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I used to able to use like such item with full system, does there any control panel for this item ?

I’m not really sure what you many by a control panel, but when you create a new Slide banner here are the options. – You can have the banner display on any page. – I will be updating the Screenshots because you also tracking of, daily, weekly, monthly with a 6 month history.

can i use it like i.e Buy Now button

Or did you mean that on a product page you’d like a slide banner to come in that would have a buy now button inside it? – If so, then yes you can easily do this.

Hello I want to know what is the difference between this version and the one you sold before Because I bought you old version and it is no longer available. Do you support or give a update for the old version user

Hi Jeff, this is the updated version. If you are a client of the older version please send me a PM.

PM sent.

Hello, google adsense ads can not be displayed as HTML.

It works if you create a simple HTML file, upload that file into your Media Library then use the external link option. – If you use the Copy and Paste HTML option then the (asynchronous Google Adsense) option will not work. I will look into adding that function in next update. But for now it works fine using the external URL option. You can see an example working here.

Having an issue with the banners displaying correctly on different devices. Can anyone help here please.

basically I am setting one banner for mobile and one for tablets and one for desktops. However, they are all sowing up (over-laided) on top of each other on all devices. Need to find out why?

There is a problem with the plugin: When page loads there is a gap after the footer. As soon as I deactivate the plugin all is back to normal.

Did you check???

Yes I checked your website and I see the Slide Banner ad in the top-left corner. But when I look at the footer I don’t see the Gap you are talking about. Here are screenshots in Chrome and Safari.

Asap as any page loads you can see it. When page has loaded you don’t see it. We have checked with and without the plugin and in different computers and browsers mac and pc

Hello!! We have bought “Slide Banners WordPress Plugin” this morning, but it doesn’t work at our WordPress template… Our WordePress version is 4.5.2 !! Can you help us to find a solution to our problem?? Do we have an incompatibility in our version?? Please contact us as soon as possible.Thank you !!

hi, just bought plugin, but banners does not shows : , please, need some help!, thanks

hi, just bought plugin, but banners does not shows : , please, need some help!, thanks

it´s solved !, sorry, great plugin, thanks


I am interesting in buying your plugin, but i need only one thing to work, is there any other way than Show the banner on “Specific Pages Only” by names of pages? When I put it in russian language, it wont work.

So it would help either to choose from pages, insert url, or some other option.

Or do you have some idea how to sole vthis?

I can not install Slider Banner. Please provide email contact to attach screenshots. My email is Thank you.

Well, I’ve been able to install the plugin with the help of technicians from my hosting. Now I have another problem I hope you deign to respond. Although I select the “Will your banner auto-close?> No”, the banners are also hidden. Why is this happening?

Still supported?...

Hello Domenvato. Yes it is still supported. If you purchase please let me know if you ever run into any issues and we will fix any issues you have. – Thanks


Nice plugin. BTW, question about the Left and Right positioned banners:

currently the banners are started at the left and right sides of the screen. Is there a way to make them start from the main container block?

Please have a look at: – I want the banners to be sticky (you can say) to the content block.

Is that possible?

Amazing Work dude ;)

I bought this plugin but found that this plugin does not work in my wordpress 3.9.16. I cannot update my wordpress with some reasons. can you help me to buy old version of this plugin which is compatible with wordpress 3.9.16?


I would like to Buy sliderbanner, also would like ot buy expandables, and pushover banners, pleas esuggest how to go about, and also wanted to know will all these plugins works on worldpress, is this created by you, coz i wanted to go for a complete packge so that all my ads requirements are solved at one go


vijay vishwanath

hi, how is the spedd o fast the pluguin . thanks

Hi, Question before buying, I do need to slidein a video with thml5 option. does this slidein can slide from the right side of the page ? can I decide on witch pages the slide is displaying ? does it work with cookies, once every week for ex or once per day ? thank you