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is this built with there API, or the skype4com depreciated api

This is built with the Skype4ComLib .NET API

I understand putting a mass messenger but including a spammer? That’s just not cool.

Haha. It depends how the user uses it :D

Yes, but by allowing the spamming function to be within your script means you are supporting spam. Not good. Think of all the people who will be be upset because of you.

Im not in support of spamming. I put in features that i think people can learn and develop from. All it gives is a base in which it allows people to automatically send information to people. This can be good for items such as to retrieve information or news from websites and send it to people through Skype automatically.

Hi there bud, great app you have here :) Does it still work !? I know skype made lots of changes in the last weeks so mass messaging doesn’t seem to work anymore…

Please confirm! Thanks!

Sorry for the extremely late reply. I have just tested it and its working as it should be :)

It only crashes when the user isn’t logged in. I’ll fix this soon.

Logged into Skype and still crashing when I try other functions, only mass messaging is error-free.

Hmm. Let me take a look for you.

Is it possible to get a developers license for this? Thank you.

Do you plan to create a new update that will work with Skype 7.0

Hi, does it work with Skype version

The mass contact adder, is blocked by Skype, after a certain number of contact invitations?

still working this ?