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vanhove Purchased

Can Slick Modals be made to pop up upon submission of an on-page contact form? That is, “Thanks for your message” or something similar. The contact form is on-page, not in a modal. Thank you.

Sure, you can do that very easily – you can send me a pm or email and i’ll give you exact instructions. Cheers

Is it possible to show an output of a function (from php), i.e. After form is submitted, information displayed on Modal window ? Thanks

Hi, sorry for a late reply. You could do that by triggering popup to show up after the event has finished.

Hey mate, i recently purchased this plugin. but i don’t know how to make the modal always show when users accessing my site. is that possible?


you can do that easily, simply set delayTime to 0 and setCookie to false. Cheers

I can’t seem to get the popup to load on page load. Here is my code. Can you help please? – Great script by the way.

<script text=”javascript”> // Plugin invoke $(document).ready(function() { $(’#popup-1’).slickModals({ // Popup type popupType: ‘delayed’, delayTime: 0, setCookie: false, }); }); </script>

Did you had cookies enabled at the beginning and then disabled them later on? If yes, a cookie has might been served when they were enabled hence the modal stayed hidden.

If not you can send me url where you have it installed via pm or email and i will take a look :) Cheers

i used the special banner countdown but i cannot make it responsive in anyway. i used slickModal .window { width: 80% !important; } but it seems not working. please help. you can check my link here

nevermind i got it. thanks!

Hi Alvin, glad you solved it. If you’ll have any questions let me know. Cheers

Hey mate, currently i found an issue with overlay background using ios devices. the overlay background sits on top of the popup. i played around with position and z-index but with no luck. however this only happen when you used ios devices.

try this link and used your ios device

Thanks, will take a look at this soon as possible. Cheers


sibivfl Purchased

Hi, how can I make my newsletter popup when someone hit “Back to previous page” or “X” to close the browser or want to go to the other website. “EXIT” option doesn’t work for me, maybe I am doing something wrong.

Hi, currently this is not possible but it might become a feature within upcoming updates :) Cheers


sibivfl Purchased

too bad because I thought that option ‘exit’ doing this that’s why I bought it :(


Tonan Purchased

Is a full screen responsive modal window possible with this script?

Yes, you can set width and height to 100% within the plugin options or override it with css.

Presale question- Can you use it more as a notification where the user can interact with the rest of the page (use menu, links, etc) without closing the popup? I do not see a setting for this

Hi, sorry for a late reply. Yes, you can do that by disabling the popup closing buttons and overlay. Let me know if you’ll have any more questions :)

HI, sos! I need your help!

Pls tel me how i can make the script open the popup windows in page refresh? I want always to see the popup window.

I have set time to 0 but i need to see it every time i reload the page.

Thanks, pls help, its important!

Best, xrisxal2000


you can show the modal always by setting the option setCookie: false within the plugin options. With cookies disabled popup will show up every time the page is reloaded.

Also be sure to clear any slick modal cookie that might been placed to far when disabling this option and refreshing the page :) Cheers

Many thanks Guys!!!

Best wishes, xrisxal2000

thanks xrisxal2000, best wishes to you to :)

I need a subscription popup to show after visitors view 5 pages. Can Slick Modals be made to pop up after “x” pageviews? If you can guide me I will renew support. Thanks in advance

Hi, sorry this is not currently an option. If it will be avaliable in the future release you can redownload the plugin. Cheers :)

That’s great to hear Capelle. I was thinking of asking you for a custom development in order to have this option available. It’s there an ETA for this option? Thanks again! ;)

Currently no as it’s not yet a planned option for upcoming updates but if it will be avaliable i will certainly let you know :)


Happy New Year

1) We will soon be using your plugin just to integrate an advert on the homepage of the site. 2) Automatically open the popup when the user scrolls the page? Can we automatically open the pop-up window on the index page? I want to integrate an advertisement that will automatically open as soon as you are on the home page of the site. 3) I would like the popups opens once a day and by ip “cookie” 4) How to integrate the contextual window on the index page? , Do you have video tutorials?


Thank you

I’ve replied few moments ago :)

Hello, Do you plan to do something for the bug? Our site is in maintenance mode I would like you to correct it as soon as possible Thank you

Yes, the update for Scrolled popup type is submitted to Envato and already on the way. Should be avaliable these days :)

Will this work on Shopify’s platform?

Hi, if you can insert html and upload own css/js files then it should. But, you will have to install it manually. Cheers

Is it possible to make it so when a visitor trys to exit a newsletter pops out? And when they click submit it would automatically show them the coupon code and also add them to mailshimp list?

You can do that manually with newsletter api and backend integration, depending on your system or CMS. In that case you would need some good backend and frontend knowledge.


gramae Purchased

Is it possible to operate modal using js rather than css class

Could you be more specific which events you wish to operate? Thanks


gramae Purchased

I just wish to open the modal using a javascript function eg openSlickModal-1

Currently not possible but you can modify the plugin for your needs.


DeanoX Purchased


I just re-downloaded the recent update, but I do not see a demo of “Banner Countdown 2” and is there a demo of the “exit popup” in the downloaded files?



you can find it in the \2. Demo layouts\17. Top bar countdown folder. There is no demo for the exit popup but you can set it simply by editing the plugin settings and set popupType: ‘exit’.

Cheers :)


ea1971 Purchased

Awesome update! I was just curious on how you would go about opening a pop-up from a link? Currently they open from a tag. Is there a way to make them open with a ?


ea1971 Purchased

I thought I better rewrite this as it looks like what I posted removed the code. I am wondering if I can have the popup controlled by an actual link on the page instead of a div tag. Is that possible?


ea1971 Purchased

Sorry to bother you again. I figured it out. Thank you.

Sorry for a late reply, glad you solved it. Let me know if you’ll have any more questions :) Cheers