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Hi there,

Your plugin seems to have an integrated API. I then wonder if it is possible to generate dynamic links (in my case => wp_list_categories) in order to dynamically generate a 3rd level menu with the archives pages, taxonomies pages…

Thank you for your answer.


Hi there,

Currently the api in in javascript simply to control the menu and levels.

We are currently working on a Dynamic Posts extension for Slick Menu. You will be able to insert it at any level. It will support custom queries / filters and infinite scroll.

Hope this helps


Allright. Sad it isn’t available yet, since I’m near of the end of development of my website. Do you have any ETA for this extension?


Hopefully it will be available within the next 2 weeks, Thanks

Hello, thanks for the great plugin you made, I’m really liking it and i think its unique in its genre. I’m just have a little problem. I’m using WP multisite, I have activated the plugin on the network and i bought the exportation plugin that let me export the menu and use the same menu on all sub sites. The plugin works correctly everywhere but not on a sub site where “modal-backdrop fade in” is overlapping with others popup and functions. The only way i found to fix the problem is deactivating the plugin. I have already checked plugins code but i didn’t found anything that helped.



Thanks for the feedback.

Please submit a ticket at http://xt.ticksy.com and provide more details / screenshots or access to your site so we can have a better look.



We’ve tried creating our own and also importing your default demo and we are only able to view the slick menu under theme – Customise.. Also, the theme menu is still visible at all times, how do you fix this?


Hi there,

Please open a support ticket at http://xt.ticksy.com
Our team will gladly assist you.

Also take a look at these articles https://xt.ticksy.com/articles/100005007/


Hello, tickets was posted a couple of days ago. Can you come back to us on this today please as we’re about to break for a long weekend.

Hi there,

Sorry for the delay, your ticket has been answered.



Hi, have you noticed that the plugin leaves the menu a bit slow?


Slick Menus are usually cached and should load relatively fast. As you can see on our demo site: http://slickmenu.net We have 10 different menus all loading very fast.

Please open a support ticket at http://xt.ticksy.com if you need help with anything.


Hi there. Is there any way to set / change the default fonts used? Or use inherit instead?

Yes of course, you can select any google font from the menu settings. However, the inherit theme font option will be added in a later version.


Thanks for that.

Can different menus be displayed according to user role?

Hmmmm, I get what you mean but I don’t want to use my theme’s menu. I need 2 distinct menus to show to 2 distinct user roles ; ie. Role A gets menu A and Role B gets menu B…..... Any ideas?

Unfortunatly, the hamburger trigger do not support visibility by user role. However, you can use any element on your page to trigger a Slick Menu. if you have some coding knowledge, you can insert a custom trigger based on user role (hardcoded). Any element becomes a trigger by simply adding the unique menu trigger class.

We will consider adding the visibility by role to the hamburger trigger in the next update.

Any reason why not use your theme menu to insert a trigger ?


Can shortcodes be entered in any of Slick’s menu settings?

Yes, you can.

Thanks. Very helpful answers. Buying it over the weekend. I have a “copy” but am delighted to support your cause. It’s a nice piece of work. Continued success.

Thank you, it’s appreciated.

Import file failed to upload



Please open a support ticket at http://xt.ticksy.com and provide access to your wordpress so we can have a better look.


Hi, really trying to be patient as I imagine you’re busy, but can you again answer the tick,et we posted 4 days ago please

Sorry for the delay, the ticket has been answered. Thanks

Last question before purchase. I am using Ultimate Member and the menu item visibility settings are not being applied to my slick menus. eg. I set my logout link to be only visible to logged out users. Any known fixes please?

There is a bug between Nav Menu Roles and Slick Menu which is probably the same with Ultimate Member. The bug has been fixed, an update will be released within the next 2 days.

For other technical assistance, please open a support ticket at http://xt.ticksy.com


Thats terrific. Thanks. Buying plugin right now.

I have presale question, can we do something like this? Where the navigation is horizontal instead of vertical? http://capitalspringboard.com/

Hi, Slick Menu is only a vertical menu, however menus can be full screen or any width size with horizontal menu items in them.

Hi, thanks for the respond. Can it be full screen with columns of navigation links? Do you have demo for the full screen horizontal menu?

You can take a look at the 3D transforms demo, it gives you an idea, however you don’t need to add all these animations, items could be simple horizontal links. http://slickmenu.net/#demos

Hi again,

Is it possible to keep our site content full size when the menu is active?



Not sure what you mean ? Since the menu is mostly a pusher, it will push the content away so part of the content will not be visible, however you can choose the Slide In Over content effect if you don’t want the content to be pushed. You can also set the menu to be always visible. In that case, both the menu and the content will completely be visible.


Gotcha, ok, thanks for your help.

You’re welcome!

Plz add option to disable site scroll when menu is active

Plz visit http://slickmenu.net Open the menu and scroll. You will notice that site also scrolling with menu. Plz fix it.

It works fine from my end, what browser are you using ? Windows or Mac ?

Also which animation effect ? Are you using the latest version ?


playazz Purchased

Hi, have purchased the navi, all working well. Have seen today that there is a Update. But when I enter my purchase code from PDF file from Codecanyon I got message: Invalid purchase code in red color. Can you help please?

Hi, if you have version or below, there was a bug with the license validation. You will need to manually update the plugin by downloading it from CodeCanyon.

Version is now pending review.



playazz Purchased

Ahh ok i see. It´s working now! Thank you for Support! :)

You’re welcome

Hi, This is my website www.interactiveux.com i am using slick menu wordpress plugin I have a problem in menu. I tried to show the primary menu to sick menu but not showing. please help


Please confirm your purchase by opening a support ticket at http://xt.ticksy.com. Our team will gladly assist you.


Hi, I purchased regular License https://codecanyon.net/item/slick-menu-responsive-wordpress-vertical-menu/17723518. I tried to add new menu and also add previous menu but not showing in slick menu. please guide me.

Hi, the support has to go through http://xt.ticksy.com, simply open a ticket and we will assist you. Thanks

Hello I have a pre-purchase question. In an always visible side-menu is it possible to have child menus open when the parent is active? Thank you

Hi, Yes sublevels also work on always visible menus the same way. Here’s an example: http://themes.slickmenu.net/

can you also leave top menu items in the header as well as use this menu?

Also, how do you do social media icons like the default menu… I’m still trying to figure that out and the directions are not clear

Last, third level menu items are not working for me

Hi, Slick Menu is independant from theme menu locations. You can use Slick Menu with or without your theme menus.

For technical support, please open a support ticket at http://xt.ticksy.com

Some F.A.Q here https://xt.ticksy.com/articles/100005007/


Will this work on a multi site menu?

Yes, it works well on a multisite. Each site will have it’s own menus.

Is the a possibility to use it as one universal menu for all the sub-sites.

The fastest way to do this is by using the Import / Export extension to export / import the menu between the sites. This ways you would create the menu one time only. However, whenever you make changes later on, you will need to manualy change them on all sites.

Plugins great – but really does slow down our site – We use WP Rocket too but there appears to be compatibility issues – when using options we use on over 30 websites – your menus stop opening.

This setting is what causes the probem… Files optimisation: (Minification & Concatenation) CSS and JS

Any ideas?


Slick Menu is not fully compatible with WP Rocket. We recommend exluding slick menu javascript files from WP Rocket caching.

For more help, please open a support ticket at http://xt.ticksy.com and provide access to your dashboard so we can have a better look.


That’s a shame – any plans to look at that? Does this mean other caching plugins also are not compatible? Since installing the menu plugin things are lots slower when checking on Pingdom, GT Metrix and Google Page Speed – a big difference unfortunately so WP Rocket is important for us.

The conflict is only with Wp Rocket minify option which is not required for Slick Menu because all the files are already minified and menus are cached. There is a new option within the global settings that let’s you inline all the dymanic css instead ofmusing and external link, maybe you can try that, it might help the speed score. Also please note that page speed score might not always be accurate. More info: https://wp-rocket.me/blog/the-truth-about-google-pagespeed-insights/


The new inline CSS option has literally solved our performance issues with the plugin on WP Engine (regarding the dynamic CSS file loading). Thank you very much for implementing this! Also as a feature request: Opening menu items on hover and also automatically closing menu items when leaving the menu area – similar to the superfly menu plugin (instead of having to click on everything while not on mobile). Oh and last request, also similar to superfly – Fading the screen (possibly a blur option too?) while you have a menu open to ensure a user is focused only on the menu options – this would be great for us as we have a lot of menu options and it adds a lot of class to the site. Thanks a lot guys – we still think it is one of the best plugins here.

These requests are for the always visible menu