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specex Purchased

hi, I’m not able to change the translation of Level Title text, i try using [:en]Title Here[:zh]XXX but it not working. Thanks


specex Purchased

Also please look at another issue: the menu cache system still caching other language even i switch back to native language. It’s better to add a setting to disable the menu cache, thanks


Are using using wpml for translation ? It is the only translation plugin that is tested and compatible with Slick Menu. Caching will also work based on the wpml language.

Menu caching is required or else it can be very slow to load a page. If you still wish to disable the cache, you can add this to your wp-config.php

define('SM_DEBUG', true);

Hope this helps


Hi, i would like to have a menu like Themeforest menu, horizontal menu and horizontal submenu as it is now in themeforest.

Can i do that with your plugin?


Hi, the plugin is only for vertical menus, or full screen menus with vertical or horizontal menu items in it.

Can you combine menu types? Like, say the first menu looks like your travel demo. Then if you click on one of the menu items that has a sub-menu the sub-menu looks like your full-screen gallery demo. Can you do that?

Also, on the travel demo, can you make it so the minimized / angled website doesn’t show and you just see the full-screen background image?

yes, all that is possible. You can create multiple menus that have different designs / animations and trigger menus from other menus. Same as our demo. also, within the same menu, each level van have a different widths

Wow. You have created a masterpiece, it seems.

The Plugin is not compatible with iThemes Security plugin. When I have Slick Menu active the iThemes security plugin is not working, any changes made in that plugin result in an error. I use iThemes Security on all my websites and for the one that has Slick Menu enabled it does not work. It works when I deactivate Slick Menu. Can this be fixed?

Kind Regards Yari


Fika Purchased

Hi, Nice plugin but it is messing up a few things.

I set the menu to be always visible.

but the cursor on the page is white X.

It looks like you are not always adding the class sm-always-visible to all pages on html element. It works in some but not in others? I see sm-always-visible-enabled.

This is causing css to fail like this

html:not(.sm-always-visible) .sm-wrapper.sm-menu-open .sm-wrapper-inner { cursor: url(../images/close.png) 16 16,pointer; }

as the class on html is missing.

It looks like this is isolated to nested pages.

Can you please fix asap?


Hi, sorry for the delay! please open a ticket at http://xt.ticksy.com and provide access to your site so we can have a look. Thanks

I just purchased this. The customization options are amazing, but the performance is sluggish to the point where I can’t use this. The performance is also sluggish on your demo site, but I was hoping that was your server or something causing the issue. All of the transition effects are jerky. They’re not smooth like other menus I have used. Why is this? I really wanted to use this menu, but not with the poor performance.

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No one forced you to buy the plugin, demos are here so you can test them, if you think they are not smooth, why did you buy? It’s all good, I will approve the refund.

I told you why. I said I was hoping it was your server that was causing the demo to perform slowly, because I have never seen a menu perform like that before.

None of the Nav Items show arrows for subpages, can’t add borders or animations. What am I doing wrong?

Hi, please make sure that the slickmenu icons are activated within wordpress menu section, if the issue persist, kindly open a ticket at http://xt.ticksy.com and provide access to your site so we can have a look. Thanks

can i activate this on my localhost and still activate it on my website?

No, it would be considered a new activation. You don’t have to activate it on your localhost.

Why is it so jerky on iPhone? Particularly the 3D menu! :-( Any fix for this?

Hi, the 3D animation is not supported on mobile. A mobile fallback animation can be selected (4 fallback animations available for mobile)


jimisme Purchased

Hi, you did some custom work for me (ticksy ticket #1108481).

I created a menu and you helped me enable it for the front page only (see original custom instructions in that ticket).

I would like to temporarily disable the menu that you help me enable but I don’t want to lose the work that you did because I’d like to re-enable it in a few weeks. I know there was an onload trigger ​script that I had to place somewhere also. Can you tell me what I need to do to temporarily disable it and where I would remove that onload trigger​ script?



Based on the ticket, the custom code was added within the customizer under Footer HTML


Simply remove the code, save it somewhere so you can paste it back later.

Hope this helps


Hello, At my site http://3ae.2cd.myftpupload.com, the menu works fine on laptop desktop but when I go mobile the theme’s main menu is still there. I enabled hamburger trigger to the left but the theme’s mobile menu is over top of that. How do I remove the theme’s mobile menu to show only slick menu on mobile?

Hi, please open a ticket at http://xt.ticksy.com, our team will gladly assist you. Thanks

Hi !

...Ask before buying…

You have in mind “some updates” and even maintain “support for the future” ... ...or perhaps abandon this as well as its plugin ?

Thank you :)

Hi, yes the plugin will always be maintained and updates and released when needed. Thanks

Is there a way to adjust the background blur? Love the effect, but I wish I could blur more in order to keep more focus on the active menu!

Hi, Please open a support ticket at http://xt.ticksy.com and provide the url where slick menu is activated. We might be able to provide some custom css to help with that. Thanks

Sure thing, thanks!

Hi team, very great plugin.

We have a issue need your support. The issue is when we open the menu and close it, the page will scrolls to the top. So how to make it dose not scroll?

Thanks for your support!

Hi, thanks for the feedback. Please open a support ticket at http://xt.ticksy.com and provide access to your site so we can take a closer look. Thanks

I’ve been trying to contact you guys for days for a refund for a plugin that doesn’t work. Who should I reach out to? Thanks so much.

Hi there, I have checked our helpdesk and I see a ticket related to this. However, we did not receive access to your site so we can take a closer look at the issue. I also see that you have rated the plugin a 1 star before us being able to help out.

Let’s continue this conversation within the ticket and try to resolve the issue. https://xt.ticksy.com/ticket/1338289


Is it possible to inject my own code or shortcode into the vertical bar somehow? I want to put my own social media icons in there, cheers

Hi, you can insert a title, subtitle and a description text within each menu level. Shortcodes are supported within the description field. Thanks

can i enable your menu only for mobile?

Yes, there is a visibility option where you can show the menu trigger only on mobile. However, if you are using a custom trigger, you will need to manage this from your end. Thanks

Is it possible to build a menu like this: http://sendvid.com/kspf6jmq

You could do something a bit similar, yes. You can start off with the Full Screen Menu demo, then customize each menu item the way you want. Thanks

Hi, would it be possible to add a shadow to the three hamburger lines? box-shadow: 1px 1px 1px #112946;

My theme doesn’t have a bar and I want the hamburger to stand out.

Or also, can I have a black square as the background to the hamburger, that way no matter what the content is, the hamburger is always visible.

Thanks! Best menu out there

Any help available? I’d love to get this working. Thanks