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No GameCenter?

It’s easy to integrate GameCenter module, if u want i will add GC next version. Thanks for u comment!

I had integrated GameCenter, and wait for approved “Cheers, your updates have been received and are in our review queue. Items are usually reviewed within 48 hours, but it can take up to 5 days. ”. If u had bough, please contact me and i will send u the source updated directly! Thanks.

GameCenter feature was approved now! :)

I can’t review this right now as I get nothing but compile errors and don’t have time to fix at the moment. It’s Sunday :)

As usual, Fantastic Envato vetting process…NOT !!


What telegod said ^^. Nice job on the app store version though.

Open the Xcode project and get prompted to upgrade iRate.bundle. Select “Upgrade” and get an error. Tracked down Subversion 1.7 on github and upgraded manually.

Then project opens and we have 4 warnings and 1 error. Warnings:


Line 20: Implicit conversion loses integer precision: ‘time_t’ (aka ‘long’) to ‘unsigned int’

Line 24: Implicit conversion loses integer precision: ‘unsigned long’ to ‘int’

Line 25: Implicit conversion loses integer precision: ‘unsigned long’ to ‘int’

Scene.h Line 25: Property type ‘id<SceneDelegate>’ is incompatible with type ‘id<SKSceneDelegate>’ inherited from ‘SKScene’

Error Scene.m

Line 27: ‘Chartboost/Chartboost.h’ file not found

Installed the latest version of Chartboost.framework with no luck. Chartboost.framework is located in the Supporting Files folder but #import <’Chartboost/Chartboost.h’> can’t find it.

I see you were active today yet its been 3 days with no word about any kind of support. Just wondering if you are looking into it or am I just out $15?

Thanks, E

Please integrate gamecenter. Would be nice!!! Do you have air hockey game to sell as well??

If u purchased, please contact me for version with GameCenter, while waiting for approved that version. Thanks.

“Cheers, your updates have been received and are in our review queue. Items are usually reviewed within 48 hours, but it can take up to 5 days. “

Wow…that’s a new crazy around here :)

The Author has updated the code and added GameCenter but the build errors are STILL there so it won’t build. There errors are hard-coded paths to stuff that exists on Authors computer so he doesn’t see the errors because he has those paths.

If you bought this and need help getting it working, I’ll walk you through the changes so your money is not wasted.


Awesome, thank you telegod!! Your advice helped me to get a successful build. I still have a ton of warnings. If I can’t get it figured out I may take you up on your offer for help.

Thank you again.


This is an incomplete project and there is no documentation included. Encountered same errors as noted by user: elamberth. Dear besterme: Please send updated files along with proper documentation and a way to contact you as the author.

Hi, please email to me (besterme2013@gmail.com) and i will have support till u satisfy. Thank u.

I implemented a gamecenter icon instead of tweeter.

When i try to call -(void)showLeaderboardAndAchievements:(BOOL)shouldShowLeaderboard method inside tw method, It does not work…

Gamecenter is not authenticating either… need some help.

Have u replaced GC- identify? U need to register with your Apple Developer account to use Gamecenter, and update your bundleID, then the GC will appear. Please refer to the site so u can register your own gamecenter ID:


I don’t understand why you don’t add iAD for iOS app.. its the mainnetwork for it..

Either way. Can you upload it and add iAD for me? If so i will buy it right now!!

i can add it easily, it take 3 minutes for that task. But it will take 2~3 days waiting for Canyon approve it. Thanks for u interested.

Thats fine so you will upload and add iAd for me if i buy it and reskin it? If so ill buy it for sure!! lmk! got Skype?

my skypeid: vertue86

i bought it, but there are errors. need your help please…

Hi, please email to me i will support u and update again the new version on Envato: goodmanager2011@gmail.com

i send you an email. please respond my friend.


I need help also, I have many errors.

That’s the warning? If u can not build, please email to me and i will support u : goodmanager2011@gmail.com

I down loaded the game from Apple. Game crashes and never starts. I am running Ipad2 with 7.1.2 O/O install. Any ideas?

this game has 64 bits and IOS 8 or not? thank you

Yes, iOS8 and 64 bits supported :)

Hello, Is there any working link to test your app ? Also is there a support for: - iPad PRO - iPhone 6S Plus