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Looks nice! Is it possible not only to have the hamburger menu icon but also a botton and/or link to trigger the off canvas slide menu?

Implemented completed :) Now you will be able to add 4 menu at same time, also you’ll be able to use anywhere with a link. I’ll sent an update now.

it’ll be updated soon a lot of options! Just FYI

Plugin will be updated on within 2 business days later.

i like this a lot – is it possible to have multiple off canvas panels? ideally i would need a left and a right one…

it’ll be updated soon a lot of options! Just FYI

Plugin will be updated on within 2 business days later.

Hi, i wanted to know if it is possible to change the icon from the hamburger icon to another one? Thanks

Hey there! thanks for purchased slick side menu. Yes actually it’s possible in the vc_extend.php line 185 but you should have php knowledge for this.

it’ll be updated soon a lot of options! Just FYI

Plugin will be updated on within 2 business days later.

Hi, i was trying out the demo on your site and i noticed that when i use my iphone the menu’s text is not coming up responsive (unless i turn the iphone longways) i was wondering if you had some advice in how i can go out ensuring that my users can see the whole text and info in the menu and not just half of it if they dont want to turn their text sideways?

Hey there do you have a chance sent out to me a screenshot about this? ?s the menu contains displaying different like this|320|480|1

it’ll be updated soon a lot of options! Just FYI

Plugin will be updated on within 2 business days later.

Hi, i wanted to know if you could change the info in the menu per page? Like one one page i want the menu to have some text and then on another page i want the menus to have some videos? is this possible?

hey again yeah it’s possible you can create a side menu as visual composer template and you can use as template for your pages with different contents for each page. I’ve tryed a demo for you here.

Plugin will be updated on within 2 business days later.

just to clarify do i need to add this to every page or do i set it once and it auto shows on every page? hope that makes sense – thanks

quick question – some of my links in my side panel are anchor links to items on the same page, i also have other links that link to other pages on the same site, do you have an jquery that would close the side panel when an anchor link has been pressed… thanks in advance

Hey again, if I’m not understand wrong, you want to use inline links like #about ; you can try like this

<a href="#about" class="c-menu__close">About</a>

Plugin will be updated on within 2 business days later.

Hi. I see the options per page using VC but, is there an option to apply a Slick Menu site wide? :(

And how does the widget input work? I mean how would I determine where the widget outputs in Slick menu and where the VC content outputs? Top, bottom, etc.?

It it is working fine. Thanks! I sent you a PM.

Hey I got your email. Thanks for your feedback!

Plugin will be updated on within 2 business days later.

Hi, is there a way to change the color of the menu’s to a iOS frosty affect color? Thank you!

Thank you so much for even trying!! I really appreciate it and the fact that you updated me on the progress!! Much love and success to you guys!!!

You’re welcome! Thanks for your kindly comments. Please keep track our updates for the future. Team

Is there a way to have it already open on page load

Thanks for the quick response. Since I’m messing with js is there also a was to delay it like 3 sec. If not no worries.

Hi again then you will need something like this:

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
    function show_menu(){
      $(".c-menu, .c-mask").addClass("is-active");
    window.setTimeout( show_menu, 3000 ); // 3 seconds

Hey there,

Both option already added in the plugin 1. When Page Load 2. Delay

here is the demo with delay

Please wait the update or if you don’t please contact us via email info @ we’ll sent to you latest version before the update.



amzrc Purchased

Is there a way to adjust the position on the hamburger icon to display the menu? The black admin bar covers it up on the top of the page when a user is logged in. It would be great if we could set padding + margin of the hamburger icon?! Thanks in advance!

Hey thanks for the purchases! Currently there is no option for this but we can add your suggestion with next version asap.

By now you can play with for the position in the plugins/vc-slick-slide-menu/assets/vc_slidemenustyle.css:

.lefttop { left: 20px; top: 20px; z-index: 99; } .leftbottom { left: 20px; bottom: 20px; z-index: 99; } .righttop { right: 20px; top: 20px; z-index: 99; } .rightbottom { right: 20px; bottom: 20px; z-index: 99; }

Your satisfactions and suggestions very important for us and thanks for the pointed this to us. Team


amzrc Purchased

Thank you! That did the trick. Also, the hamburger disappears if it scrolls over a black background. Would be nice to be able to specify the color or the hamburger, and an outline color (EG 2px/white). This way the end user could set the color to fit their designs.


Yes we’ll consider your suggestions. Thanks!

Hi there,

I have a problem that when I install the plugin then will appearing error “

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare cmb2_dir() (previously declared in /(block path)/plugins/wyde-core/inc/metaboxes/includes/helper-functions.php:18) in /(block path)/wp-content/plugins/vc-slick-slide-menu/inc/cmb2/CMB2.php on line 15

how can I fixed it?

Plugin updated to latest version but your theme plugin prevent it still.

Hi there,

I want to thank you for your help.Finally, I still decided to refund the Item but if I have similar require after, I will buy your item first.

Thank you again.

Best regards,

@sliven0722 Yes the item fee refunded to you. When you need you can buy it again.


I think this it what Ive been looking for. Is it the same thing as the Basel and Savoy theme is using for their cart?

Is it possible to make it wider? Possible to make it load faster? Possible to change icons?

Best regards, Stefan

Hi I’m glad you have found what you need!

Yes approximately look like them. But our off canvas menu has a lot of triggers.

For now you can do it by manually from the css but those will be very good improvements for the next update.

You can change the speed from the

.c-menu { transition: transform 0.1s ease 0s;}

You can change the width and icon from the css too. But we will integrate them quickly with next version within a couple days later.

Thanks for interested.

Im using savoy theme. Is it possible to use this instead of savoy menu? Also did you make so change of icon is easier than knowing a lot of php? I read about it above from another post pisaacwilliams.

Im tired of savoy menu and I want to use yours instead. Possible to have the cart with count on this menu too?

Thanks for your interested. It works with 99% themes. But you should consider to buy this plugin Also you can change easily the icon like this: simply copy and paste the icon code into the setting area. (you don’t need to edit any php code)

You can use anything in a widget area for both plugins (shortcodes, menus, etc.) If you have a shortcode for the cart with count, why not! you can use anything in.

As usually, simplicity makes it perfect

@st1s Thanks for your thoughts.