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Hello, we just purchased and were wondering if the ‘Always visible’ mode is responsive?

Hi, Thanks for the purchase!

Yes it is responsive, you simply need to set a mobile breakpoint within the Main Settings / General.

The menu will become responsive / hidden on mobile below that breakpoint. However, you will need to enable a hamburger trigger and assign it to the menu. The trigger will only appear on mobile for the “Always Visible Menu”.

You can also use a custom trigger if you wish.

If you need further support, please open a support ticket at http://xt.ticksy.com

Hope this helps Thanks

Awesome, will give it a shot – thanks for the support.

Can we associate a widget are to the menu at all? I would like to use it also to show HTML content and some basic shortcodes. Is there any way to place content in the menus?

Loving this plugin BTW. Another menu plugin I use allows you to add HTML before and after content and also a widget area – if it were me doing it, I would add a dropdown that allows you to select which sidebar you want to pull the widgets from to accommodate the multiple menus. Would like to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

Oh, I see – you’re using descriptions. Perfect! Thanks!

Glad that you are loving it!

Basically, you can insert shortcodes within each level by enabling the Level Description option. You can then insert any text or shortcodes within the textarea.

Each level can have a:

Description (shortcode enabled)
Sub Menu

Example, you can have a Contact Us menu item that brings you to a new level. Within that level, you can insert a contact form shortcode.

As for widgets, we will be releasing an extension for that soon. It will allow you to insert any widget as you would insert links within the menu.

Stay Tuned!

Hi so I purchased this menu a while back, i had a question. Is there any way to make the panels slide out. Like say if someone hovers over a link it would slide out and give more options. The reason i ask is because i have different sections on my site with subsections. I was hoping users could hover over a section which would reveal the subsection so users have the chance to either go to the section page or straight to the subsection through the menu. This question may have not really made sense so let me know if i need to better explain myself, thanks in advance.

Hi, Unfortunatly this is not currently possible. We will consider adding this feature in a later version. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey hello, can I make a menu like the one shown on this web https://giphy.com/gifs/3oz8xGY7d3cS5ZKUbS that allot me have independent submenus with the overlay un full screen?

Hi, I am not able to see a similar menu on that webpage. Slick Menu let’s you create menus with unlimited levels. Each level can be full screen with different content and settings. Hope this helps. Thanks

My meaning is can i do a menu with out use the hamburger, displaying the fist buttons normally and when you press them then become a full screen with the sub buttons?

yes of course, you can trigger a slick menu from another menu or from any element on your page without having to use the hamburgers. Thanks

Is it possible to hide the menu in a page? If yes, how ? Thank you


For now there is no option for that, however it can be done using custom css. Simply open a support ticket and our team will assist you. http://xt.ticksy.com


Hi, does it work with the Jupiter theme? Could you help me with that?

Yes, it should work fine. Please open a support ticket if you need assistance at http://xt.ticksy.com


Any ETA on supporting widgets?


Shortcodes are already supported within the description field of any menu level.

As for widgets, it is still under development. Sorry, no ETA for now.


Thanks. I had overlooked the shortcodes within descriptions.

Hi, does it work with the Vegan Food – Organic Store? is woocommerce enabled, woocommerce cart.. etc?

You mean other than the demos ? http://slickmenu.net/

yes, some real www page, not demo

Hey mate, we’re needing the ‘Always Visible’ menu to switch to a responsive menu (hamburger icon) at the set viewport breakpoint. I understand we can do this with 2 menus, but given the size of the menu itself, we’re needing it to happen with just a single menu that is ‘always visible’. Not sure if this already occurs when viewing on a mobile device or not? Thanks! Great new update too – love the grid.

Awesome! Thanks!

I see – for other’s the hamburger trigger is in the Slick Menu > Settings (you assign to your ‘always visible’ menu, making it able to be opened on mobile devices) – works a treat! Thanks.

You are welcome!

Hey, please discount for chrismas. May be 8 $ like other popular plugins. ? We want buy so wait this.

Hi, unfortunately 8$ is too cheap for this plugin. However, we currently have a 30% off christmas week special. Thanks

We wait for 8 $ please do it :) We are want to be your customer :)

Sorry not possible :/ 15$ is a great price :)


cayani78 Purchased

Hi, all menus shows points…do you know how to fix that?

Hi there,

Our online support is now back online http://xt.ticksy.com. Please submit a ticket and provide access to your site to have a better look.


Hello , I cannt submit a ticket. Is problem on my side? :D

Hi, our support site was down, however it is back online now. Are you getting any errors ?

An unknown error has occured, please try again.

Please try again now, if the problem persist you can reach us using the form on our profile page: https://codecanyon.net/user/xplodedthemes



cayani78 Purchased

Same error


cayani78 Purchased

i remove cookies use other browser but same problem…dont have any email to help? Thanks

Hmm that is weird, we just test it and it’s working fine. Please try again, if the problem persist you can reach us using the form on our profile page: https://codecanyon.net/user/xplodedthemes


Quick question – are we able to trigger a submenu to open from a link? There’s so much we can do with this plugin, so we’re just working out our options, as it can act as 2 or 3 plugins we use. Thanks!

A new update will be available soon ( We added a new JS API function that will allow you to programatically open a sub level. Simply call the function and pass the menu id and the menu item id.

SlickMenu.openSubLevel(menu_id, menu_item_id, callback);

To hook this to a link, simply add an event like this.

$('.your-link-selector').on('click', function() {

    SlickMenu.openSubLevel(menu_id, menu_item_id);


Hope this helps



m4ly85 Purchased

Hi, is it possible to visible scrollbar?

Hi there,

This option will be available in the upcoming update. If you need it now, you can open a support ticket at http://xt.ticksy.com and will send you the latest unofficial version.

Thank You

Hi, I really liked the plugin, I just want to know if it would be possible to create a menu kind of looking like the one in this theme: http://preview.themeforest.net/item/mira-a-photo-stories-blog-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/16984378

Thank you!

One more question, my theme already has a menu, can it be a problem if I instala your plugin?

Hi there,

SlickMenu supports multiple submenus however it is not possible to have them all on the same level. Each level is separate like on the demos.

The plugin is independant from theme menu locations. You simply need to uncheck / disable you theme primary menu and activate slick menu instead.

Let me know if you have any other questions


Hi As I understand I can use your plugin as a additional menu independent of my menu in my theme ?


Exactly, Slick Menu is independant from theme menu locations. You can disable your theme menu or keep it. You can trigger a slick menu from a hamburger trigger, top left or right. Or simply trigger a menu from any element on your page or from another menu.



playazz Purchased

Hi, I need the function, that the navbar is visible at start -> after scrolling down the navi must hide -> and start showing after scrolling up again. Does your menu support that function? THX and Rgs


playazz Purchased

Thank you for your reply. To be secure have a look at this page. There you can see what i mean. http://demo.olevmedia.net/amax/

the nav bar is hidden after scrolling down and is shown up if you scroll a bit to top. If your menu can do that too i will purchase it :)


playazz Purchased

have purchased it. but hamburger menu is always visible. how to get it to work, that it is only visible on a mobile??


I am not able to see the hamburger trigger. There is no option to hide the hamburger on desktop however it can easily be done with custom css.

Please open a support ticket at http://xt.ticksy.com, our team will assist you with this.