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I am interested in buying this plugin.

But want to ask can this popup extension be integrated with MailGet Bolt (, as I am using MailGet for sending bulk emails.

Thanks and regards, Harsh Singh

Hi, it can be used with any email service but you will need to integrate it manually as the popup is a “holder” only for the html content. Cheers

is it possible to use the exit to redirect to another page instead of opening a popup?

So you don’t wish to show the popup, just redirect the user when trying to leave the page?

forget it, I found a way to do it with 3 lines of code.


jflen Purchased

So the contact form doesnt work?

Not initially as the submitting script is not provided with the item package. But i’ve replied to your email where i’ve send you a download link with a demo of the form with validation and submiting emails :) Cheers


jflen Purchased

Great, thank you

Hi, your plugin seems to be exactly what I need. I just have one question, my website is using WordPress and my form would be from Gravity Forms which is embed with a shortcode [myform]. Is it possible to display a shortcode inside a popup and if the confirmation message redirect to another page, will the form redirect as it would on a normal html page?

Thank you for your reply.

Sorry, this is not possible without a modification which would require you to have some js and php knowledge. Cheers


EN2011 Purchased

Does this plugin have a session cookie feature?

For example, it can show X times during one browser session. The goal is to prevent annoying a site visitor with this popup every time they visit a page on the site.


currently it can be shown once per session so when the user close it, it will remain hidden until the session is reopened. Cheers

I just purchased this and realized it’s not a wordpress plugin? Do you have a tutorial on how to add this to a wordpress site?

Sorry no, but you can install it manually:

1. Edit the WP template footer (you can do that via admin) and insert the html of the popup, plugin javascript settings and call the plugin script before the settings.
2. Adjust the html elements (modal content etc…).
3. Insert the css inside your template main css file or upload the Slick css your webserver and then call it within <head> section of your template.

When copying the html it advisable not to copy the demo css from the index.html (Quick start or any demos), which is located in the head section. When modifying the template files i suggest creating a backup of modified files.

What an awesome script! Will be purchasing. Question: Can the script be triggered by chosen buttons in my page? Instead of automatic popup or in addition to? Thanks!

Yes, you can trigger it simply by adding a class to your element(s).


Possible to open a site in an Iframe? Open a site in a modal Iframe Not found on demo

Thank you

Notification bar is simply a banner inside the popup. You can already do that with Slick Modal.

I do not see any notification bar in the plugin

You can use banner countdown 2 or build your own with Quick start template. All you need is to define the plugin settings and insert your banner inside it (or html).

Thanks for the update!

Welcome and hope you’ll enjoy all the new features :)


boninto Purchased

This is amazing popup plugin. But have some issue on mobile. Do you help us optimize mobile version: location, and size.

I’ve replied to your pm so you can describe the issue in detail via email :)


The modal is not responsive, image attached Test with the latest version Otherwise the plugin works well

Thank you

Here is the test on a simulator Several tests, look at the modal is too large

The content inside the modal looks to large – you should adjust that with css media queries additionaly.

As this is a support request, please send me a pm or email for further assistance. Cheers

Please send me the css multimedia queries in addition. right here


Santos01 Purchased

How is installation done? I threw the Generator file, but it does not work regularly.

Hi, could you send me more info and maybe the url where you installed it via pm/email? Thanks.


Jgreg Purchased

Satisfied customer here. This is a beautiful package. Tight code, fast, troublefree. Flexibililty to create the look you want. Regular updates that add more new styles for visitor engagement. Great value and great support

Hi Jgreg, great to hear from you again and thanks for your feedback :)


Jgreg Purchased

You bet, and thanks for all the new stuff in this update. Especially like that you included pre-made Mixings. Saves me time. And the Overlay Menu… I’m using that for a helpful Welcome Gate that just gives a new visitor a choice of Options on the site.

Nice, that’s also an interesting way to use the overlay menu :)

Hi, Im trying to use html tag ex. inside of “ ” popup, but these are totally ignored , only
tag works.. Can you help me with this? Thanks.

Are you using a custom font or a font that doesn’t support bold/strong weight? If possible you can send me a url where you have it installed via pm or email and i can take a look :) Cheers