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Looks nice I like it, good luck!

Thank you! :)

i like soo much!

I’m glad! Thanks for your purchase :)

When a user clicks close, does it re-appear within page refresh? How does it work? (does it use cookies e.g). Also am I able to add these inside posts and php files…

Hi there. The way notifications work on any website is that they alert the user of the result of a request to the script. Say, if you posted a comment to your site, or an article to your blog, you would get a notification telling you it was posted(or you might get an error telling you it wasn’t). This notification package offers you the ability to create almost limitless options for notifications. Uses colour-themes, and integrates easily into any script – but you must have the ability to integrate it. It is not a plugin/add-on/extension. It is written in HTML & CSS only(as are all the items of this category) so this item is best for web designers, or web dev’s that want to save a bit of time in writing up the code themselves. Hope that helps :)

Does the notification box fade away by itself after a few (configurable) seconds?

Hi there, no. It fades once it is closed by clicking the “x” link. It will be easy for you to configure it to fade away after loading pending the write jQuery code. Thanks for your question.

WOW! Nice