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hi, how do I set that is the picture cropped just below? In the mobile view of Slieder is not reduced? br

They are. What mobile device are you testing with?

Android … , the slider we because of the height in the wide non – zooms, the fixed height can be specified in “em”?

It does not matter if it’s px or em they are both fixed values. Are you testing on tablet or phone. I have tested on many android phones, and slider is resizing fine.

I have CMS pro v.4.10 installed but it is complaining I need at least CMS pro v4.00 in order to continue.

  • edited ** I think I’ve found out the issue from module_install.php

At line 230, it only checks whether is is 4.00 or not. As long as mine is 4.10, you might need to change the code something like this.

<?php if(floatval($ver->version) < 4.00):?>

Yes, that will do.

Hi, when I try to install the slider, I get this warning:

Warning!You need at least CMS pro v4.00 in order to continue. I’m currently using 4.10

Yes, there seems to be a bug within installer. Please send me a quick email from my profile page.


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Why did not you fix the installation error? . How do I install? Write down <? Php if (floatval ($ ver-> version) <4.00):?> Or where can I download the correct file module_install.php?


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Now here’s the inscription: “Module with the same name already exists.” Install can not continue. ” But the installation was not. What should I do?

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I’m running 4.10 – how do I upload this plugin? It’s not working for me. Thanks

Install manual is included in package, but see my previous reply.


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is the plugin ready to use with version 5 the new look , or there some updates needed

No, its not. Slider manager is included in v5

Hello, how can I know the backend of the CMS?

that would be /admin/

HELLO you have a form that I have to put on my site for those who want to advertise with banners and textads? I wish that those who want to advertise on the site can do it alone and have the statistics of what they spend in clicks and views do you understand?

Slider Manager Module for CMS pro, will not let you do that. Its a slider, not advertizing tool.