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Hello! Send me the .apk please:




Application is LIVE on PlayStore NOW…

Thanks & Regards; Vishal Parmar www.viaviweb.com

Is there any backedn from where we can add wallpaper

No there is no backend,store image with source code(drawable folder).

Thanks & Regards; Vishal Parmar, more help contact-skype:viaviwebtech

u need to add this , this will attract sales , bcz everyone is loking for backedn for adding images

We add admin for our other application :)

Great work mate. Good luck. ;)

Thanks for your wishes…

Can you make live wallpapers with this app? Meaning animated wallpapers that loop for a certain duration of time?


Hi, can you ad ads on this app? like Admob, startApp or other ad networks?

I really like this App if you could put ads I’ll purchase it right away.

Hi viaviwebtech, can you share here how to add the networks you have updated your HDVideo template with ads why not do it here also, people will complain if you will only add for a fee

Ohh, sorry we will upgrade this very soon, We already updates the Version for other applications , in our latest version we will setup ad network..

admob banner ads added in setting page


I have purchased and edited the source.

The main problem with this is you cannot add more than 5 images.

I have followed the instructions and putting

public Bitmap[] image = new Bitmap10;

And the image files also, then i tried to reduced gradually until i went down to 5 only.

Why is this source limited only to 5, beyond that it crashes.

Can you test it yourself put 10 or more images and run it.

Can you fix this issue, thanks!

Hi Im using a real device and not AVD, I always use a real android phone to simulate, I’m using HTC One

admob banner ads added in setting page

thanks, can we now use more than 5 images? is the error fixed also?

Hello, i followed the instructions, and am able to create successful apk + after installation it shows up in the live wallpaper area, but when i turn it on, it doesn’t work. it turns the screen black for sometime then back to default samsung galaxy s3 wallpaper.

Thanks for purchase we check it and as soon as possible replay you Thanks…

admob banner ads added in setting page

Any news ? We can use more than 5 images ? Can you provide a link to apk ?

Thank you

can we add more than 5 images?

Hi, yes you can add more than 5 images, but it need some customization

i have purchased it, can you help me with it

when i try it gives java.lang.OutOfMenory Error, and the other thing is the app crashes when we change the orientation from portrait to landscape.

Heard great about your support from my friend, now i hope you help me with this.

Thanks in Advance

Hi, working this issues will mail you soon. Thanks

what does your new update include?

Hi, admob with google play service

You Said that you will help me with adding more than 5 images, waiting for that update my friend,it still gives java.lang.outofmemory Exception

Done mail sent check it.

Will this app affect battery life negatively?

NO it would not affect battery life negetively.