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Calling a Modal from Slick Menu on Mobile Doesn’t Work

https://xt.ticksy.com/ticket/1398967/ << Already created a ticket

Rhipple Purchased

Hey guys – I submitted a ticket two days ago and have had no response yet. I’m having issues with the plugin interfering with a couple popups that are part of my themes functionality. I need a solution to fix the z-index on the plugin so it doesn’t create an overlay over the popups. Can you please assist asap? thanks

Hi sorry for the delay, the ticket has been answered. Thanks

Can the extended version be used to bundle with a theme?

Hi, sorry for the long delay. Yes, the extended let’s you bundle the plugin within your theme. However, you will not be able to bundle it’s extensions. You also need yo let us know your theme name to register it on our licensing server.


Compatible for DIVI ?

it is possible to have a fixed vertical menu visible

Hi, sorry for the long delay! Yes you can enable only one of your created slick menus to be set as Always Visible. on the Left or Right.



Is there a new update scheduled to be released soon? I see that this plugin is no longer compatible with the latest version of wordpress. I bought it more then half a year ago but never downloaded or installed it. Currently I’m working on my personal project and I found another “slick menu” that looks great and also states that is compatible with the latest wp version, but since I already paid for this one, I was thinking to use it if you intend to update the plugin (maybe add some more updated design / effects, multisite support, megamenu layout, in-page-fixed-menu, etc).

Thank you!

Also, there is a bug on your demo page. I hope it’s not present also in the product.

Using the default menu form your demo page, click any page-anchor-menu (eg: newsletter). The page navigates in the background of the menu to the section “newsletter” but when you close the menu, the page scrolls to the point you were before. This happens on Safari 11.0.2 (macbook air running the latest macos version).

Hi there,

Slick Menu should work fine with the latest wordpress version 4.9.1 If you have a specific issue with the plugin, please open a ticket at http://xt.ticksy.com. Our team will gladly assist you.

As for the scrolling issue, you’re right, thanks for reporting. We will investigate this bug and release a fix a soon as possible.


Hi Guys,

My attempts to call a modal popup from slick menu is not working specifically on tablets or mobiles.

I’ve already created a ticket (https://xt.ticksy.com/ticket/1398967/) and its been an issue that’s pending with no real update since 11 December.

Apologies to have to chase up through this channel but the support of the item seems pretty poor.

Can someone get back to me please.

Hi, the ticket has been answered, please check. Thanks


avrcata Purchased


Is there an update scheduled for the near future? I know my support expired. I never downloaded or used this product in any way. Now, I’m thinking to download and use it but I want to use it for a wordpress multisite that’s version 4.9.2. As far as I can see, your product is compatible with up to wordpress 4.8.x.

Also, expect the compatibility update (which I guess it’s no big deal to do), I need more updated (according to the new design trends of 2018) menu designs. I’m not saying the actual ones are outdated but they aren’t something special anymore in 2018. Nothing to create the WOW-effect to the visitors I was looking for when I bought this product.

Thank you! Hope to get a reply. Hope this product won’t get abandoned, since there is more then half a year since the last update.

Hi, Slick Menu supports the latest wordpress version. Just updated the listing. Basically, the demos here just to give you an idea how flexible the pluginis, you can easily design the menu the way you want following new trends simply by changing the options from the customizer.

We plan on releasing new demos soon



avrcata Purchased

Thank you for your reply! Also for this product! Hope to find fome time this week to download and install it so I can enjoy using it.

Kind regards,

I wish to combine it with the uber menu . Which plugin i must use in order to use 2 menus thanks ! ( 1 for each different page )

Hi, quick Q… Is it possible to make the top level menu item a link? At the moment it is acting as a parent title even though it has a URL.