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Hi, will be updates for actual version? For wordpress there 5.3 version.

We will do in the future but not right now.

Hi, when the update is coming ?

What update you are talking? 1.7 if yes. Then we have no plane to update 1.7

What about ps 1.7? Will update will be avaiable(yes but later/never)?

Prestashop have did a bad job in 1.7, we are afraid to update that in 1.7 because they are loosing market day by day , merchant and developer are moving from Prestashop. 1.7 may not cover our upgrade investment :(

Yes current realase is not very good, however i think once they sort out some issues etc it will be good. Frontend is much better for developers than ps 1.6

We will start update once they fix there issue and become stable.

very nice module Thank you how to hide the slider on pc and tablet to be displayed only on smart phones ??

:/ i can hide the slider for width under X px can’t i hide it for screens over X px ? the reason i want to do such thing is that the main slider is 1240×490 and i want the mobile size to be 768×313 but the slider crop the image which i don’t want it thanks

please answer ?

Did you set responsive move. Please look our documentation what is the idea image size for slider. It is not possible to hide slider in mobile version.

pre buy question: is stable on PrestaShop version can i see an example?

Yes it work 100%

Dear author, Im using the prestashop 1.6.11and rev slider 5.1.6, but the slider its just not working… Any ideas? Regards

Hi there,

Please open a support ticket with all of your issues on our support system. We’ll answer you ASAP.


Any plans to fix video embding problems, for example there is problem with saving arguments, youtube videos also do not work 100% corectly

Yes have plane to fix. We are working on major revolution update.

Is this going to work with any theme template? with Alysum?

Yes it will work 100%

Hello, I just bought Revolution slider, even if I already had it bought with the theme Warehouse just because I needed to have a Revolution slider working, but it still doesn’t work. As you can see in this image: http://cosmobit.net/revslider_prestashop.png , I’m trying to trigger a text layer using a shape layer, but it doesn’t work. Can you please help me with this issue? Thank you

Please open ticket in our support system. Our team will investigate that

can i change this dir name ? revsliderprestashop

No it will not work if you change the name, and name or our banding remove is not allowed.

Hi dear smartdatasoft, I wanted to notice you about some bugs I encounter in your module I owned with Warehouse theme because I don’t know how to figure them out.

It’s about Category Product related slider : Product links or even all meta don’t work. None of the “Sorts slides by” works.

Thanks for this Plugin thought.

Best regards

I am sorry there is no product category related slider in revplution. Can you give us more details in our suppprt system.

Slider Settings -> Content Source -> Category Based Products

Sort Post By : don’t work

Silde Editor -> Link & Seo -> Silde link = {{link}} : don’t work

We are sorry for that. We have noted this will try to fix future update.


Is it possible to do a coming soon page like this one : https://revolution.themepunch.com/coming-soon-add-on/

With your prestashop module ?


Sorry right now it is not possible.

does the latest version required specific Php version to be installed on server?

Hi there,

Thanks for your pre-purchase query. PHP 5.6 version is perfect for Slider Revolution.



I just updated on my site to the new version of revolution slider but now on my console i see

Uncaught ReferenceError: tpLayerTimelinesRev is not defined at new <anonymous> (edit_layers.js:78) at edit_layers.js:61


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘setGlobalAction’ of undefined at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (edit_layers.js:22) at j (jquery-1.11.0.min.js:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery-1.11.0.min.js:2) at Function.ready (jquery-1.11.0.min.js:2) at HTMLDocument.K (jquery-1.11.0.min.js:2)

that are the only 2 errors showing on console and they appear when i press configure on the module so i can´t add any image.

Any ideas?

Hi there,

Please open a support ticket with all of your issues on our support system. We’ll answer you ASAP.


I searched for an answer through the comments but I don’t understand : the module is set to work in a multi-store environment in Prestashop, but it does not allow to create different sliders for different stores ? What’s the point, then ?

You need select your shop from top and then go to slider settings area and press save. Then that slider will associated with that shop.

Hello. Is it possible to schedule a slider, or a slide ? I sometimes need to set start date and end date for some promotions.

No it is not possible.

Hello, When You have plan to release version 5.4 for presta users ? It’s only 5.1 available now, but it’s old and incompatible with wordpress actual version. Also, there is no possibility to access themepunch server, downloads any sliders online etc. Any help will appreciated. Regards,Peter .

We are working. Right now done 1.7 version

any chance for 5.4 version for 1.6 presta version too? :)

Yes, we’ll update revolution slider to 5.4 version for 1.6 presta version too.

“Right now done 1.7 version” – when it will be available to download?

Our update of 1.7 if you want to test before officially release , open ticket in support system our team will send you the file.

pre-sale: Can I hide/show slides based on devices (mobile, tablet, computer…)?

In example:

-show “slide 1” for desktop computer and hide it in mobile and tablet

-show “slide 2” for mobile and tablet and hide it for desktop computer

I forgot to mention that I need the version for 1.6.


danielevz Purchased


We are on prestashop and we updated to the latest version of Rev Slider. Currently on console we see rev_lang is not defined.

For testing purpose we updated the prestasho JS folder to the lates prestashop JS folder version and still we get that same error.

We need a solution for our prestashop version . Curretly we are out of support as we purchase long time ago but we still need your help giving a solution to this issue

My email is daniel@e-me.co i will use your ticket system but it tells me i dont have support and i dont want to pay for support if your answer will not fully solve the issue.

Or please let me know your email to send directly a message with ftp and backoffice credentials.


danielevz Purchased

Please send me a to my email daniel@e-me.co the version of slider revolution that works in our store. Thanks

We do not provide support of non stable version which have bug.


danielevz Purchased

The problem started when i updated the version of revolution slider, it was working with the first slider you made for prestashop. Can you please send that version for me to daniel@e-me.co You know that updating prestashop is nor as easy as wordpress. Please help me with this problem.