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Hello. I have updated the description to include a Link to the Demo APK for both Sky Fall Chicken and Wall Runner

Hai Author,

Your Both games are awesome.

I have few Questions:

1. I have no knowledge of programming. If I purchase will you help me in reskining the game. I can edit images.

2. In Future can I sell my game?

Thank You, Vedavyas Paruchuri

Thank You.

1. If you contact me, I can assist you.

2. In order to sell the game you need to purchase an Extending License. I have requested that Envato enable that option.

good job , very nice ;)

Thanks. Glad you liked it!

Do you provide service or know someone that I can hire for reskin

Yes, I can provide reskinning service please contact us at games1up.com

got it, and replied. :)

Hey Dude, ?f I Buy This Game

And share my developer account ? and i monetize admobs and instersital ? what your gain ?

If I understand you correctly, you need someone to handle the release of your version of the game. Sorry but I cannot provide that service.

Support new version Google Analytics?

The source code for the game doesn’t include any Google Analytics but information on how to implement Google Analytics within Corona SDK can be found here


if you need help contact me via email.

hi is it possible to buy an ios version ?

I have not developed the iOS version yet. I will be do so shortly.

Hi Can you please tell me that, i am using eclipse and android studio. so what you think i can work on corona sdk? i never used corona sdk before. so please advice me. so i can buy this app after the confirmation from you. thanks.

Its fairly streightforward. with the experience you have, you shouldnt have any issues. contact me via http://games1up.com/ with any questions.

Hello; Do you have Android Studio, Eclipse version ?

This was developed with the Free Corona SDK. Sorry I dont have any other versions. I’ve had a few Eclipse Users that have purchased and were are to release with no issues.

Hello sir, do you have eclipse version? and this game work with what program to reskin?

Hello, this game is made for Corona Sdk. There is not an eclipse version available at this time.

i really want to purchase your app so much but i need eclipse version since you told me that corona sdk need to pay for admob ads. When you finish your game with eclipse version please confirm me by my email : yeansokhon@gmail.com Thank.

Please i want to buy this app but i don’t know any thing about SDK Corona ,So how can i reskin it and publish it on play store with admob ads but and i read that in the above comments ” corona sdk need to pay for admob ads ” what does that mean?

Sorry. CoronaSDK has changed their SDK pricing model. currently, you have to pay an extra fee for the functionality of using various ad providers.