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Thanks for develop this menu. I have a few questions:

Does the module have the option to: - only appear on mobile / tablet? - fixing its position to top when scrolling?


Hi, Sorry for the delay, I didn’t received notification about your message.

For both of your questions the module doesn’t have this options inclueded, but I can develop them with a extra fee.

Regards, Simon

Hi I need it to work only on mobiles how much is the extra fee?

Hi, No need to add an extra fee for this, just buy the module and I’ll make modification directly on your website :).


It is a multi store with 2 different themes is that ok?

Yes no problem with multistore.

Hi Just bought your module good stuff.

Can you tell me how to make the menus all not active when you open them? When I expand the menu all the sub menus are show can you tell me what to edit in the JS file?


Hi, Thanks for your support, Could you email me with your informations (website, FTP, backoffice access..) and I’ll check this issue. My email should be on your invoice.


Sent you an email thanks

Hi i can’ t use your module on mobile device button menu stay behind my logo if i try to clik on it i return on my homepage.

i would like includ many thing in your menu like sign , facebook like box, filter did you think it’s possible ?


If I remember I received an email from you a few weeks ago. I tried to respond but my email was returned with an error ‘this user doesn’t exists”.

Could you re-contact me by email or via Support to find a solution to your issue and discuss about your improvements ?

Bye Simon

Hi Simon, wonderfull work! some questions;

- How to install on Autumn theme? - How to disable auto default subcategory expand at start? - How to change the collors and button position?

Thanks! Jeroen

Hi, thanks for your support :)

- You should see documentation (in module configuration), you should have all you want to install the module. - Its a bug, please contact me by mail or support, I’ll send you the newest module version. - You must edit module’s CSS. I’ll include options to custom colors in the next update.

Bye, Simon

Thank you for your excellent support, 5 stars!

I will buy, but with FIREBUG can not chance the color on the button, and i not like this green


Sorry for delay.

I can change the color if you want, it’s not a problem for me.


Ok Thanks, Please send me a description how i can chance the Color


You need to edit slideout.css file and change background-color in .tooltip element.


I’m trying to download the updated version but I only get the 1.0.0 which does not work for me. I suppose 1.0.1 would do the trick. How can I download it, it’s not in codecanyon? Thanks!

Hi, Seems to be an issue with Codecanyon. If its urgent, send me an email and I’ll send zip file with the 1.0.1 version.

Hello, Is the module also working for


Sorry, its only compatible with 1.6.

Hey there, Just purchased the module, I’ve installed on my prestahop site default 1.6.14 The menu appears but nothing happens when I click on it, I installed on another fresh install of 1.6.14 i have and its the same issue, nothing happens when menu is clicked on. I’ve added categories but nothing happens… Thanks to explain the issue.

Just saw on the documentation I needed to add hook to Header tpl. Seems to be working without issue now. Thanks


Great, please rate the module if everything is OK :)

Bye ! Simon

Hello! We would but this module, but in demo (try admin and front too) the submenus simple not works. Can you please refer how to click, what to do?? to show hte submenus too? Furthermore how many submenu levels can show to customers

Thank you

I bought and install it, but same issue as Amorame69 comment before me – and not works !

Could you please explain what documentation say and what to code into header.tpl????!!!!

“Just saw on the documentation I needed to add hook to Header tpl. Seems to be working without issue now. Thanks”


You need to go in module files, you will find a readme.pdf who provide instructions to do it.

I write you private comment now

Documentation is absent of the modules files (no readme.pdf in the zip, Readme.md is empty). Module page mentions “Quickstart guide and documentation included” so it must be a mistake when module was updated (the zip also contains a “__MACOSX” folder which is not supposed to be there).

Without documentation you can’t know that you need to add a hook into header.tpl ( {hook h=”displaySlideoutMenu”} ), and the module is not working.

Had to read the module code and templates to find out. I hope this will be corrected for future buyers, or that this comment will help them out if it’s not.


Documentation should be available in your Envato account. I’ll add it in module files in next update.


Hi, thanks for replying and planning to add it. The documentation is nowhere to be found in my envato account (When I click “all files and documentation” on my download option for your modules I just get the modules zip)

I love this!

Backend demo is not working. Say’s not authorized.

Hi, Sorry for that. I fixed this. Regards, Simon

Hi, I wrote an email by support two days ago without response. I try here. I’ve installed module on my prestahop site default The menu appears but nothing happens when I click on it. I can’t download documentation in no way and this is not in the zip file. I do not know where to add the hook ( {hook h=”displaySlideoutMenu”} ) into header.tpl Please help me. Thank You


Im sorry but I answered to your mail. Maybe it goes to your spams ?

You can find the documentation here: https://demo.daig.re/slideout/modules/slideout/docs/readme_en.pdf

Let me know if you’re facing issues. Simon