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Excellent and much needed tool. Purchasing now!

Thanks for purchasing! I appreciate it.

Id be interested to know what other automation tools, options you have for skype feel free to email me webmaster@tmg-corporation.com “I also purchased this”

I’ll be contacting you in about 2 hours

Seems really cool ! But need a better presentation ;)

Thanks! I will see what I can do

I also need other Skype automation tools! I’m on Mac OSX, do I need to use Windows to use this?

Can i send the skype broadcast message to a group of contacts rather then all the contacts ?

Is it possible to get a developers license for this? Thank you.

Respected Author, I am interested to purchase it but require one video demo. Is it exactly what my mind looking for broadcast messaging or not! Thank you!

People really buy this? Damn… its just 1 line of code using the Skype Api…

Clean and good, GLWS