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Great plugin! I have question. How to show baner popup for user, who entering on my website (withouck click button)?

You can set it to “delayed” which will show the popup after defined period of time. If you want to show it imidiately simply set the delay time to 0 :)

Where I found it?

It is within popup settings: popupType which you can set it to “delayed”. For reference you can check Quick start which is a delayed popup.

hello … I just bought it, but I can not put it up on the site wodpress .. I guess this just install only but I was wrong … I may request a refund for this? I do not get to use it because I do not understand the code html

Hi Valeriie, sorry but refunds are applicable if the item doesn’t work as expected/advertised. But if you wish i can send you some pointers on how to use it in WP altough it will require some html/css and administrative knowledge. You can send me pm or email :)

hello please help me how to put it in Wp … I’ve tried, but can not

I can send you some pointers on how to use it in WP altough it will require some html/css and administrative knowledge. You can send me pm or email.

Hi. Is this bootstrap compatible? Thanks!

Hi, it is not as it uses it’s own framework.

Thank you for the info and the quick reply.

HI and thank you for your lovely plugin

I try to make the popup to appear in the centre , but when i open the jquery.slick-modal.min.js file i see the code all mixed up and is difficult to understand how to do that . ( please see .js file here )

My test page is here

Thank you

It’s Ok !! i found it , great !!

The only think now i am trying to to find how i make the Heading in the box to much my themes style

Thank you again


you can change the styling of the heading within the Slick css or within your template css.

For me too it begins to be OK !! i have on modal open another modal … ok but the second modal content is not scrollable ? how i can active the scroll on a popup ?

Sorry, i didn’t understand your last comment.

nevermind just a thinking thank you for your tool

Np, thank you for choosing Slick Modal :)

It is possible to trigger Slick Modal by javascript? e.g. on success in ajax request.

Currently not with a callback but you can trigger a click event and hide the triggering button (if it’s not needed) to open the popup on ajax response. Cheers

Are you going to add javascript callback? It’s really important for most of my apps.

Probably i will in the future releases – you will be notified when avaliable.

Live preview not working

Thank you, should be working fine now :)

I am not a techie. Could I pay you extra to give me an admin to create pop up I want wnd it give me code to add to website? I need user functionality like your demo page. These are lovely pop ups

Thanks netgain4020, glad you like it. Sorry i don’t offer custom installations, but it should be pretty straightforward – insert the html on you page(s) with the plugin invoke and upload the css + js files.

Hi, is it a wordpress plugin? Where can I see the instructions to see if it is right for me?

Hi, it is not WP plugin. Although you could manually implement it you need to have some basic html, css and WP administrative knowledge.

How can I install it in WordPress. I don’t know how to use Jquery in WordPress.


it’s not a WP plugin so it can’t be installed via administration. But if you have some administrative knowledge you can install it manually by editing the template files.

Quick question. Is it php7 compatible?

Hi, it’s a javascript plugin so it is not dependent on php :)


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Hey, is it possible to automaticly close popup after x seconds?


the plugin doesn’t support this natively, but there can be added a function which will close it after defined time. You can send me a pm or email and i will send you the modified code :) Cheers


hugo587 Purchased

Send it, thanks :)