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On my review i got: Customer Support

by Serhiijos 3 days ago

Plugin working not correct. Must fix by myself. Didnt get any reply from support.

Capelle Author response

Hi, i’ve received your email but there was an error replying to you. Also the link you have sent was flaged as a website containing malware and virus (detected by Sucuri scanner) so i cannot open it. If you need support please send a link for a clean website and a brief description of your issue. Also there is no need for fixing as the plugin should work fine.

What kind of error you get when trying reply to me? After got error you just ignore my complaining? About malvare my website you can check with virustotal first.

Best support ever. Email – error – ignore. Website – malware – ignore.

I will gladly help you Serhiijos but as mentioned in order to do so i need:

1. A brief description of the issue

2. A link where i can check the issue

I don’t use virustotal but your site was still flagged as highly malicious (containing malware + spyware) from another service (Sucuri in this case). I cannot check that kind of sites – hope you understand.

If you provide a clean URL and a brief issue description (i cannot help you with: Plugin working not correct. Must fix by myself.) let me know via pm or email again. Cheers :)

Hi, nice plugin. Small fix with youtube embedding over the new nocookie domain (

videoSel = $(self).find(‘iframe[src*=”youtube”]’)


Hi in-session, thanks for reporting this – will address the issue upon next update. Cheers :)

Hello: I need to use a popup onload my site. Is it possible? Is difficult to use?

I need only to put an image with a link inside. Open when load page and close after x seconds

Yes, this is possible with the plugin – you just need to setup the settings within the plugin invoke. There is also an extensive documentation available with the package. Cheers

Hi, I want the pop up to appear every time the page is visited or refreshed b y the visitor – does this do that? Thanks

Hi – yes sure, plugin has 4 modes available: show always, on delay, exit and on scrolling. Cheers


runtcrab Purchased

Hi, great plugin….Just downloaded and am I’m looking for the ‘Time Banner 2’ Demo…cant seem to find it?

Is it there?


Hi, i’ve replied to your email few moments ago, please check :)


runtcrab Purchased

email recieved thanks! I need top use the pop up 16 – Time Banner 2 – I cant see it in the demos??

Can I add a dynamically generated google map that outputs to an iframe to the pop-up? Do you have any examples or tips for using google maps?

Hi, yes you can add google maps inside the popup – please check the plugin demo page (Google maps demo button) for a preview. Cheers

For the popup generator, do you get an embed code so clients can embed a popup on there own website?

Generator makes a preview of the modal so you can customize it for your likings and also creates a configuration snippet based on your customization which is used to setup the popup.

Yes I know what a generator does, the question was, when you get the configuration snippet, can you add the popup on any website? I want my clients to use the generator to add popups to there own website.

I don’t have an html file only php. So How to use this amazing software to my header.php???