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I plan to use it as a cookie warning and I’m wondering the degree of control I have over in which pages is shown and if I can set it to do not show o recurring visitors. Is this possible?

Hi! Just done what you asked and the problem is still there ???? as you can see here https://www.dropbox.com/s/sha7o4l63zyzi3q/Screenshot%202015-12-30%2023.28.13.png?dl=0 This shows all the plugins I have installed (the ones mandatory for the theme I use.

Hello! Can you send me a private message with your FTP info and wp-admin access? That’s the only way i can have my developer diagnose the conflict. Thanks!

Hi again, just want to give you an update that we have submitted a new update for release, which fixes some compatibility issues but also adds everything you need to use this as a cookie announcement. Please see the “New Features” section of the description for more details on what we’ve added. Thanks!

Nice idea. When i try your demo, it take a while to see the Announcement Banners (4 or 5 seconds). I’m using Google Chrome and tested too with Firefox.

Cool! Thanks alot

Sorry to bother but, when i click on check it out, Annoncement are shown only half of second .. after that, it’s hidden without i do anything. So, i think the banner are shown on load page? Possible to load on click only? sorry about my poor english.

The “check it out” is not part of the banner. The banner loads after a specified amount of time (we have it set to 2 seconds). You can then close it, or click on the find out more button. Hope this helps!

Updates! We’ve added new features as requested by our customers. Check out what’s new to version 1.1:

-Specify only pages you’d like to include the announcement on throughout your site, or apply it to all pages via a simple toggle and page selector.

-The button can now be set to link to a new page OR simply closes the announcement (which is great for general announcements, cookie notification, etc.).

-Now uses “sessions” so that once it’s closed, it stays closed for a specific user as to not annoy.

We think you’ll find that this really rounds out the features of SleekAnnounce and makes it the most flexible announcement plugin available. Enjoy!

—The ScissorBox Team

Everything works great! The only issue i’m having is that I have to save changes twice for them to take effect. It’s the oddest thing. Without fail, it will not keep the changes i make in the settings until I do it twice in a row. Any experience with this issue?

Very strange! I haven’t seen this issue on my end but will look into it. Glad it’s working otherwise!

Hi! A pre buy question. Is that possible to create multiple announcements and to show different announcements on different pages?

Hi there, at the moment you can only have one specific announcement, and can specify which page it appears on, as well as button behavior (where it links to, etc.) vs simply closing the announcement. Thanks!

is it possible to reduce height from 69px to 43px?

Yes you can do this in the CSS.

Hi! Is it possible to set the location with php? I want to specify the location instead of the bump to top.

Hello, Sleek Announce is a banner for website announcements. Please comment in the appropriate product. Thanks!

hi there.

is there a HTML version of Sleek Announce, too (i´m not using WP)?

Hi there, unfortunately there is only the plugin at this time. Sorry about that!


Trying to contact support but it keeps going to a mapping program. How can I get support, please?

Geesh you’ve gone on a rampage with my reviews and comments all within 14 hours? It’s common courtesy to allow 24 hours to give us a chance to fix the issue before ragging on us and giving a poor review. I’d gladly give you a refund if you’d asked, and actually have a fix for your problem but dang.

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Hi ScissorBox,

Is your plugin can have a slide functions? Which look like this one?


I want to have exactly like theirs.

Because I purchased their plugin, but their support sucks. It does not work on the latest version of WordPress.

Hi there, unfortunately ours only allows a single message and button to display (though ours looks much better ;). We don’t have the slide feature :( Sorry about that!

I’m looking to see if this would be useful for creating a header of sorts. I ideally need to display a logo far left and contact details far right (same line). Is this possible?

Hello, thanks for getting in touch! No unfortunately this plugin is not the best suited for a standard header as you cannot add multiple links. You can add the logo to the left and a button/link to the right, but beyond the color customisations and such, that’s about it. Sorry about that!