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I recommended my boss (customer) to use this library in our product then he asked me to create a demo (with your library).

How can I have a trial version of your library in order to make my demo. If it is OK, there will be a new buyer for you.


Hi I bought this plugin recently, but it is not working in IE8.

The plugin is being used on this page:

Any ideas? Any help much appreciated.

How can I make the PNG’s inside the slider link to another HTML Page? Whenever I add an Tag to the png…the png disappears from the slider.

Hello, I just bought the plugin and it does not seem to work responsive on my iphone and on a samsung. I did what you said and change the width value of sky-carousel class to 100% but it does not seem to be working for some reason. Can you help me please? My site is


I’m using the slider from example 2. The slider doesn’t load with more than 20 images. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, I purchased this plugin a few days ago. I set it up and it seemed to be working just fine. And then it stopped. I’m not sure why. I re uploaded the files, and redid the code. For some reason nothing shows up when I load the page. Just the spinning of the preload image. It seems like the script just stopped working. I even uploaded the example pages to the server and they do not work but they work fine when looked at locally. Thanks

Hello, I’ve just purchased this plugin. Is it possible to filter the items on the carousel? Another question, I’ve just read that it doesn’t work with more than 20 items… Is it true? Can I destroy and create the carousel at any moment? Thanks and regards

Hi, Great slider plugin!

I am looking at purchasing a plugin such as yours if it is possible to create a slider with it, like the one here: If you scroll down about 3/4 of the way down the page, you will see the text “Don’t know which light to pick? Check out these options below and choose the right LED lights from LE”.

That slider has 3 buttons on the left hand side – each button represents a different category and I am wondering if it is possible to create something similar with your plugin?

Many thanks for your help! =)

Hi! how can I make a vertical carousel with it?

works great on my wordpress site! thanks!

Hi, Thanks for the plugin. It’s working fine, but it seems something break the Modernizr plugin. Without the plugin is working well, I tested it. Did anybody have a problem with it? Do you know what can be the issue?



Can I use infinite loop somehow. I would like to continue with the fist image instead of jump to the start. Is it possible somehow?


Hi, I have a very big problem. I have two carousel on one page and I just noticed that the keyboard navigation slides both. I have two script for different id-s, so that can’t be the problem.

Any suggestions?


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Can I use infinite loop. I would like to continue with the fist image instead of jump to the start. How can I do that?