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is it possible to use dynamic content in only one popup? The user can click different buttons and we use one popup to dynamically fetch the information from the server. Is that possible? I just need the front end code, not the server. Thanks.

Thank you for your reply. I sent you a message but I am not sure if you received it.I will try again.

I just sent you a message please let me know if you do not receive it.

Got it, thanks :)


digtech Purchased

Hi, I sent you a message requesting the newsletter php file. Did you receive it? Thanks

Hi, i’ve replied to you a day ago – i don’t have a newsletter script as the modal is layout only. You can develop this functionality alone and modify the modal to fit your needs. You can also integrate mailing service provider such as MailChimp. Cheers :)


steveok Purchased

Hi, just wondered if theres an easy way to have the popups restart when the browser window resizes. cheers!

Not sure what you mean, can you be more specific? Thanks

Before to buy : is that possible to make it responsive for mobile display ?

Sure, you can make the content inside responsive via CSS and also set some common rules for the modal within the settings (mobile padding, margins, breakpoint, width, height, location etc…).

Hi, How make Statistics pop-up scrollable? I have 30 statistic records and can view all. Thank you.

Sorry i don’t understand the question. Can you send me a pm or email with the details? Thanks :)

You have a mail :)


Aosoth Purchased

hmm how can i get simple code to jus open modal box? i can give 5 stars to plugin i just need help getting modal box to open..

<button class=”openSlickModal” id=”popupk”></button> inside script tag: // Modal 1 jQuery(’.popupk’).slickModals({ // Popup type popupType: ‘none’ }); });

I’m using Welcome Message demo. it works on welcome msg demo. but i modded it so i can make modal show onbutton click. but my mods aren’t working. can you help please?


Aosoth Purchased

hm perhaps you can guide me on how to open a modal box within a modal box. im reading documentation and doing as it says. however no luck and spending more than 4 hours to figure out something like that isnt worth


Aosoth Purchased

See i copy your multi popup demo. but for some reason the button i click opens all modals… any ideas? after i close the extra modals it opens/ it starts functioning normally where i can click original buttona nd it only opens the proper windows and not all. so strange.. how to fix this code problem?

Hm, thats strange – could you send me url via pm or email so i can take a look? Cheers

BEFORE2BUY request – is this possible (is there an included example) to make an exit popup …popup when the visitor is on the point to leave ?? Thanks for your reply

Yes, there are three types: delayed, exit and scrolled popup which you define within the plugin options.

Hi, little question very important. Can I install all script on subdomain or different domain and put in website only a little lines of code to call popup? I don’t want add all these lines of codes to website homepage.

You could via iframe but either way all the code will be loaded.

Maybe call only a JS file with all codes inside?

It’s not possible, only via iframe.


Jgreg Purchased

Hey Capelle, can I suggest a new addition? Sticky SlideIns

These new slide-ins are converting like crazy for marketers. See example here

Just scroll down on that page to the animated gif. That shows the operation. It’s a two stage modal. the slide-in comes into the corner. the visitor clicks X to close it. but instead of closing, the modal box shrinks down and becomes sticky sliding with any scrolling action by visitor.

Regards, Jan Gregory Very satisfied buyer of Modal Popups

Thanks for the update. When complete, suggest you put this new feature at the top of your Code Canyon Item Details. People will be looking for this.

Hi Capelle, just downloaded new version Sticky SlideIn. Nice work. Can I suggest a much needed change to the demo layout.

I’d guess that 95% of usage for Sticky SlideIn is with a timed or scrolled slideIn for a small DIV layer containing a message and URL link to another page. Maybe a small image icon too. I’ve never seen this use as a banner to re-open an entry popup, which Google is very close to banning.

For Sticky SlideIns, the idea is to invite the reader to “learn more details about the page topic” and keep them on the website longer. The goal is more than visitor satisfaction. These Sticky SlideIns can dramatically lower the bounce rate, which Google uses to rank websites

Hi Jgreg, thanks for your suggestions :) The demo is a basic one meaning you can insert any html, image or other elements inside it and make it unique to fit your needs. When i find some time i will probably make another demo with more complex elements but until then it can be a reference of what can be done with Slick Modals :) Thanks again

Hi. how can I get the plugin to work via a font awesome icon. as in this situation – thank u!

Sorry i don’t understand the problem – Slick Modal doesn’t influence or modify those elements.

Just trying to figure out how to open slick modal without using your button but say using an icon to open up the modal

Hi, This is a very good script :grin: Thanks!

I have a small question – On my page I have 2 pop-ups Content 1 Content 2

They load only once a day, but how to change their order – that is, how to randomly display one or the other?


Thanks for reporting, it’s a small bug which will be fixed soon. In the meantime you can add .slickWindow {overflow: visible;} at the bottom of the slick modal css file. Cheers

This is a great script – I recommend it to anyone who needs a pop-up modal! It’s all we need BRAVO

I will afford a little advice – I have a few Promo – Fancy Banner – only one of them is displayed at random. Now the background image is in the css/demo.css but this is awkward. It is good to change this image into the div id=”popup-1. Please tell me how this can be done.


Thank you for referring :) It’s done that way so it’s easier to manipulate for responsive purposes. But if you need it that way you can create a new element or image and style it like the one in the demo.

PRESALE question: I would like to show a popup for a recurring customer who has not purchased our products yet. No new visitors. Can this be achieved somehow? Thank you in advance. This plugin looks really great so far :)

Hi, it’s not possible without a custom modification. I currently don’t offer custom services but if you have someone to do it you are free to modify the plugin to fit your needs. Cheers :)

Thank you very much! We have purchased the plugin and try it out :) Have a nice day, and thanks for your fast reply.

No problem and thank you :)

Love this! This is the first plugin that I purchased! Be thankful! Haha! Anyhow, tried it on my dashboard site, easy to manipulate! Love the animations!

Hi, can this work with doubleclick banner? if i generate the double click tags how do i implement with this


russblanc Purchased

When using the autoclose feature – closing the modal does not reset the timer – I am triggering the modal with an onclick… any idea?

I’ve tested this and it seems to be working fine – also i’ve replied to your email where you can describe your issue in detail.

Is there more that needs to be done to use the cookie settings? I’ve included all cookie lines the generator creates, but the popup continues to show.

The purpose of the cookies is to prevent the popups from showing once the cookie has been placed in a devices cache, isn’t it?

If they aren’t or if there is more I need to do, to get this functionality to work, can you please specify? The popup itself works fine, I just can’t get the cookie to work.

Yes, cookie is set to hide the popup for X period of time. Could you send me url where you have the modal so i can check the issue more closely? I’m available via pm or email.

Unfortunately I can’t share the site that this is functioning on. Can you tell me, are the cookies from this script generated in a normal fashion?

For example, they aren’t going to look like they’re coming from a 3rd party url, are they? I have browser extensions that block cookies from urls I’ve not manually whitelisted.

Would there be any type of problem with your cookies being generated on an https domain?

The popup itself works exactly how it should visually, and I’ve included all needed cookie lines within the script:

setCookie: true, cookieDays: 99999, cookieTriggerClass: ‘setDidYouKnowCookie-1’, cookieName: ‘DidYouKnowCookie-1’, cookieScope: ‘domain’

Other than these js settings, no other settings are required to make cookies work, is that right? I don’t need “modalName” or “openViaHash” or anything like that?

Everything I can see, the cookie should be getting placed, but I’ve even searched through all placed cookies for the domain that I’m using the popups on, and it’s not placing any cookie by the cookie name, let alone checking it to prevent the popup from showing again.

Using 3 popups all on the same page shouldn’t be a problem, as long as I’ve given each one a different cookie name, right?

Is it possible other javascript, that has nothing to do with cookies, could cause your script to have problems with cookies? I ask, because if I can even get a place to start troubleshooting, it would be helpful.

I’m also using the latest version. Thanks for any pointers you can give me.

The cookies should come from your domain so they aren’t a 3rd party.

If you have an extension which blocks cookies you should whitelist them and try again.

You have set it up correctly with all the options that are available.

Yes, each popup has it’s own cookie so that cookie hides only the specific popup.

If you have other script(s) which would block the cookies it is possible that they are not being set.

If you have a chance to setup a test case online or share the url where the issue is visible i can take a look more closely where the problem is.

Thank you for your very good product

You’re welcome, and thank you for choosing Slick Modal :)