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Pre Sales Question:

1) Is it possible to have the screen fly-out with pushing the content or doing an overlay?

2) Is there any feature to allow sub-menus directly beneath the menu item?

Thanks, Ryan.


1) Not sure what you mean by fly out, however there is one animation that pushes the content backwards. You can also add an overlay over the pushed content.

2) Unfortunatly, we do not plan on adding this feature for now. The menu was designed in a way that only supports sublevels for submenus.



Is there an update scheduled to be released soon? If not, I would like a refund since this product seems to be abandoned. Apart from some comments replies nothing happened for 9 months.

No updates, no new designs, no new animations…

I was looking for a mobile menu similar to what apple.com offers on mobile.

When I bought this plugin you said it will be updated (9 months ago)


It is currently possible to create something similar to the apple.com mobile menu by simply playing around with the customizer. However, it won’t be the same animation effect.

We do plan on adding new designs hopefully in the near future.



where does it say the author must provide continuous updates with new designs and animations? I agree that it would be great if updates and new designs were provided (since this plugin is unique compared to other offerings) but the author is under no obligation to do so unless the plugin is broken. You received exactly what you paid for as advertised.

That being said, I don’t understand why the author would not provide new designs and updates. XplodedThemes, would you be interested in selling the rights to this plugin or some other arrangement?

Hi, thanks for the feedback, Slick Menu is not abandoned, we are simply working on new projects for now, we will release some new demos and features in the near future. Thanks


avrcata Purchased


@jfacts: First, there is a reason why ONLY author has the option to reply on a customer’s comment. Can you guess why is that option there?!

Second, probably I’m used to premium products where once / 1-2 months there are updates released. As they should. Both design and development (code) trends evolve every single day. Some of the authors are keeping up with these trends. Some of them are “even” listening to customer’s voice. (Strange in your opinion, huh?!)

Third, I understand you love this product, you’re friends with the author and so you feel the need to defend him and his product. This is not the case (to bring your lawyer to reply). I haven’t had the intention to denigrate by any means the author nor the product. So chill mate. When I decided to buy this product, I in fact decided to TRUST this author and his work. What other proof of appreciation might be there better then this?

I could have chosen any other product similar to this one. There are even wordpress themes that offer this menu styles built-in, but I chose to buy Slick Menu. Hope to prove a right investment in the end.

Thank you for your time though. I guess this is the problem with authors / teams that sell multiple products. They concentrate their time and energy to maintain / release new products. Instead, teams that only sell and maintain 1 (one) single product, have more time, energy and money to invest in their product and release updates and increase sales. Another thing to keep in mind.

I rest my case.

@XplodesThemes: First, the term “soon” might just mean 3 years from now (it’s sooner then 10 years, right?) so with this affirmation you don’t really communicate any straight forward information. The statement “soon” have so many meanings as the number of people on Earth. For me it means “today”. For you? What does “soon” means? Try an estimation of “soon”.

Second, I need this menu (Slick Menu) to be triggered by the theme’s burger menu icon from the nav bar (Only on mobile, the desktop version of my themes menus work and look great). Is that an option when setting up Slick Menu?

Third, can there be placed 2 Slick Menus on the Nav Bar of the website triggered by 2 buttons (not text links from the main nav)?

Thank you very much for your time and hard work! Hope you won’t see me as your enemy. Instead, you could tag me an exigent customer that by his comments only wants to improve the products. I need a simple answer to my questions as my support expired and I need to know if there is a reason to renew it or not.

Thank you! Kind regards,


avrcata Purchased

Congratulations for the new update! The new demo (apple menu) looks even better then the original one!

Sorry if I doubted you!

Now I feel that I made the best choice when I purchased your product! I would like that all future customers could read this comment so they can better understand that SlickMenu is indeed the best choice in terms of flexibility and design!

Good luck with sales!

Hello, I have noticed this plugin doesn’t function well in Firefox 59.0.2, specifically the animated menu icon. Is this a known issue and will there be a fix for it?

before I purchase I have a question.

I have no header or footer.

in wordpress im using the raw html so I have

< a class=”logo” href=”#home” >< img src =”http://domain/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Logo.png” alt=”logo” >< /a >

and using css

.logo { position: fixed; top: 50px; left: 50px; z-index: 1000; width: 180px; }

this is to have the logo fixed permanently.

Can I do this with your plugin.

If so can you share how, and I will purchase straight away


6 days and no response?????


Sorry for the delay.

Not sure if I understand the question… you would like to tigger the menu when someone clicks the logo ? In that case, you simply need to assign a css class name to your menu. example ”.logo”

More info here: https://xt.ticksy.com/article/9032/


been 6 days and not had one response yet… not very good when someone is wanting to purchase and has pre sales queries

Hello Presale quetion i would like to know if this is possible to do with your menu plugin. http://2point0media.com/logix/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/landing-start.png http://2point0media.com/logix/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/landing-menu-FR.png

Thank You

Hi, It is possible to make something similar.

You can create a fullscreen menu with a background image and set the menu items as 2 columns grid then customize each menu item to have different font size and weight.


avrcata Purchased


Please note that in your demo (using the default menu), after you click an anchor link, the page scroll to that anchor but the menu doesn’t disappear / retract.

This is especially annoying on mobile since you have to scroll down the menu, you click a button and nothing happens. After you scroll back to the top of ghe menu so you can close the menu manually, you’ll see that the page scrolled in the background to the section you wish to see.

Please try to find time to fix this.

3 weeks ago Google announced that mobile web surpassed desktop web so more then 50% of our visitors will open my website from mobile.

Thank you!

Thanks for reporting, we will fix this in the next update. If you need a temporary fix, please open a ticket and provide access to your site so we can fix it directly on your site.



avrcata Purchased


Thank you very much for your support! I feel very bad for the last comments (I was rude). My website is not live yet. If I will finish everything and I’ll be ready to go live before the update, I’ll email you.

Thank you very much for your time and support! Have a great day!


digihouse Purchased

Hi, is it possible to keep the scrollbar visible when the menu is opened. Ohterwise the whole page jumps -> looks like an error.

Thx Chris

hi, any comments on that? our client is not happy with this.

Thx Chris

Hi Chris, I have just answered your ticket, Thanks