. We don’t intend to change that and I’m less asking for support and more asking for a pointer to some documentation (read it, the FAQ as well).

We need to fill a Slider with posts. Those posts make use of ACF. We need information from those custom fields to be displayed in the slides. My best guess would be that we should use custom meta tags as suggested here: (btw. the graphic says “somemeGatag” and the German translation of the description reads “Irgen ein definierted meta tag”).

Can you point me somewhere where there’s explained how I fill a meta tag?

Dudes… oh my god… Where you write about {{meta:somemetatag}} you should probably add something like “where ‘somemetatag’ is the meta_key that stores the value”.

For others: if you have an ACF field named “fancyacffield” to store additional data for a post you can get it to ouptput in a slide using {{meta:fancyacffield}}. This seems to work for any values stored in postmeta

Hi motivmedia,

Glad to hear things worked out and thanks for the feedback, as we add this to our to-do list so we can make this more clear to others!

Cheers from the team @ ThemePunch

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Is your Plugin ready for Wp 4.9?

Hi dq-8.

Yes the plugin is compatible with WordPress 4.9 :)

Cheers from the team @ ThemePunch

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Im facing loading speed problem with slider revolution.. especially in mobile !

please guide me, how to fix this error

thank you!

Hi enithananith,

When this happens it often means there’s a conflict with another plugin or the current theme. Here’s how you can test for this to discover the source of the conflict:

Cheers from the team @ ThemePunch

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loading correctly without any problem, but it take some time.. its slow down by website.. could you please suggest me, how to speed it up ?


Does Slider Revolution have any of the type of built-in zooms as the following link?

If not, is there any way to incorporate those types of zoom into a slide.

Thank you.

Hi SofaandMore,

This isn’t something that’s currently available but we will add it to the request list!

Cheers from the team @ ThemePunch

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Thanks for the attention I await this update because it is very useful. And the Slider Revolution would be even more complete.


Pre-sale question : I want to have a responsive slider whith my latest posts.

I don’t want to do it manually.

Exemple : When I create a post, directly, create a new slider with the image of my post.

Is this possible ?



Hi, When you scroll down the page (only on iphone and tablet) and the revolution slider is out of viewport then scroll back up the slider stops sliding. I hope this makes sense I have “Stop Slider out of Viewport” unchecked. Yet it seems to stop out of viewport and it doesn’t resume when you scroll back up.

I would appreciate you looking into this for me. I know it is a nit picky problem but my client is insisting it be fixed and I can’t figure it out.

I deactivated all plugins, problem still persists. I switched to 2017 theme and the problem was still there. How can I receive support from you guys if your plugin came bundled with my theme?

When you view on a cell phone you will notice a large about of white space, is there a way to fix this?

The space will be after the header first slider. I have 2 sliders


May I know how many templates are there for me to import if I buy the plugin? Also, how frequently do you add new templates?

Thank you