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Hi, Sziszi… This is interesting, since Skrill / Moneybooker is taking lower rate / commission than Paypal…

Anyway, is this compatible with BuddyPress and Cubepoints for BuddyPress Integration ?

Happy New Year! Sorry, that I didn’t answer, I was on vacation in the past weeks. Yes, it is compatible with BuddyPress and Cubepoints for BuddyPress Integration.


I am interested in the code that does the price calculation in the button. Do you mind letting me know what it is so I could add it to the paypal button?

I sent you the modified paypal.php to your email address.

Hello Evgeni!

Please Deactivate the Paypal module, then reactivate it. Once that is done, you have to see a few new lines in the preset forms, something like: “ ” If you don’t see that code, try to switch between the different types of paypal Purchasing forms.

That should solve the problem.

Sorry, that I didn’t tell you before.

Please send meg the content of your: “Purchase Form HTML Code:” if you still have problems.

Regards, Szilard

ps: this is the part of the code: span class=”all_points”

This doesn’t seem to work by uploading and activating as a wordpress plugin as per the instructions. Instead I upload to the cp modules directory and activated from there.

It is working as a plugin, but you have to activate it from CP’s modules panel.

hey Sziszi, can u please explain to me what this plugins do ?

CubePoints is a point management system for WordPress. Details: My plugin is let your members top up their Cubpoints’ points by paying with their Skrill accounts. Skrill is a payment system, details:

i do not understand .. how to get this to work. what is cp module panel ?

In order to use this plugin, you have to install first the free Cubepoints plugin: After you install and activate that plugin, you may install my plugin. When you do that you will see the “Skrill Top-up” module in Cubepoints > Modules page. For detailes, please, use the documentation included into my plugin. I hope I could help you.

its working now. thz.

lo tienees en español? cuanto en total por instalarmelo en mi dominio y hosting? que quede listo y funcionando