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Nothing works , tested on FF

Broken Images in Chrome and doesnt work. Perhaps file paths for demo are screwed

Thanks for comunicating it to me! I’m contacting the Suppport Team to figure it out, however the package comes with the demo folder and I’ll probably put another demo online.

Best Regards, Davo.

For FF demo had to skip the iFrame and go straight to http://development.davoscript.com/slidenotes/demo.html and everything views ok.

Iframe issue is fixed, thanks for commenting.

Live Demo at CodeCanyon is corrput, Evanto Support Team is checking it and it will be ok in a few hours I hope.

Best Regards, Davo.

Bought it now anyway! :)

Thanks for your purchase, the script is well documented with examples and important notes, however if you have any doubt about it, feel free to contact me through this comments board or my profile contact form.

Best Regards, Davo.

very nicely done. I am buying shortly. I see one very, very minor visual bug. You may want to check the margins on the right for some of the demos. The shadow on the lower right is cut off a little. Again, this is so minor most people won’t care, but it would look absolutely perfect if this was adjusted. Great job!

Thanks for your tips! I will definetely improve that in a few minutes, actually it can be done with a parameter included in the script: “extraMarginIn”, which will add the given amount of pixels between the SlideNote and the edge of the container where it is hooked!

Thanks for commenting, I will be more than happy to help any of the customers to implement the script.

You are right, the demo at http://development.davoscript.com/slidenotes/ works fine, the Live Preview here at CodeCanyon will be checked soon by their support team.

Thanks again and best regards, Davo.

PS- for those of you with issues with the demo, try the link provided. it works great for each example. I especially like the hover and timed closure examples.

Well done Davo, yep can see it working now.

Very nice.

Personally, I would ditch the shadow effect to one side, and opt for all round shadow effect. Perhaps play with transparency too. Looks good, good luck with sales


Thanks for the tips and kind comments!

Good luck to you too.

Best Regards, David.

Great one!

I wanted to know if it is compatible with jquery… I have a lot of jquery script on my forum so i thought to ask first..


Hello! Thanks for checking SlideNotes, yes, it is 100% compatible with jQuery if used in “noConflict” mode, this mode allows users to use jQuery with other Javascript frameworks like Mootools, Prototype, Scriptaculous.

If you need to know how to use jQuery in noConflict mode, check this tutorial made by jQuery: http://docs.jquery.com/Using_jQuery_with_Other_Libraries

If you have more questions or buy SlideNots and need help to implement it or set jQuery “noConflict” mode just let me know and I’ll be happy to guide you.

Best Regards, Davo.

This does not work on FF on a MAC

Hello, thanks for commenting, I will be checking that in asap.

Best Regards, Davo.

Dear user, the script works in Mac both Firefox and Safari, maybe you clicked on the Live Preview link which for some reason doesn’t work, Envato Support and I are trying to fix it.

Please visit this Demo URL http://development.davoscript.com/slidenotes/demo.html to see it working.

Best Regards to you and all the Mac users. Davo.

you can get a free jquery version here… http://slidenote.info/

Thanks for your comment, that jQuery Plugin looks very nice, however is not the same than SlideNotes.

With SlideNotes you can:

  • Hook your slidenotes to any div or container in your website layout.
  • Create multiple instances and styles.
  • SlideNotes content is created with a simple HTML structure, no need to have separated files like in the script you show us.
  • Nice features like Auto Hide function and launch on hover (instead of click)
  • Control the speed of the slideIn and slideOut fx and much more.
  • SlideNotes is well documented with demos and examples.

Thanks for your comment.

Best Regards, Davo.

demo still doesn’t work

Yes, unfortunately I was notified by Envato that there’s a bug in the system. However you can still see the demo here:


Best Regards, David.

Can this be used in a wordpress blog post?

If you reply the right HTML in the post and include the JS and CSS files.. SURE ! =)

If you buy the script and need some help with the process to add it to a WP Post/Page just let me know and I’ll be happy to help you.

Regards, David.

The wordpress pluign version of the Slidenotes Script has been released! Check it here if you are instrested http://codecanyon.net/item/wp-slidenotes-plugin/164362

Best Regards, Davo.

Hi there, thanks for the great script. I’m wondering if there is anyway around internet explorer asking weather you want to allow active scripts on the page for it to work?? thanks

Hello! thanks for buying Slidenotes! I think the issue you are refering to is actually an Internet Explorer setting which prevents script to work in some cases (running on local host, unknown domains, etc) Take a look at this instructions from Microsoft: http://support.microsoft.com/gp/howtoscript

Hope this will help, let us know how it goes.

Regards, Davo.

oups i purchase thinking first is jquery lol any way to convert most fidely this code into jquery instead mootools… i can pay a little

Oops! I’m kinda short of time right now, but I could help you to make it work with jQuery compatibility, would that help?

Yes tell me how i made by myself if its not too much tricky

labaudio_f@hotmail.com for contact me


Awesome work. I love it! Good luck with sales!