Discussion on Slider Revolution Responsive Opencart Module

Discussion on Slider Revolution Responsive Opencart Module

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SmartDataSoft does not currently provide support for this item.

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Is it compatible with OpenCart

Sorry not it is not compatible with 3.0

Do you have a plan to migrate your product to OpenCart soon?

Hi i just bought your slider, but before I installed it’s support for opencart 2.3 xx?? because a lot of customers say error, and no support, let me know

Sorry we didn’t know , you can check compatibility version from right. This module is enable for only those who used their other site. If you can use without support you can use. Other wise open refund ticket for refund. Thank you

oo if there getting error my website then who will help ??? then

Please check our sale page we show from more than 1 years we have stop support. We are no longer provided support. You need to hire developer to fix site issue

Hello, I want to purchase 3 opencart modules. -One is running on Opencart -One is running on Opencart -One is running on Opencart All websites are running on PHP 7.3 Your module is compatible with that? Thank you,

Sorry it only compatibility now old php version

Thank you

Good luck with your sales

I just purchased this module and have uploaded it correctly. BUT UNFORTUNATELY, IT IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY!! I can not upload any images. Could you please explain what could be the problem. I am using Opencart 3x.

Can someone help me with this please, because I am having problems with the software. I can not upload any background images to replace the ones that are already in templates. As a starter, you recommend to use a Template which is finished and work from there to just get use to the software and its functions. I am doing just that but difficulties.

When I try to upload any images to exchange for the background image, I go to BASE UPLOAD, Drop the image there and I get a message, NOT ENOUGH MEMORY.

Also in my Opencart 3x Admin I do not see a SIDE TOOLBAR when working on the slides

I do not see the SLIDE OPTIONS SECTION on my software.

Could someone help with this issue?

Any developer? That is going to cost me more money. I purchased a product that does not work as described and you now say you do not offer support for the product. I WOULD LIKE A FULL REFUND PLEASE!!! The product DOES NOT WORK! Please refund my payment please… Thank you!

Also you should take this offer away because it is VERY misleading. It seems that its a product of SLIDER REVOLUTION, BUT IT IS NOT. I contacted Slider Revolution and they informed me that they have absolutely nothing to do with your offer! PLEASE REFUND MY PAYMENT! Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

If you purchase recent within 6 month open refund we will approve You need look this information before purchase Quality checked by Envato Included:Future updates Not included:SmartDataSoft does not support this item What is support?

opencart için ne zaman yayınlamıyı palnlıyorsunuz acaba

Hello, We are using Rev Slider’s Opencart module.

Even though Auto-Start for videos is turned on, but it doesn’t work. What could be the reason for this?

Our Opencart version is

Thank you in advance for your answer.

We are sorry to inform you that we have stop support of open cart from last year

Hi dear, I install this modules after my website not working “This site can’t be reached”

Please follow our documentation and check which version you installed Thank you

Hi I just purchase opencart version, but it’s giving following error “Notice: Error: Could not load language module/fmanager!” I check langauge folder fmanager.php file is missing, let me know how can I fix this?

Which version you check. Please check our product compatible version . Secondly we are not providing support right now. Thank you

Hi, I am not able to download the ready to use templates, Open Template Store and Install and Configure Addons on my site. Even your site is not registering my purchased license for ticketing/Support. On in support tab I see no support available for this item. Is there any way to solve these issues?

I just did… Thanks.

yes,we approve that

Will this work on Opencart 1.5x version?

Sorry it will not work.

do you have any other solutions so I can use in Opencart 1.5x ?

Sorry we have stop support opencart Thank you

Hello, we have Opencart version with default theme. Isee that you say on the software opencart 2.3 BUT i also see in the comments that it will work woth opencart 2.0.0, but the comments are a bit old. NOW doeas this work woth opencart 2.0.0 with a patch or support if there is a problem? we really like this plugin but i ahve to check first with you. Thank you

Sorry i meant 2.2.0 version where i write to you about the old comments and not 2.0 .0. Thanks

Hello, we are sorry to inform you that. we have stop development and support of this item. You can check our item description we show that. Thank you

We are providing customization of the project so for any kind of customization please contact us. Whatsapp : +91-8866181024. Let’s have a short talk and discuss about your requirements. GFuture Tech Pvt. Ltd. Mo: +91 8866181024 Email :

Excuse me. I said the wrong version. I am currently using the version. OpenCart

Do you have an email that I can talk to you about. I pay extra for you to help me.

You can send email to me from this page Thank you

How I can the updated version that support v3.0.3.6

Hey guys, I bought the Revolution Slider, for Opencart, and the tool looks great, but the save slider button has a bug and doesn’t allow you to click it, I can’t save any work done on the plugin

Hello, are you trying new version of open cart we do not cover latest version see our changelog. We have stop support it any more

Thank you

Im getting the following error at opencart (when i clicked on rv slider) Warning: “continue” targeting switch is equivalent to “break”. Did you mean to use “continue 2”? in /home/bvballj277/domains/ on line 2743Warning: “continue” targeting switch is equivalent to “break”. Did you mean to use “continue 2”? in /home/bvballj277/domains/ on line 2747Warning: “continue” targeting switch is equivalent to “break”. Did you mean to use “continue 2”? in /home/bvballj277/domains/ on line 3650

i cannot access to obj library, it say you dont have permission. the media library too

im not purchase direct plugin, it’s include in fastor theme, and its not activate

Hi, does it support multi language? How it works?

You need to enable the multilanguage from slider settings. Thank you


We buy Moderns – Advanced Fullscreen OpenCart Theme, where the Revolution Slider extension is included.

Your extension works perfectly, but when you reach slide 99 an error occurs and it is no longer possible to do anything else.

The error is solved if any slide is eliminated.

It’s a mistake? Is it a limitation of this version? Is it necessary to acquire a different license?

Thank you,

Hello, Thank you for your information. According to our knowledge there is not limitation. You can contact your theme developer for help. Is they use our module or there own modified version. Thank you


I will contact the theme developer for help and find out if they use our module or there own modified version.

Thank you,


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