SLICK Licensing Component

SLICK Licensing Component

SLICK Licensing Component – the easiest advanced licensing component

SLICK as the name suggest you, is a easy to use advanced licensing components. The project is divided into 3 parts the 1st part includes a licensing component that will help you to create application registration system with the help of windows registry by just entering a few lines of code, the second includes a licensing component that will help you add software registration feature by encrypted files – this means it can use in portable apps. and the last one includes a licensing component that will add software registration by windows registry with online activation.

Please view the video preview to know how it works.

It’s pretty simple and easy to use.

For e.g if you want to check if the current user has registered or not :

SLICK Licensing Component - 1

and to register a new license :

Diffrent parts have different parameters but for now i am showing you the first one :

SLICK Licensing Component - 2

and to retrieve license information ( Like get the serial name, email address, serial ) :

SLICK Licensing Component - 3

A bit about the online activation ….

When your invoke that slic.licensing.register(<parameters here>) it will open a dialog where it will show users to wait till it verifies the serial key and when it verifies it registers the software. You can see it in the video preview. Yes it’s simple as that so why are waiting add licensing feature to your project now!

What’s included in the project ?

Complete source code of the projects.

Compiled demos.

Compiled assemblies(.dll) to use directly into project if you don’t want to modify.

PHP scripts to use in the third project.

A Webpanel to interact with the php scripts.

System Req. :

No special reqiurements.

All project are targeted to .net 2.0 .

If you want to use the third project then, you will require a webserver(Anyhosting e.g shared, vps, whatever and MySql database.)

For your simplicity you don’t have to edit the database manually. Just edit the config.php with the required information and then run the install.php and it will automatically create the table and etc.

Happy licensing!