Slick Modal - CSS3 Powered Popups

Slick Modal - CSS3 Powered Popups

Maximize your promotional performance with Slick Modal jQuery & CSS3 powered popup

Slick Modal Popup is a great way to display your message. You can insert any code or layout inside it, let it be banners, newsletter signups, contact forms, special offer display, images, galleries, iframe, video, maps and any element more effectively and with style.

Packed with over 50+ popup options and 28 transitions

Slick Modal Popup comes with a wide range of avaliable options, which you can combine together and achieve eye catching effect for your messages easly and without any special coding knowledge.

  • 50+ avaliable options
  • 28 transitions effects
  • 9 popup positions
  • 20 quick start demos
  • Popup generator
  • Statistics plugin
  • Responsive configuration
  • Advanced styling options
  • Animate the popup and your content separately
  • Set a custom cookie for visitors
  • Set a timed visibility delay
  • Auto close it after X seconds
  • Set delayed, exit or scrolled popup
  • Hide it only on specific pages
  • Disable it on devices with lower resolution
  • And much more…

Popup generator

Modal is made for ease of use so you can quick start it in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is copy the small html block, insert your elements and define plugin options which create the look & feel of your Slick modal popup or use an included Popup generator to speed things up.

Slick statistics [ᴮᵉᵗᵃ]

Use Slick Stats to monitor your popup campaigns and success rate easy. Record impressions, popup views, average viewing time, CTA clicks and CTR ratio.

Use it anywhere & anytime

Slick Modal can be used for any purpouse – from displaying newsletter form to your favorite video. You get a basic, cluster free modal layout in which you insert your custom elements in a matter of minutes. With that you can easily display any of your elements. Most common usage of Slick modal is for:

  • Signup forms
  • Contact and feedback forms
  • Newsletter signup form
  • Popup banners and ads
  • Images showcase
  • Navigations and buttons
  • Special notifications and messages
  • Events, calendars and notes
  • Videos and maps
  • Any iframe, embed or object element
  • And much more…

Easy to use and customize

  • Clean design and commented code
  • Easy to install and set the options you need
  • Easy to customize to fit your design and layout
  • Lightweight and cluster free
  • HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery powered
  • Detailed documentation with common how to’s

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Slick Modal changelog:


- NEW: Slick Modal statistics
- NEW: Popup generator
- NEW: option to auto close the popup
- NEW: option to show/hide the popup on mobile/custom resolutions
- NEW: contact form demo with field validation
- NEW: all demos are now responsive
- UPDATED: plugin optimisation and update
- UPDATED: updated to jQuery 3.x
- UPDATED: updated documentation


- NEW: added new demos
- UPDATED: exit popup bugfix


- NEW: added responsive modal options
- UPDATED: updated documentation


- NEW: added new demo
- UPDATED: exit type bug fix
- UPDATED: performance optimization
- UPDATED: updated documentation


- NEW: ESC key can close the modal and set a cookie to hide it
- NEW: Youtube videos can be autoplayed and stopped on modal close
- NEW: hide the modal on specific pages on the website
- NEW: choose if the overlay closes the modal
- NEW: on modal load and close events
- NEW: animate popup inner content separately
- NEW: cookie scope can now be set on domain or certain page
- NEW: added 13 new transition effects (28 total)
- NEW: added new button style
- NEW: added Top bar countdown
- UPDATED: complete plugin rewrite and update
- UPDATED: performance optimization (both js and css)
- UPDATED: fixed exit popup, so it opens only when user moves the mouse upwards
- UPDATED: fixed overlay issue, which wasn't correctly disabled
- UPDATED: fixed the modal centering when choosing certain positions
- UPDATED: fixed potential conflicts with other scripts and stylesheets
- UPDATED: other minor various fixes and improvements
- UPDATED: updated documentation


- NEW: added new demos (Social share, Cookie notices, Special countdowns, Facebook page)
- UPDATED: updated documentation


- NEW: added new demos (Multiple popups, Background image, Panorama view & Random stats)
- NEW: popup can now be set to show only on pages that contain certain string in the url
- UPDATED: updated documentation and refreshed the content, specially FAQ, Tips & Tricks and some definitions


- NEW: added responsive modal demo
- UPDATED: updated documentation


- NEW: added exit and scroll popup types
- NEW: added new background effect
- NEW: added option to set custom cookie name
- NEW: added option to set session cookie
- NEW: now you can have multiple popups on the same page
- NEW: additional 10+ various plugin options
- NEW: all functional options are now avaliable via plugin settings,
- NEW: all styling options are now avaliable via plugin settings,
- NEW: added common demos/layouts for help,
- UPDATED: complete plugin rewrite
- UPDATED: code optimization
- UPDATED: updated documentation