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Hey guys, I have been looking through the documentation and also the FAQ on the Themepunch site but can’t find it anywhere. Is there the Addon support for the Particle slider for the JQuery and Visual Editor addon? I noticed it is there for the Wordpress one, but not this. Any help will be appreciated.

thanks. Looking forward to it

hey guys when is the new update coming? I need to get the Particle slider happening on my website :)

It will be released this week.

Thank you for your patience!

Hi, I did not use the explanation you gave me. With the client filezilla change the corresponding permissions for “755” in the index.php file to localhost Also in [Editor_root] / media [Editor_root] / revslider / public

I do not have access to the PHP.ini file

And which .htaccess file? There is one in the “system” folder and another in the “application” folder ??


You need to create .htaccess in editor root folder.

Cheers from the team @ ThemePunch

How do you import an svg object to add it to the library of shapes? like a logo for example? thanks


You can copy it to editor_folder/revslider/public/assets/assets/svg/action/ and add it to slider using Add Layer > Object popup.

Cheers from your Team @ ThemePunch

Hi, I export the HTML to install the slider in another website. Is an ecommerce website with volusion, I add the code and the libraries but I get this error:

revolution.extension.navigation.min.js:7 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘defaults’ of undefined at k (revolution.extension.navigation.min.js:7)

at Function.createNavigation (revolution.extension.navigation.min.js:7)
at runSlider (jquery.themepunch.revolution.min.js:8)
at initSlider (jquery.themepunch.revolution.min.js:7)
at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (jquery.themepunch.revolution.min.js:7)
at HTMLDivElement.dispatch (jquery.min.js:3)
at HTMLDivElement.i (jquery.min.js:3)
at Object.trigger (jquery.min.js:3)
at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (jquery.min.js:3)
at Function.each (jquery.min.js:2)

if I eliminate the link to the file “revolution.extension.navigation.min.js”, google chrome console will show a similar error but with another slider’s js file.

How can I fix this?.

If I embedded the slider using an iframe it works, but that solution is affecting my websites load speed.

thank you

Hi, I have it in a test directory:

also I have the slider here:

I noticed that in the ecommerce site the slider fonts are not loading, te text is displaying with other font.

Console error about images looks like a bug. I can see images in slides. I’ll go ahead and add it to the official request list so it can get reviewed for a future update by our development team. In a meanwhile try to change lazyload settings to get rid of the errors in console.

Regarding fonts – both slider looks similar to me. There is no warnings / errors in console about fonts.

Thank you for your help

SQL Server Express

Hi, it is possible to install stand alone version of Revolution slider at SQL Server Express? If yes, how? Have you got some manual?

Best regards, Peter

Hi Peter

As it is stated on item page, visual editor require PHP 5.3+ and MySQL 5.0+ We do not test it with SQL Server, so there is no guarantee that application will run smoothly.

Cheers from your Team @ ThemePunch

I would like to purchase this to work with your jQuery Revolution Slider that was embedded into a template I purchased. I am quite sure it won’t be the right version, so would I also need to purchase the accompanying stand alone jQuery Revolution Slider plugin from ??


As it is stated on item page – Slider Revolution jQuery Visual Editor Addon only works in conjunction with our Slider Revolution Responsive jQuery Plugin . You need to purchase jquery version too.

If you have another template which already use jquery version, you can contact template author and ask for a addon-visual-editor\ from jquery package. Check this article for instructions on manual visual editor extension installation – However updates is not included from our side in that case. Means your template author need to send you always the latest version of jQuery files.

Let me know if I can help you further!

Cheers from your Team @ ThemePunch


Thanks, already purchased both and have setup with MAMP per your instructions. Only now, the Editor doesn’t seem to have any Add-ons like “Particle, Typewriter, Countdown” etc… which are used by many of your good looking sliders. Is there a way to install these when not using the Wordpress version? I can see that I have some of these add-ons in my Slider Revolution jQuery Plugin in the add-ons folder. I am using the latest versions for both.

Thanks for the help.

You can update slider to now using automatic update functionality. New addons also available except countdown addon. It needs to be adapted to work without WP platform. I believe it will be released for Visual Editor shortly.

having an issue when trying to call the php files.

Get this error

Fatal error: Class 'RevSliderEmbedder' not found in /home/vcmedia/public_html/test.php on line 8

The code is:

<?php include ‘'; ?>

<!DOCTYPE html>

    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
    <title>Revolution Slider Example - Embedding with PHP Method</title>
    <?php RevSliderEmbedder::headIncludes(); ?>
<body style="margin: 0; padding: 0">
    <?php RevSliderEmbedder::putRevSlider('jubilee'); ?>


Include path is not correct. Usually php settings does not allow to use URL in include function. You should specify local file path.

Please make sure the path in following code is correct and leading to location of embed.php file:
<?php include '../embed.php'; ?>

For example if slider editor is installed at “revslider-standalone” folder it will be:

<?php include 'revslider-standalone/embed.php'; ?>

Cheers from your Team @ ThemePunch

Hi I just updated Slider Revolution and the addon on my web site and now have an error and can’t access it.



Please contact us at our support center and one of our developers will be in touch asap! Add ftp credentials to speed up the process.

Cheers from the team @ ThemePunch

Hello, on my website jQuery v2.2.2 is already running (I can not delete) Is it possible to prevent the loading of the jQuery v1.11.1 library on the editor I have in the settings the Troubleshooting set option: Put JS Includes To Body The SlideShow works perfectly, but both libraries a loaded!?


If you are using php embed mode, you need to update this line
<?php RevSliderEmbedder::headIncludes(); ?>
<?php RevSliderEmbedder::headIncludes(false); ?>
false parameter prevent editor to include its own jquery version. Please note that you need to put include after your jquery library.

Cheers from the team @ ThemePunch

OK! Thanks now it works perfectly!

I keep Getting error YouTube Api Could not be loaded ! I see some people reported same error can ou please tell me the cause of this and how to fix it


It must be settings issue. I have checked youtube gallery template and it is working fine. Playlists loaded just fine.

1. Please double check your youtube API key and channel ID

2. If playlist shown as empty – try to switch Source to “Channel” and back to “Playlist”. It should load playlists

3. Please check PHP error log for exact error message and post it here or contact us at our support center and one of our developers will be in touch asap! Add ftp credentials to speed up the process.

Cheers from the team @ ThemePunch

The demo is not working

I use Firefox. But you are right. In Chrome it works.


thank you for your feedback. Maybe it is some cache issue on your Browser, or an older version of it ? We just someway can not reproduce it in none of the browsers we test on.

Is there a way we can help you further here ?

Cheers from your Team @ ThemePunch

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In slide editor mode it is not possible to delete a slide PS: The System Requirements reports: Upload Max. Filesize and Max. Post Size Currently 8 MB! is this a big problem?

Hi Marcello_L,

Yes you can increase this number by editing your php.ini file. #2 from the following article has some information about how this can be increased. The article is written for WordPress but it also applies to servers running PHP.

Cheers from the team @ ThemePunch

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Unfortunately, I have to pay my provider for an increase But do you think that is the 8mb upload the problem? Maybe I have not described the problem correctly. Here is a screencast: Best greetings from germany Macello

Hi Marcello,

Thanks for the screencast. We haven’t run into this type of case before, but contact us at our support center and one of our technicians will be able to help you with this!

Cheers from the team @ ThemePunch

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arcron Purchased

hello, i have an error with mixed content in cause of https connection please help …

Hi Arcron,

We can’t locate your ticket at the moment. Did you submit it over at our support center?

If not, definitely create a ticket there and then include the login for your admin and we can help you asap with this. Or otherwise, if you can share with us your ticket number we’ll check it for you here as well :)

Cheers from the team @ ThemePunch

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arcron Purchased

ticket id is 1040825 , i hope you can help fast.

Hi arcron,

Sure thing. Looks like one of our developers has been in touch since you opened the ticket :)

Cheers from the team @ ThemePunch

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Hello! I am the latest version on all the plugins and have the slider deletion problem as well. Any known solution for it? Thanks!

Hi Flatlinezor,

Contact us at our support center and one of our developers will help with you with this asap!

Cheers from the team @ ThemePunch

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Have you guys thought about building this with Laravel as well?


nwdthemes Author Team


Thanks for your suggestion! I’ll go ahead and add it to the official request list so it can get reviewed by our development team.

Cheers from the team @ ThemePunch

Hello, when I try to “Export” or “Export to html” from Slider Revolution option it downloads an empty file, is it an issue? , I need to re-code just the slider to my Asp MVC development. thanks for answear


nwdthemes Author Team


I can’t see that you purchased the Editor. Please log onto the account where you purchased the file and we will help you further on your issue.

Cheers from the team @ ThemePunch


I wanna buy the extended version of this plugin, of course revolution slider jquery too, to make an integration with Laravel, and sales that plugin I modified. Is it ok? Our email address:

And is it ok if I remove the license check in this plugin? It means that end-users don’t need to buy the revolution slider again. Thanks for your answer.


no this is legally not allowed! Please do not resell our plugin since it violates the license terms.

Thanks for your understanding.

Cheers from your Team @ ThemePunch

just to understand… I bought jquery version of the plugin, my site is built on django/python so, what I can achive with this plugin is just get de html, css and js files to add on my frontend site… is this right? Thanks in advance for your answer


nwdthemes Author Team


There are two options:

1. You can do an HTML export and receive html / js / css / images which you can insert manually

2. You can use ajax include.

        <title>Example of Revslider embedding with javascript</title>
        <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" href="revslider/public/assets/css/settings.css" />
        <script type="text/javascript" src="assets/js/includes/jquery/jquery.js"></script>
        <script type="text/javascript" src="revslider/public/assets/js/"></script>
        <script type="text/javascript" src="revslider/public/assets/js/jquery.themepunch.revolution.min.js"></script>
        <script type="text/javascript" id="revslider_script" src="assets/js/revslider.js"></script>
        <div class="revslider" data-alias="example"></div>
You need to adjust css / js paths and pass slider alias to DIV with class=”revslider”. If editor located on different domain – you will need to create .htaccess with this rule in editor root folder.
Header add Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"

Cheers from your Team @ ThemePunch


dnngo Purchased

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Thank you for contacting us !

This is surely not allowed in the form as it is advertised on that Site. Thank you for pointing on that ! We will go and discuss this asap with the Author.

Our Product is available for Developers to include in their bigger Projects like Templates and Themes based on the Extended License purchased per Project. +

So long customers can only use the Embeded Plugin only within that single Product, we are happy to sell our Extended License to your for using our Items in your bigger Projects, just like written in the Envato’s License Models.

In case you need more details here, please do not hesitate to contact us again !

Also, we will report the message from you, to hide the link from other customers. Thank you for your understanding !

Have a great day,

Cheers from your Team @ ThemePunch

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Hi dnngo,

Thanks for your additional message. We review and handle things things on a case by case basis. If you’d like to discuss or report additional items, please contact us from the form on this page.

Thanks again!

Hi friend, excuse my ignorance, but you know what differences this product has with

Slider Revolution Easy PHP Script Editor


It’s just curiosity Best regards

German pace

Sorry the question is because I need to make a system to add different categories of traumatology specialties and slide different pathologies to present in a project with an html template that I passed to php

Which one should I use since I purchased the 2 products and the necessary plugin? The main view of the page that I want to do is similar to


Best regards

Hi germanpace,

The product for sale here is our official Visual Editor which is the same version that’s included in our popular WordPress version.

Cheers from the team @ ThemePunch

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