Sky Webview - Android & IOS React Native App

Sky Webview - Android & IOS React Native App

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Online Style Maker for SkyWebview

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Template Features

turn your mobile or responsive website into an android or ios app within minutes .

  • PlusOne Customization & Support
    Without paying extra money , Contact us for extra Customization ( 1 extra Customization and Plugin ) .
    such as :
    + Add OneSignal Push Notification
    + Add Google Push Notification (GCM)
    + or ….

  • Unlimited Customization
    SkyWebview online style customization , An easy way to edit app style and structure .

  • Footer & Slide Menu
    2 kind of Menus are available in this app , you can Optionally enable one of them or both.

  • SplashScreen
    Display a SplashScreen when app starts. You can just use your current transparent logo and replace it in app folder.

  • +670 icons for App Menus
    Support last version of Font Awesome 4.7.0

  • Pull-to-refresh
    refresh webview with just a swipe gesture.

  • Google Admob
    Monetize your app in seconds. Just enter your Admob ID and banner ads and interstitial ads will be shown trough-out your application.

  • Gallery page
    you can enable gallery page and show your products or … images in GridView. choose click option on gallery page, open full image or open web page in app webview.

  • Loading indicator
    A loading bar is shown to indicate progress, this will hide when the page is done. You can choose indicator color in SkyWebview online style maker.

  • About dialog
    An native about dialog, use online style maker for change dialog texts.

  • No internet connection alert
    Show an error text inside webview when no connection is available.

  • Premium support
    If you can not find your answer in the Documentation or our Community FAQ, we will be there for personal support.

  • Compatibility

    Supports Android 4.0 and up and IOS 8.0 and up .


    2017-05-19 - ver 1.2
        - Bugfix
        - Added Pull to Refresh ability
        - Added Google AdMob Support