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Hi, Ive followed all the setup, But when i go to installation, I just get a blank page, Any help Appreciated, Regards Kit

Hi, I ain’t on Windows 10, 7 I’m on ? I will have another go at this,Thanks for your reply, Appreciated, Kit

All Good now and installed, Great Work 5 star :)

Great. A pleasure to see your progress.

i cant add page, please help me :)

Send me an email so I can see where you are at.

I would like to use my page’s design and use your login script in place of the one I am currently using. I have installed everything, but cannot see a way to include your login script/code into my .php page. I have tried to do an “include” on my page with no luck.

I was able to create my “secure” page in one of the templates. Do i also need to include my pdfs as available to be accessed via the secure login? Can you change folders for allowed pages?

I may have sorted this out a bit by using the “unauthenticated” vs “authenticated” options on the template. However, when a user logs in, I would rather it reload the page they logged in from vs taking them to a new page. For example, my template is now the “users area”. In the “unauthenticated” view, they are presented with the login box. In the “authenticated” page view, it shows the parts of the page they are authorized to view, along with some links to PDFs. How do I get the login button to basically refresh the page, thereby showing the “authenticated” contents?

If they are authenticated using the admin and have those permissions set from the MASTER administrator, they can view the page from any link you set.

You control page settings with the master admin; such as what user levels can access it, etc. You also need to create pages with the exact same filename for the database using MASTER admin too. Hope this helps.