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which files have changed in this new version?

Hello, i have just bough your script. but i have issue to make it work. I went through the setup.php. Tables were created, i can connect to the manager.php. But no categories are display in backend (but i can create some and it is created in the db table) and when i try to update the settings, i have the message “Fail to update Settings”

Can you help me ? (I can give you access to the manager and ftp if needed)

Thanks in Advance!

Thanks for your purchase. Please send us your login and password to enquiry@websolution.hk and we will check for you

How would you include this into an existing page i have tried include_once(’ ‘) and also a and DIE or db_close function and i cant get it to work i need to include it into a page as an extension. Including php files in to php page is pretty straight forward just not sure what to do here can you help?

also wanted to see if all images can come out of there containers as if they were popups on a page. Not actually like a z-index modifier cause that would still keep it in a container but to popout inplace? does that make sense?

Is there a way to have multiple category lists? any response from support would be great….

I think there is a bug. I have your script running on my site and when you click on an image to make it bigger, the window pops up and then shrinks without showing the image. It is just a small window with nothing in it. If I close it and click the image again, it works.

You can see what I mean here: http://vidajournal.com/gallery/

Bump… Is anyone there?

It actually looks like the image is there in the background, only the display box closes so small around it that you cannot see it.

hello, can i use it in allegro shop ?

Can I use google adsense banners in this script?

I would like to try your gallery script in my website for video series instead of pictures, so when you click on a thumbnail it will load the video player as a popup window or it will take it to the video series page. if it loads it in front of the gallery as a popup window it will be ideal, do you think that can be achieved with you gallery.

Here is the link to the website that I want to modify, I am looking to automatize video section. http://lavozdelconsolador.org/videoseries.shtml

demo not working?


I lost the password. When I went back in the DB table to reset it, the password is encrypted. What type of encryption is used and do you have a code for a generic password that I can reset it to, so that I can log in and update the password?

there is no forgot password option..

so how to reset it??

can integration in my own website

It’s more of a standalone page

Can you rearrange images once uploaded?

Can you rearrange images once uploaded?