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Hi, I’ve added a static layer to the slider, and need for it to link further down the page, however the links do not work. I’ve added a standard link and it also does not work. How do I solve this?

Thanks for your request !

Most of your questions can be answered by browsing through our detailed online documentation and FAQ page and

As you have received our plugin via a theme purchase, there are two options:

1. For setup and integration issues, please contact the theme author directly. If you want to update the plugin, you will have to wait for the theme author to include the latest version in their theme. With the latest plugin .zip file you can then do a manual update.

2. If you need direct support from us as well as automatic updates in the backend, you can purchase a plugin license from us. The license key you receive can be entered in the plugin backend and will unlock the automatic update feature for you. When commenting on the envato item page or submitting a ticket to our support system, you can also enter the purchase code to become eligible for support.

We hope that this clears things up a bit!

Hi, there I have had a youtube video on my slider. That gave API issues on some devices. I then used mp4 in the html5 section. Now, it starts to play the video when you click on it, but then goes to the next slider before it finishes. here is the link:

It is on the 3rd slide…

Hi juanmeyer12,

The support we offer for issues such as these is handled in our official help center. So just open a ticket there and we can get you the support you need for this!

Cheers from the team @ ThemePunch

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We have one of our customers report this warning on the latest version of the plugin -

” Unfortunately, with this version of revslider, I still get this error with PHP 7.2 support: Deprecated: Function create_function() is deprecated in /local/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/revslider/includes/framework/functions-wordpress.class.php on line 258 ... so it seems they didn’t update revslider to make it compatible with the latest PHP? From what I understand, the change is very trivial, but I didn’t want to make it myself. I wanted to use the “supported” version.”

Can you pls take care of this to make the plugin compatible with PHP 7.2? Thank you.

Hi LiveMesh,

Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. We will pass it along to the development team!

Cheers from the team @ ThemePunch

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Hi, I’ve correctly stream a Facebook slider on my site, but there’s a big problem: I need the image to be in inverse order from what your slider display it. I’ve already changed the order of the album on Facebook from latest to older, but that hasn’t any variation on the stream. There’s a way to invert the image order?

Hello ,

is it possible to have a navigation similar to the one on this page ?


Need to change currency from your silly worthless Euros EUR to our Canadian powerhouse currency CAD - time to squash all you bugs! ;)

Do I need to edit the /js directly for the crypto slider to mod a new parameter(s)? Thanks.,USD,EUR,CAD