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Thank you for developing fantastic looking menu system. How do we set the menu links in case parent with children scenario were parent has its own link?


Thanks for the feedback. For now, it is not possible to set a link on the parent. Whenever the parent has sub items, the click event will be used to go the the sub level. Basically, parent items should only have an anchor #. I recommend adding the parent link to the submenu as well.


Why isn’t the icon showing on my menu nav? http://banditolv.com/

Hi, please open a support ticket at http://xt.ticksy.com and provide access to your dashboard, our team will assist you from there. Thanks

Good day,

Your menu is the one that is the nearest to what I’m looking for :)

Could you please tell me if I could implement my idea with yours ?

See my screenshot idea: http://nimb.ws/6q0oWM

I would like to create a vertical menu that would appear in the left margin with a certain height (not full height) and stick align vertically. When you click on it then it slides open to the right. But as the picture I shared, I would like it to handle checkout notification and WPML switcher visible all time.

Thanks for your help,



Sorry for the delay, unfortunately, this will not be possible. Slick menu is always 100% height and each sublevel is shown by itself, basically you cannot show both the parent and the submenu at the same time.

Sorry for the inconvenience

This plugin and features look In$ane!! Curious, I have a new client who wants a top horizontal menu w their own custom icon images… is that possible, or a visible vertical one?

Hi, thanks for the feedback. Slick Menu is only for vertical menus. You can create multiple menus and optionally, you can set only 1 of the menus to be always visible.

Hi, how do we arrange for a refund please

Hi Neil,

I have replied your ticket, please follow this:



Hey guys, our support just ran out so I can’t respond to our ticket #1190881. Happy to buy more support (it just expired), just wanted to get someone to check in on our site to view the problem we’re having as the posted solution on our ticket does not help. We’re looking to launch the site in the next 2 weeks and would love to see if we can resolve the issue we’re having. Will buy the support in the next few days. Cheers.

Hi Dave,

I just saw the ticket.

The problem is that content filters are only applied for menus that are not Always Visible. When a regular menu is open, site content cannot be scrolled which makes sense to add a filter. However, for an Always Visible menu, the content can be scrolled, that is why we disable the filter.

If you like to have the filter applied whenever a sublevel is opened on your Always Visible menu, this will require a little JS coding using the javascript API and some custom css.

Unfortunatly, this is beyond our support. For customizations, you can open a support ticket and request this. We usually charge $40 / h, this should take around 30min.

Thank you

We would love for this to happen – is there an email address we can contact you on, or do you prefer the support system? We currently can’t post a new ticket as our support ran out.

Hi, this has to go through our support system, please renew the support first then open a detailed ticket about the customizations, or simply copy the comments above. We can proceed from there. Thanks

I am using the generate theme with Beaver Builder and also using elementor front end builder on some sites…is this compatible?

Hi, Slick Menu is independent and should work fine with any theme.

Hello, I’m interested… it works as one page? As seen in your demo

Hi, not sure what you mean? Menus can be triggered from any page and you can create unlimited menus. Thanks

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Hey guys, we’re going ahead with integrating the plugin with our project. Just submitted a ticket asking for a particular uncompressed file we’d like to look at. Thanks.

Unable to turn off the “Fade In Website once Slick Menus are fully loaded”, so basically you work for ages setting this thing up -or rather it is turned off but still acting up – so one has to flush caches right and left – plugin and browser – to see what the hell did get applied or not.. basically you need to flush pretty much after every action and even so sometimes it still does not get applied… (talk about time-consuming and tedious), and some annoying feature that looks pretty bad anyway as only certain areas of the page get shaded.. makes you need to reset it all back to ground zero because no amount of flushing is fixing this, that shading gimminck decided to stay for the worse. Super frustrating.

And I thought UberMenu was a pain to configure.. he’s got a challenger. Dunno, I played with Slick a few times but never to the point of using it for a project, each time I get more annoyed than the last and remember why I give up each time. Guess all my clients will get the Superfly treatment, not as many bells and whistles but super straight-forward set up in a few minutes.

Hi there,

We are very sorry for the trouble you are having.

Slick Menu does not require you to flush the cache every time since it does it for you whenever the menu or any option is saved. It also takes care of flushing W3 Total Cache & Super Cache plugins for you.

Unless you are using another type of caching plugin, then yes you might need to flush those manually which is out of our control.

We checked our support desk and did not see any open requests from your end.

If you need help setting your menus or experiencing issues, simply open a ticket at http://xt.ticksy.com. Our team is more than happy to assist you.


i have already install another music platform script. can i use this script in sub folder. this is my website – http://www.beatsnoop.com/explore

Hi there, Unfortunatly, Slick Menu only works with wordpress.


jfacts Purchased

I’m running into a compatibility issues, the menu will show on mobile devices but not on desktop (mainly with chrome, occasionally with safari). I assume this is due to a JS conflict, but I’ve run into it repeatedly despite removing all the plugins, etc.

The support team was responsive in trying to help with this problem, unfortunately I think they are in a much different timezone and I decided to use the Superfly menu instead, so I closed the ticket. This was no fault of the author, just want to be clear.

I’ve decided to use Slick Menu on another project instead, yet keep running into the same issue, is there anything I’m missing that can be causing the conflict? Like I said I’ve tried all the troubleshooting techniques and removed all plugins, but not dice. I really want to use this plugin because it is far superior to anything else out there and adds a significant UI UX experience for the site visitors.


jfacts Purchased

Ok I’ll update the ticket. It works, but loads incredibly slowly on chrome. On safari and on mobile its fine.


jfacts Purchased

Hello I just updated my ticket, I know its short notice but can you address asap? Appreciate it.

Hi, the ticket has been updated. Thanks


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plotino Purchased

I have problems on this web with the menu, it does not work well

Hi, Please open a support ticket at http://xt.ticksy.com, our team will gladly assist you. Thanks


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Hi there, is there any easy way to add a horizontal white bar like you have on slickmenu.net. The top portion where you have your logo and the menu button?? I thought this came with the plugin but found out it doesn’t unless there is a way to create it?

Please ignore this question. I found another solution.

Hi, the menu support both RTL and LTR ?

Just purchased this plugin but do not see how to turn on the “Travel Agent” look like in your example. Where do I find this option? Thank You.