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I can edit the content of the blocks right? I mean I can replace any of the forms etc with just styled text and a link? this is very good because it works responsively and the others I have tested are mostly broken on mobile screens..

tnx, 5 star script!

please check your email :) had a quick support question..

thanks davmac :) replying in few moments.

Dear Capelle Team, on mobile Devices like iPhone 6 it is not possible to click any links on the page when implementing your Slideit Code. Even on your demo page its not possible to click any links! Is there a change of making the plugin work with iPhone 6?

Thanks in davance! Halioner

Thank you for reporting – if needed it will be fixed asap upon next update. Cheers

yes, very urgent needed, because nower days it is so important to cover responsiveness and mobile devices…

I’m looking to purchase your theme, but I’m having some questions about it and would rather to ask them before hand. Would you kindly let me know about the following questioned options: 1. Is it possible to have an individual menu for every individual page? 2. Is the color of the theme changeable/customisable? 3. Can I have the options of the menu in 2 columns instead of 1?

Hi, you can have different menus on specific pages. Also you can change any colors and all the design via css of the item. The menu can also be in 2 columns but you’ll need to adjust the css a little. Cheers

Thanks for reply. Is it something that you can help me to do it?

Sorry but i don’t offer customizations and installation services.

Hi! I have some pre-sales questions: Is it possible to have all the fields open by default?

Thank you

Hi, which fields do you mean? :)

Any of your slide in elements. Is there an option to have them open by default?

Yes, you can by a simple html edit.

Hi, Is the contact form layout only or can it send emails also?


i’ve replied to your email few moments ago, hope you received it this time as when i’ve replied to your support email previous week there was a delivery error. Cheers :)


I got it! Thanks, you’re awesome!

Great :)

Hello… I want to purchase this. But I want to know whether Contact Form support the left center position????

Hey I got made the purchase. But I am not understanding if the option for sending the details to my id is there or not?? I cannot find it anywhere!!! Anybody?

I have asked multiple question in the support button. please help!

I’ve replied to your email few moments ago. Cheers


atdavie Purchased

hi there can I make it so that it integrates with our email client, Mailchimp? So new sign ups are straight to Mailchimp? HTML code maybe??


atdavie Purchased



atdavie Purchased

I just tried to upload it to our site, and we got this response: Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Is there something we are doing wrong? We are uploading via the dashboard, not FTP.

The item is not a plugin for a CMS site (like Wordpress) so it can’t be installed via admin installer. You can install it manually but you will need to edit appropriate pages and template files. Cheers

Dear capelle, do you plan to update the script?

I want to buy it but I see it very old from 2014

Hi, currently there are no planned updates for Slide It. Are you missing some features or is there a bug? Cheers

Hello .. I hope you have great sales at this site .. Follow me TOO :D