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Hi Jaybuz, I am having same issue as bundybc. Please can you advise what the problem is? I have also sent you an email regarding this.

Thank you.

I have had no reply from this message or the email I sent over a week ago. I expect some support and a solution to my problem. You have one week before I make representations to Evento for a full refund as the script is clearly unusable in newer versions of PHP

Warning: filesize() [function.filesize]: stat failed for myFiles/Programs/** in /home/b1637hos/public_html/downloads/listDirectory/core.php on line 88

Tried fixing via earlier comments, but nothing has worked. This file is 3.72GB though.

Why script doesn’t allow foregin characters? ( ? ? ž š ?, etc.. )

Very poor and bad work. Doc are confusing and I purchased this item to safe time, not to spend time to find the errors in the array. Really not good at all.!

Hello I am having a problem and need your help. The script works like a champ when I show and display Folders with in a Folder. The problem I am having is that when I click the Home I get a blank form back . If I click the back button on the browser I have my files back. The home click works in the demo as long as I keep in the Original folder that was unzip to. Is there something I am missing here I did keep the files and folders in the same directory name the samples were in and placed it into my root of the sub-directory the and the listDirectory folder in to the root. I am calling the index.php from the root of the sub-directory. Any insight would be helpful. Thank you

Hello I figured I would post my fix to the problem I had above. To fix this problem I had to create a empty default.html and add The include statement for the index.php. What gave me the solution was when I clicked on Home my default.html was appearing so I did the above and bingo works like a champ. simple work around, but effective which tells me

See even a blind tree rat runs up on a nut every now and then.
I hope this helps a few that may run into this problem since the author does not support this product. Good luck all.