Discussion on Slash!-Fruit Ninja Style Game

Discussion on Slash!-Fruit Ninja Style Game

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Hi is It contains the c2 project file when i purchase it?

Yeah,all my games provide capx file.

iOS 7 support right?

Yes,it works in all mobile devices.

hello…is it possible to integrate it with facebook? so that your can play right from their facebook.

It’s able to integrate with facebook using by construct2.

ok meanwhile we need to integrate by our self or it will be preloaded

You need integrate by yourself,you know the game is not a complete project.The game just provide a prototype or main idea of game.

Can I change the graphic?

Yes,you can.

embedded in android webview application game become hang after 2-3 slice cutting or increase game speed

The code in C2 is very simple,It is impossible to increase the game speed.If you are viewing in android,please use chrome browser.It works fine on my smart phone.

hello friend, when I do the simple purchase of $ 10 I get a capx to change the way I want?, and if I want to buy more than one project in capx I have some discount? await response

Please send me an email then we talk about the details.

Can we have some sound when slicing objects ?

You can add the feature by your self,The project provides capx file.


Can I add several types of bombs ? so how can I define that an object is bomb ?

thanks Dan

Sorry for late reply,I am busy recently,if you are not in hurry,I will send you couple days later.

it’s fine, thank you

You can send me email,then I will send an example project via email.

how much would you charge me if i wanted a menu with PAUSE, RESTART and add the slash sound?


Thank you for your purchase.I’m busy with my work so I can’t take your request now.


Dear Mr. Lee,

Actually I have a lot of questions in order to buy your item. Therefore, are there any other ways to communicate with you such as email or cellphone?

Anyway, plz leave a comment for me.

Have a wonderful day!

ps. Can you speak or write Korean? Because I’m Korean, too. :)

Hello,Thank you for your support.

This is my email address.

I can speak and write Korean,I’m a Chinese Korean ???,???

Have a nice day

Hi. I need to add a Timer. Well, I added a timer really (start from 15 seconds), so when the time it’s <=0 the game stop. But the problem is, when I press “Retry” the timer it’s still counting, so the number after I press Retry it’s -5 or something like that. Do you know how I can add a timer and when the time it´s over, or I cut a bomb the game can start again when the Time counting down from 15 seconds? Thanks

You can’t control the global game time,In the game you can use a plugin called “Time Manager” to get this feature.The plugin already exist in the game source file You can check it out.

Sorry for late replay and thank you for your support.

Thanks, I will try to use that plugin.

With this plugin, I will be able to control the time without pressing a button and then, restart the timer when user press “start again”?.

I forget, I changed some things, when user press “Retry”, I move the user to another layout that contain just a background and one sprite. When the user touch the sprite, the game start again.


Is possible add music , effect and score? ;)

Yes,but you need get a consturct engine first


I’ve been editing the game, with Construct 2and so far it’s great.

I’d just like some help, when the player slashes the Bomb I’d like to just move the “retry button” and the score saying how many fruit were slashed up a bit, as it’s in the way of the background.


It’s hard to say how to do this in this comment.There is several ways to do this.Also you can visit Consturct2 forum to get answers.Thank you for your purchase.

I think It’d be easier to get this information from you, as you have the source code unlike the people on the Construct 2 forum.

Hello? I’d like to talk via email, if possible.

Is the code is editable? Is possible to add images on bubble in place of fruitnames?

Sorry for late reply.The game was made by construct2 game engine.Use this engine you can edit the hole game project.

Is there any way to contact you directly?

Amazing works,good luck with sales.

Good luck with your sales