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Does this use a mysql database?

includes all source code case i want to program it into a separate library for use in another program i wan to utilize it in.

please let me know. and management on database etc of keys.

Yes it requires a mysql database and contains complete source code so you customize it as you want. It also includes brief manuals to help you.

For management of the db i have made php script and have also include a project, “Webpanel” which will interact with the scripts easily.

If you require any help just let me know. :D

A proper documentation would had been nice.

Well i thought that anyone could easily understand it, if he/she opens the demo source and the docs…. Ok i will update the Docs meanwhile if you need any help please visit : http://kb.voltweaponteck.tk and open a ticket there, if you need any help.

I`ve spent all night but i`ve made it to work. works fine. you should make a real webpanel to ban the keys/ user. i already started to include these functions.

Sorry to hear that ;) i have made a update to the webpanel and i will be releasing it shortly.

From webpanel application, when I try to ban / delete not erased. Fix this bug,

After banning or deleting restart the webpanel. This is caused due to web cache. I will try to fix it in the next update.

Before I buy this application. Is it possible to quickly answer these questions:

  • When I create a license, can I also make it invalid after like (6 months, 12, etc etc).
  • Does this check online, if you use option 3, if the key is still valid and if not, asks the user for a new key?
  • Can I use a license file (option 2) in combination with option 3 but without entering information.

No you cannot make expiring licence.

No it doesn’t check every time it checks only when registering.

Yes It’s very easy you just have to change a class.

I bought, but not what I expected. It could be a lot better.

A few things that are important to me that this project lacks: it doesn’t have any registration restrictions (i.e. the serial can be used infinite times so it can be shared), it doesn’t store user information in database just the serials, there is no PHP code to generate the serial, and finally, the webserver panel is managed by software.. not via the browser. Verification communication should also be encrypted, so that a fake verification server cannot be created in order to trick software into registering. Software only need “valid.” be returned in order to make registered.

In any case, it is a good starting point.

Sorry to hear that it wasn’t what you expected. As for the security issues i am trying to resolve them.

The features what you are asking for is in the new licensing system that i am developing. thank you for your patience.

Can you fix your live preview link please! It keeps redirecting to spam sites and I will report if not dealt with.

Go ahead.

Good luck with selling!

will the web panel scripts work on sub-domain? I just installed the “upload to site.zip” file successfully to my cPanel File Manager. Then, executed the WebPanel – List all Keys app and end up with “Invalid URI – The format of the URI could not be determined” Did I miss something?