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Hello, two questions:

1) Is it compatible with

2) Is this version the last updated version of revolution slider?

Best regards.

Yes it is. revolution 4+ version

Hello, does this great plugin work with

Yes we have 2.3 version, which we send on request. Not release officially yet

if im read this software version compability, there’s no for 2.3.0.x , but when i’m read the comment, author said submit ticket for the update file.

before i buy this, i just want to make it sure, does this plugin work with OC ?? i dont want to waste my money if this plugin doesn’t work on 2.3.0.x

sorry for bad english.

ok then, i’ll buy now

i;ve done send ticket..

Hi there,

We’ve answered you on your support ticket, please follow our answers there.


when install with multilanguge we get database error : View (slide) Error: Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘[slideid]’ at line 1 Error No: 1064 select * from oc_revslider_slides where id=[slideid]

the english edit is working fine but the other langugue returns this error please advise as your site support is very weak and not supoortive at all

Please provide your information in support. We have fix that multilingual issue

we emailed you the information as you requested 2 days ago

it is also in your help desk

please send new version. I helped php7 bugfix ;)

How can we send you the file? If you need open ticket in our support system. We will provide that.

Hi, in my theme there is ver. 4.6.0 of this module, there is a way to enable multi-language?

From slider settings you can enable the multilingual option

wow I didn’t see that option, thanks you saved my day ;)

Good Morning, I am thinking about purchasing this module but first I would like to make some questions to be sure it complies with some requirements:

1 – Is it compatible with version of opencart?

2 – Will I be able to show it fullscreen size as in WP or PS or is it theme related that possibility?

3 – Is it fully compatible with multilanguage (Chinese included)?

Thanks in advance :).


Thank you for interest in our module. 1. Yes it is compatilble. once you purchase and open ticket our team will send you version. 2. Yes it work WordPress 4.x slider like full screen 3. Yes it is compatible with multi language

When I click the demo it doesn’t work, comes up with error ‘revolution.themepunch.com redirected you too many times.’ would like to see it in action before buying. Thank you

You can view our slider example, https://revolution.themepunch.com/examples/ but many of theme are 5.0+ version , our version is 4.0 which have less slider. You will find all example slider in our plugin folder.

Hi, are you still supporting and developing this for opencart? I have a WordPress version that has been upgraded several times in the same period.

Hi there,

Sorry to inform you that we can’t release the updated slider revolution opencart version till now. But we’re almost at the end of release. Hope we can release it very soon.


hi, please send us the module for opencart 2.3.x thanks

Hi there,

We’ve forwarded the download link of opencart 2.3.x compatible slider revolution version on your support ticket. Please forward your support ticket for quick solution.


Why does the demo link go to random spam pages? Live preview doesn’t work either.

Our domain was expair I forgot to relocate new domain. You can look themepunch site. Or our electro theme demo.

Hello, I have tried to install some downloaded templates from https://revolution.themepunch.com/free-slider-exchange/ but they do not work me well. Some images are imported, but not the styles.

Is there any way I can use the templates there with the opencart version?

Hi there,

Can you please open a support ticket and inform us your chosen slider template? We’ll try to send you the slider template to you within very quick time.


Hi, any reply for my support ticket?

Please do not forgot to look our last module visual composer. Which will save your tons of time.

You have visual composer for Opencart?

Hello! If I buy the plugin, the updates are free or I have to buy it again?

Hi there,

For your kind information, if you buy our plugin update are free always free for life time.


The latest update for this plugin is on June 2015. Do you still maintain this product? The latest version is 5.x yours is still 4.x. Also, your demo page does not work, it seems to me that you abandoned this product. Thanks.

Hello, We are working in Revolution slider 5.x our update is almost done. Hope withing 1 month it will release officially for version only in themepunch account.


You wrote in one reply: >>We are working in Revolution slider 5.x our update is almost done. Hope withing 1 month it will release officially for version only in themepunch account.

Does this mean if I buy your module here I will have to buy it again on themepunch account to be able to download new versions?

Those who are using our version , we can give theme the update version. But to download slider and other things they need to purchase newly as purchase code API will change and which need themepunch Purchase code.


resplanet Purchased

I was buy this slider revolution for open cart but i need for v 2.3.x.x i was tried to contact with author but no answer… dislike customer service…

Hi there,

For your kind information we’ve already sent you the Revolution Slider Opencart version download link your support ticket (#11811). Can you please check your support ticket again?


1.) Will this work with OpenCart running Journal 2 theme?

2.) Does this work in mobile device portrait AND landscape format? (The CodeCanyon preview is broken – say “redirected too many times”)

3.) Is there an option to have numbered bullets / thumbnails?

If the answer to all 3 is “yes”, we’ll purchase it.

I suggest you to wait few week. Themepunch is going to release 5.4+ version which will work 2.3+ then later it will work