Discussion on Skype Button - add a multi-function skype button

Discussion on Skype Button - add a multi-function skype button

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i just purchased the skype button and i tried to install in my web but no success could you give me a guide for the installation my code is 69b60dbd-26d2-4145-b601-56de28a216eb

Hello, I have comeback to your plugin and wanted to install it. When I add the purchase code to the verification field and clock verify, the page refreshes and the then I have the word “verify” with no field in front and of course the code isn’t verified. The same thing happens everytime I try to verify the code. What is the matter ? Thank you

Hello, I tried again but unfortunately I still can’t verify the plugin :(( Thank you

Can you send your purchase code on email

Hello, the purchase code has been sent. Thank you a lot :)

Hello The plugin is not working when you make a web call, it asks to install the program, and should open a web window.

Since I no longer have time for corrections, I request a refund of it.


You must have the program Skype for web-calling.

Its a bit disappointing that you have to purchase a second plugin to make it work like the demo. You really should note that in your description of the plugin. I was expecting the floating button feature to come straight out of the box!

hi the css of the plugin not work on my site

Does the plugin only work with a nickname Skype? Does it work with a Microsoft account?

Does the button work if the caller is not in my contacts? Because on my site nothing works …

It works with a skype account name. If the Microsoft account matches the skype account / is used for the skype account, then it should work.

Yes, the button can work for callers from not your contacts. But you need to allow people from outside of your contact list to be able to contact you IN your Skype settings.

Hi Alexander, I have a little problem using your plug-in. The skype status watching the homepage on tablet doesn’t show if i am online or offline. It only Shows unknown – questionmark. Can you Support? I also haven’t figured out yet, what I can do with the “Information” button – does this concern generell Information about my skype account or can I introduce generell Information about my firm? Thanks for all in advance, best regards from Germany, Doris

Hi! Unfortunately, the developers have disabled this feature, and no longer is allowed to show users’ statuses on the Internet. I’m still looking for a workaround to fix this.

Hello I have purchased the plugin and installed it on my multisite. I have the following problems: 1 – On one of the subsite I activated the plugin and tried to create a button. I added the skype login. The result was that the button wasn’t created and the list was empty. 2 – I tried to see how it works on an other subsite. There, I was asked to verify the license too. I added the key then I got a message telling that the key is used by an other sub-site.

So: 1- how can I create a button ? 2- how can I activate the plugun for all my site ?

Thank you

Please, try again.

Hello I found out how to let this working properly. It is timr consuming for big multisites but it works :) The first step is as you described above. It works for the first sub-site so, but when going to the second sub-site and try to activate the plugin for it, it shows that the key was used already by the first sub-site and this way the second sub-site can’t have the plugin active. The solution for now is to do as you described, then go back to the network and activate the plugin site wide. After that go to a sub-site, there it will be shown that the plugin is activated because it is activated site wide. Here you keep this page open and open a new page on the network plugins. There, deactivate the plugin on the network. Go back to the kept open page of the sub-site and refresh it. The plugin will show the link to activate it. After activation it will show the link to the sittings page. On the sitting page you add the key and this time, it will accept it. Before going to the next sub-site, we must go to the network plugins and activate the plugin site wide and we continue the steps as above. These steps are to do for activating the plugin for every sub-site. It a long process but worked for me. This plugin is worth much more than the time to activate it :)

Thank you for having creating it

Ok. Thanks

How to install in html web?

If you want to insert in php file, you can use <?php echo do_shortcode(“[Skype id=1]”); ?>

Could you explain in detail how to do it? I’m a beginner on this.

Send me an example please

Thank you.

If you insert in the post content use shortkode [Skype id=X]. If you want to insert in php file, you can use <?php echo do_shortcode(“[Skype id=1]”); ?>

Hi there, I was hoping to have the floating skype button which you call the on screen skype button with this purchase. Is there a way to get the skype button to be floating on the screen? I like the display you had which featured the skype button to the right hand side of the screen. I was particularly looking forward to that feature which the button purchase. If this is not included I would like a refund please.

You can create a floating skype button via plugin Popup

I bought the plugin from you so that it could work exactly like your demo. I don’t want to pay additional fees, I’m going to get a refund.

My skype button is not working properly:

- it is showing up behind the other text.

- only the “chat” actually does anything. the rest of the buttons are not clickable.

Can you show the page with buttons?

Yes. Do you have an email I can send to so it’s not public?

i really like the look of this plugin, my only question is. I have many users on my website with many consultants they are dealing with. I would like to use many different skype users and create unique buttons for all of them, is this possible?

sorry one more question, does this work on mobile if the users have Skype downloaded on their device? thanks

You can create an unlimited unique skype buttons with one style.The plugin is working on mobile if the users have Skype downloaded

Can we take this Skype Us solution to user level? I have a website where the registered users can chat with each other. Is it possible to create paid consultation sessions with the help of this solution so that each registered user can have the freedom to chat with each other. It’s a teacher-student based website and I want the teachers to be able to set a price for their live session which students can purchase.

That’s what I’m thinking, but is it possible to do for multiple users? As I mentioned above that we want to do this for multiple users. Each registered user should be contacted like this only.

You can create as many buttons with as many different skype accounts as you want, with this plugin.

Be ready for a purchase order ;)

Hello!Your this plugin is great. how can I fix the button to right center in any page,like your website sample! Please reply me quikly!

Please insert it this way <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[Skype id=1]’); ?>

Thank you very much! It work

Please ask your questions at the new support center

hi, is it possible to put 12 people all with different skype accounts on a single page? Also, does the plugin come with more than 1 preconfigured button/pack template? As i really like the red button design.

Hello! Yes it is possible. You can choose any colors you want for the dropdown menu. You can choose different ones for different buttons. However, the first visible Skype button is the same looking.

How do we add different skype names to different buttons? Is it something you change in the shortcode, or do we do it via php, or do you have to actually create a button first and manually assign it?

I want to add it to a template and automatically insert the Skype name from a custom field.

You enter the skype names in the plugin settings, when you create the button.

Great idea….can you add a Skype button for different people on a different page on a website or is it restricted to one skype profile per website?

Also is it multisite ready?

You can add different ones with different Skype names. Yes, should work on multisite.


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