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does the form field has logic?

Not sure what you mean, could you be more specific? Thanks :)


Do they work online ?

includes php file for email ?

Not in the item package but I can send you a simple php script for the contact form upon purchasing the item :) Cheers

Hi I added the code to my site but doesn’t work. If you go to http://globotest.com/oznew – click on either the first blue “find a job” or on the “search job” on top right – nothing pops up

Hi is it possible to run 2 separate popup forms on the 1 page?

I’ve got it working on another layout – see http://globotest.com/oznew1 I can get it to pop up if you click on the “search now” orange box. What I would like is to be able to pop up another form for the “post job” link


you can do that by editing the html and css. Basicly you need to create another html block like the original popup (search) and change it’s ID to postjob. Afterwards you need to setup css selectors for the new form – you can see how the current one is built. If you’ll need help let me know via pm or email.

Hi, I like the forms. I am looking at using a questionnaire for clients. Can you tell me if I can customize the questionnaire form. Once the client answers the questions and clicks send, does this come with a .php file that can send me the results to my email? If I customize the questionnaire form (add or remove fields), do I also need to modify the php file?

Hi contact form with map is not compatible with IE. Please confirm. Thanks you

It looks ok in Edge and IE11. Which version are you reffering to?

Hi could you please send me the .php script or javascript code to send out the form content to an email? Thank you!

Hi… I did not get the file. Did you send it?

Hi… I did not get the file. Did you send it?

Yes, replied to your email.

hi capelle

how can use only the feed back form…kindly advise, after i purchase

I need to connect the forms to MailChimp and also be set up as a pop up. We also need to set up some forms to send us the form data to a specific email.

How can this be done? I find that the instructions do not provide all the details on how to properly set this up.

Yes that’s correct as the item is html/css layout only so it doesn’t provide additional functionalities to send the data. This should be implemented afterwards by the client.

Does it has the ability to export the results to csv or something?

Sorry, no such option is available.

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Hi brilliant forms – but do they have the action php file?

Hi, sorry no server side scripts are provided.