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wonderful package.. do you have plan for this to port into wordpress?? excellent excellent service.. keep up great work

yeah thank you

Hi, please help me to understand the differences between all your slider packages. A kind of comparison table would be quite helpful. It seems that this Sleek 7 package contains some of your single sliders?

Thank you very much, Peter.

thank you so in your opinion, customers will love buying this full package rather than every single item?? do not hesitate to share our opinion then we’ll update this package as much as we can. thank you

Well … there are so many sliders out there and I bought and tried lots of them. It’s quite attractive to use use a package which is suitable for the most cases. I have no problems to pay more for such a “mega bundle”. I will defintely try your sliders for one of my next projects and give feedback if your are interested.

of course we’re eager to hear your feedback please do not hesitate thank you for your support

I would like to put 8 sliders using the “Teaser” template on a single page. Is it possible with this plugin? Thank you.

Hi. Thanks for your interests on my items. Of course that is possible. My slider is compatible with any themes and templates. Any further questions are welcome. Regards.


I have integarted the Article Slider in a Web Page and integrated some HTML. But what I didn’t get managed was to start the Slider automatically und to define transitions.

No Answer? It’s important, that I can start the Slider automatically.


We purchased the Sleek 7 gallery.

Question: Can the lightbox (popup window) be resized to be larger window size than the width of the image that is in the gallery? For example: 80% width and height. If the lightbox image is responsive than there is no need for the 80%. Perhaps a fixed size.

Demo Page: http://www.planesmart.com/our-planes/turboprop-aircraft/piper-meridian/?back=Inventory


I purchased this plugin, but I can not install zip file, I’ve downloaded from themeforest! Why there is no discription in zip? Would you write here, HOW TO INSTALL this plugin, please?

I’m using jquery 1.7.2. Will this work with that version of jQuery?


Hi, I’ve purchased extended license of your tool “Sleek 7 – Complete Slider Packet” from Envato market places. I’m implementing it on our tool. But having few issues. Slider stops working after sliding a few times. and width automatically changes during the sliding effect. Please look into it asap as I’ve published the product and It’s there on live site. Please contact me I’ll send you the demo lilnk…



Send mail to htwinter4@gmail.com.


Hi, Email is sent to you… Thanks

It is compatible with Joomla 3.x?


I purchased the Sleek 7 – Complete Slider Packet and even when is working in ie11, chrome, firefox and safari, it doesn’t seem to be working in ie 9 and 8.

Could you please contact me, to provide you the sample link.


or please provide me your email address to send you the link.