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Thank you! :)

How set Canvas to device with?

Hi and thank you fro your purchase and sorry for answering late,

Email us about this issue and tell us what exactly you need. Then I will talk to the game’s programmer about it.

Really really sorry for answering late, your comment was marked as read by mistake.

You can get the author’s email address from their profile details, but here is ours: 01smile.com@gmail.com

hi, don’t working fine on mobile device resolution?

If i buy it now, do you still supply the modified version with mobile support?

Yes, just email us and we will give you the modified version if needed.

done, i send u message

Greetings, I would like to know if your game is very complex add sending scores for social networks like facebook or twitter.


We can create a java script function for you that runs at the game’s end. Player’s score and your other required statistics will be send to this function. This function is easy to edit and you can write your codes in it. If it helps you, tell us and we will do it for you. Also tell us if you want any other changes. Note that we do small changes and customization for free.

And as you may know, this game is made with a game engine, so editing its codes is difficult

Hi I am again worker8, basically what I want is to create a function to perform a post shipping to store the player’s score to a database.

to others that I need to manipulate the amount of lives.

Hi and thank you fro your purchase,

What you need is possible. But email us and we will talk more about it there.