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The countdown “that does not work on your plugin The bug on the countdown and well plugin.

I test another plugin with a countdown it works

Thank you


All the other popups work there is just the countdown which always stays on the same number of days.

Thank you

hi, i making a website by using a full screen revolution slider, i looking for something to make a popup menu. can i do it with this plug-in, cheer :-)

I didn’t use this combination yet but i don’t see why not :)


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Hi dear Capelle, I have some difficulties to make this work on my html. I have copied files and added codes but it didnt show up. I am probably doing something wrong. I’ve sended you an email from support with ftp access. Can you please check it and get to me as soon as possible. We are promoting something and it is urgent. Thanks a lot. Will be waiting to hear from you.


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Any Chance To Get A Quick Reply ? Thanks :)

Hi doreso, replied to your email few moments ago :)


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Thanks !

Hello, I am interested in using your script for a ‘join our newsletter’ pop up, but have a few questions.

First how does the cookie work? I’d like to have this setup on all of my pages so regardless of which page a visitor enters on, they are invited to join the newsletter, if a visitor closes the pop up will the cookie prevent the popup from opening on other pages they visit? Can I set it up so the next time they visit they will not see the pop up for X number of days? This is probably not possible, but if they sign up can the pop up stop displaying regardless of when the visit again?

Thanks for your time, Jennifer

Hi jenny, i will reply to your email in a few moments to answer your questions you’ve sent

Live preview not working ..

First, this is a very nice script and i am interested in buying .

i have a few enquiries.

i am making a website that runs on php on the back end…

1. is it possible for me to use this script to show alerts and notifications once php has run successfully ? example : popup showing registration successful, once data is entered to database?

2.can this script be used by someone who is good at php but still a beginner in javascript? the demo , containing sign up & register popup, does the script has its own server side script that enters data to database or one can do that with their own php script?

i will appreciate any feedback


thank you for your interest. Regarding your questions:

1. You can necessary knowledge (html, php, js) you can implement it quite easily.

2. If you don’t plan to extend or modify the plugin you don’t need any JS knowledge.

3. No, the demo’s are layouts for a preview of some common popup usage.

Let me know if you’ll have any more questions. Cheers :)


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Hello, just a quick question. I have a signup form I would like to embed. I managed to do it, but it is not responsive. What should I edit so that the signup form can fit (resize) to fit inisde the popup? Thanks!


the modal can be set to responsive mode within the plugin options. As for the inner content if it’s not adjusting itself you should style it with css media queries additionaly. Cheers


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Yes, it’s more about the inner content as it is set to responsive. Thanks for your reply!


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Can this display a modal like popup on page load and then set a cookie so it doesn’t show again until after a certain amount of visits?

Installation in manual but quite simple. You would need to upload css/js files on your webserver and include the html on your page.

There is a detailed documentation provided along with the Quick start template and 40 demos upon purchase. You can also use Popup Generator where you can customize the settings, preview the popup and use the generated code from there to get you started more easily and quickly.


MHP28 Purchased

Hey, I just bought it and it says that Apache is required. Why? I thought it uses javascript and css? I’m using IIS. Will there be any issue?

It needs apache or nginx if you would like to use Slick Stats (requires PHP support). Otherwise there shouldn’t be a problem as JS in client side language.

Hi, I have two popups on the same page with two different ID names, when I click on the first one it’s showing the other one, what should I do?

Did you set proper reopenClasses for each of them? You can also send me your url via pm or email and i will take a look :) Cheers

Hi. I’m using 2 popups in 1 page. is there a function that closing the first popup while í’m opening the second one?

Hi, i’ve replied to your email few moments ago :) Cheers

Hi, Presale Question

1) I need a Auto-popup to include… 1 or 2 images as banner sliders. Is this possible?
Sample website –

2) How easy is it to implement, and would it clash with my existing html page animation, sliders etc? Remedy?

3) Search Form & Login Register are these working model or just templates (as I am not a coder so how would I make this work. Thanks )

4. How does Panorama works? (Just upload photo and done or what else?)


1. For the slider you can check out the demo Image gallery on the demo page if it fits your needs. If you need something different you are always free to modify the plugin to fit your needs.

2. There shouldn’t be an issue with the other plugins. If anything it sometimes, but rarely needs some minor fine tuning with the template styles.

3. All are templates without any functionalities.

4. Panorama demo streams a Google panoramic view, it’s not a functionality built in within the plugin.

Let me know if you’ll have any more questions :) Cheers

Hi Capelle, Thanks for replying. I have sent you the mail regarding custom need…kindly check mail.

Hi, I want to add a function that closing the popup by click anywhere outside the popup, how can I do that?

I need to close the popup l by clicking on everything outside side the model, not a specific class

You could then enable overlay which does just that. You can also change the overlay background, opacity or set it’s background color to none.

ok, thanks.

Thanks for the great plugin. Got it working nicely thanks. Is there any way to disable (or change) the background effects at mobile sizes? Thanks

Thanks, will consider that for upcoming updates :)

Thanks :-) Can i also suggest that for the ‘move down’ page effect (and maybe other move effects) that the move distance is in px rather than % (or as an option instead of %) . As each page is a different length, I am finding the move down effect, moves by a different distance on each page. I am putting the popup at the top of thepage and just want the page to move down by the height or the popup. I’ll have to put some custom code in for that as well to change to a px distance. Thanks

Good point – i’ll put that also on the list, thanks :)

Hi there. Is there a timed auto open function? Otherwise lovely script and functionality.

Hi, yes there is an option within the settings – popupType: ‘delayed’ and then you can set the delay time. If you set it to 0 it will open immediately on page load, else after the defined time.

Hi Capelle, I have a pre-sale question. I would like to employ your code within regular text. I would like to have a normal paragraph of text and make one word that I can set for the popup, but I need the text to look similar to the surrounding paragraph text (font, spacing etc.) except have a different color. Does the code work this way or does it have lead from a button?

Also which version of jQuery does it use? Thanks!

Hi :) You can use any element to trigger the popup (span, div, paragraph, button, input…) as long you give it appropriate class name which you define within the plugin options for your popup. So you can have it also within the paragraph, for example: Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem <span class="openModal-1">Ipsum </span> has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s

where ipsum will open the popup you wish.

It’s using the latest jQuery version but it would also work with version 1.9 and up.

Perfect. Thank you for the response. Purchased

No problem, thank you for choosing Slick Modal :)

Hi. This looks very promising but before I buy I have a questions: - can it shows content after X second on site (not exit…just time on site) - can each cookie id be unique? Let say that this week I have popup #A, next week I will have different popup #B…the cookie id must be different…basically if cookie id can be define with init settings of a plugin?

Quick replay – quick purchase ;)


Hi, thank you for your interest:

- yes, the popup can be shown X seconds (that’s a delayed setting within the plugin). There are 3 different options: delayed, exit and on scroll

- the cookie name can be easily changed to another one and it is unique

Let me know if you have any more questions :) Cheers

Great tnx.

Just to let you know that there is a conflict with – because both are using the same class definition.

Thanks for reporting, will add this on ToDo list :)

Hi…. my The Slick Modal It’s not loading .. please, I need your advice …I’ll text you an email .

Hi, i’ve replied to your email few moments ago :)

Hi, any news to open the modals via anchor links?


Hi, sorry not yet – it’s on todo and will be available soon upon next update.

best I am interested in you template but I have a question if that js script used in your own websites that would be a negative effect on your slider because I had read that on a bxslider forum that there are negative Atonement are for example that the slider not more works. and is there a solution for?


I have bought it and I did it myself and it works again on my website but there is still a small mistake in connection with the pageAnimationEffect when I put it on scale. Then all my Web page to scale then you are right a box page that I see

Sorry i don’t understand the issue very good – can you send me a link so i can take a look?

I will forward a photo to your email address. It’s hard to explain that I understand it.

url: ‘yourScript.php’, // Insert the path which points towards your mail script can you provide a contact form script for me?

Hi, i’ve replied to your email few moments ago.

Hello, pre sale question: I would like to know if it’s possible to open the modal on page load and then close it when someone starts to scroll? also, can I embed a contact form in the popup ? Thank you, Aviv

Hi, autoclose after scrolling is not available within the plugin options but it can be easily achieved – you can send me an email or pm and I will reply you with a working demo with that functionality.

You can embeed any HTML element inside the modal, simply put it between the comments where the inner content starts. Cheers

Great, Thank you… one more question: I can embed shortcodes inside the modal ?

I think they would work – please try and let me know :)