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Nice and clean :)

hi in the navbar, is it possible to set the dropdown just after hovering. I don’t want to click to see the dropdown



Hi, thanks.

Opening dropdown on click instead of hover is Bootstrap developers’ decision, and my skin doesn’t change default behavior. But there is a jQuery plugin (here is demo page) which does exactly what you want. I have tested it a little, and it seems to work fine for me.

It seems that the checkbox and optionbox are buggy. If the navi goes into mobile view the check- and optionbox are not scrolling down (if the navi expands). Can it fix?

I see what you mean. I’ll make an update as soon as I fix it.

Does this come with the .less file? Or just the .css?

Just CSS.

Can this be used to transform WHMCS?


I don’t know anything about WHMCS, but if it supports Bootstrap, then it should work with this skin as well.

Your website has been hacked. malware-bytes blocks an IP address once I enter, it seems as though something has gone wrong with your server.

Thanks for your report, but I’m sure that the problem is not with my site. Maybe it’s another site hosted on the same server or Malwarebytes is wrong.

Let me tell you … This is freaking awesome! I have just purchased the item and built an entire user interface in less than 2 hours incl. MySQL and changes in the CSS.

AWESOME!!!!!! :)

Thank you very much :)

Looks like an excellent theme. Do you plan on updating it for bootstrap 3?

Wow this is amazing!

I have never used bootstrap before. Can bootstrap css be put into wordpress theme css?


Building a Wordpress theme from a scratch using Bootstrap is possible and very popular. Also, you can easily change the skin of a theme which was originally made with Bootstrap. But if it wasn’t, you will need to totally rebuild it.

Also, I should warn you that the skin uses Bootstrap version 2 while the latest version is 3 (but I’ll probably update it sometime).


Let me know something. I have a website with bootstrap css design. I will like to upgrade the front design using your template. Can you help explain how can i do that? There is too dificult? I have ready themes from bootswatch to choose on my website system but i dont like them.

Thanks Regards,

Hello, is this updated for Bootstrap 3.x yet?

Thank you.