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This is a presales question for Slider Revolution for Drupal 7

Can you inform us all on the following:

1. Are you still fully supporting Drupal 7 version?

2. What is the version number proposed for Drupal today?

3. Is it fully working out of the box?

4. Can we both export and import your famous example sliders within Drupal?

5. Can we access and fully try a working demo slider specifically for Drupal 7 (your latest version) ?

6. Are there still many differences between the Wordpress and Drupal 7 versions?

Thank you and very best, John


Thanks for your submission

1. Our plugin supporting Drupal 7.x ( all version )

2. Our drupal Version 1.7 ( You can see change log in modules details )

3. It is modules running slider and you can easy config on your page of admin panel

4. Our package include ( sample slider ) and have tool import/export

5. Yes, our modules working fine on Drupal verion 7.x

6. Our drupal modules core work follow Rev slider verion 4.x of Wordpress version

Best regards, John

Thank you for the info.

But you say your Drupal version is 1.7 equivalent of Wordpress version 4.x. Ok… but it does not tell us very much.

The only demo that be accessed here is full demo of Wordpress 5.4. on the following page:


A little bit very much misleading… Sorry.

You advertize Drupal Demo but we only get Wordpress Demo here! Ouch…

Where is the current demo for Drupal version 1.7 (equivalent of Wordpress 4.x) ?

We would like to test the “current” Drupal demo with admin password to “really” see the differences. Not the Wordpress demo.

And we ask again: can we fully import all the latest nice Wordpress examples in the Drupal version? We don’t think so but you don’t say.

This is also why we would like to see the actual real Drupal version and.. TEST it before buying.

Thanks again. Regards.


itgarant Purchased

Problem with layers if I try to stop the slider

A few weeks ago I was buyed this slider and now I got a huge problem – please help!

Website http://garmonia.by Drupal 7.x (newest of this platform)

If you stop the slider on the top by mouse over and wait about 5-10 sec you can see that non-static layers (text layer) are gone. It was hapenning on all layers.

How to fix it?!


Could you please send us info site and your question to email nguyencongt3@gmail.com

, Our supporter can assist direct to you.

Please don’t hesitated to contact us again if we can further help.

Thanks for your submission!


Support Team !

I i made a mistake i buy rev slider for wordpress and i need a rev slider for drupal can you make the changement ?


Please contact to support@cmssuperheroes.com We will check and assistance you then

Thanks for your submission

Hello I just purchased Slide revolution but I am havign a problem with the navigation arrows, they are showing up as Chinese characters instead of arrows, I have the latest version of the plugin. I appreciate your guidance.

Hi there

I think custom font src loading not correctly, Could you please update slider to latest version then share your link site, We can review it then

Thanks for your submission

Can you please give the url for Drupal Demo admin login? Can’t see it anywhere,

Hi there

What do you want from admin demo? we cant not share it

Thanks for your understanding


When789 Purchased

Dear RedExp / CMS Superheroes, I just received a message my support for the Drupal Slider expired. However, I am still waiting for answers on several support questions, some of them several weeks and months ago!

see here: http://cmssuperheroes.com/topic/how-to-install-free-slider-templates-from-your-website/ or the most important tone here: http://cmssuperheroes.com/topic/cant-clone-or-export-a-slider-and-cant-import-free-sliders-from-your-site/

I would appreciate an answer to these questions, as they concern crucial aspects of the slider module that myself and all other users paid for.

Seeing as you haven’t answered those questions, and they were asked whilst I still had support, I would very much like you to extend my support without charge until you do answer these queries.

Kind regards, Xander


Thanks for your submission

We will correct it in support team,

best regards

Hi, any updates on Drupal 8? We are in need for this badly.

Hi there

Thanks for your submission

We are will update, but not in this time.

Best regards