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That looks really great!

Thanks man!

Neat but, could you go into a little more detail than “Partially supported in IE”?

Im assuming these make use of CSS3 :) I would like to be fully aware of the supported browsers before purchasing.

Thanks :)

Webkit and Firefox browsers fully support this file. Opera doesn’t support gradients. Internet Explorer doesn’t support anything – gradients, box shadows, text shadows or rounded corners. I used DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Gradient for creating gradients with IE but it has only one end color and start color, meaning no glossy, rounded, transparent or shadowed thing for IE! ;)

Challenge accepted ;)

I didn’t challenge you but if you take it as one, then let it be ! ;)

You said “DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Gradient for creating gradients with IE but it has only one end color and start color, meaning no glossy, rounded, transparent or shadowed thing for IE!”

I just bought it and it works in IE for borders around images, but there were no gradients when I used it as a background for a div. Is this how it is supposed to work or am I using it wrong for backgrounds?

As far as I know, background gradients don’t work with IE for divs. I am sorry not to have mentioned this. I am looking for a fix, if any, to this!

Please show me a demo and maybe I can help. Until then, try adding a height and width to your item’s CSS

Oops! Double post

Hi. I just purchased this and it’s great for images, but you can please tell me how I can apply this to tags?


Hey! Did the default way of adding classes not work?

Can you kindly shoot me a link to a demo or image showing what you are trying to do and whhat’s happening instead.

Can you implement CSS3 PIE for this? As in include it in the project file so the customer doesn’t need to implement it.

If so I’ll purchase it immediately.


Thanks for your suggestion. I’ll included it ASAP

already purchased it, will be glad for the updated version though.

I pushed it a bit through the schedule. Maybe at the weekend :)

ok :) waiting

I can’t get it to work with IE..at all. My site: www.psx-sense.nl


First of all, sorry for the late response! I was a little busy. Can you kindly send me a screenshot or tell me which version of IE you’re using. Everything works fine on my end.


rez Purchased

hello. i have a fixed width div i am putting pictures in. Exactly how much width does this add to each picture for the border and shadows? I need to make my pictures that much smaller. Especially don’t understand the shadows. What’s the total width this adds, please?


It adds 1px border to each side as well as 5px padding for each side. Though you can edit these values, I’d recommend you not changing these. So, if you have an image 240px wide and 120px high (like the one I’ve used in the demo), the image will become 252px wide and 132px high.

Hope this helped. :)

Miley Cyrus in the searchbar :P haha But seriously, amazing work! :)

LOL . Didn’t notice :D

Thanks mate! :)