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To display Skinny PHP Pagination, you’ll have to go through 3 steps:

  1. 1. include it in your code
    // On the PHP side
    require_once '{path_to}/lib/spagination.php';
    // CSS for front-end
    <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="{path_to}/css/sp.css" />
  2. 2. initiate a Spagination object with count and limit
    $pagi = Spagination::create($count, $limit);
  3. 3. echo the object where you want it displayed
    echo $pagi

That’s all folks :)

Database integration

// Get count of some records in the db
$query = mysql_query('SELECT COUNT(*) FROM table');
$fetched = mysql_fetch_row($query) 
    or die('Unable to count rows: '.mysql_error());
$count = current($fetched);

// Create the Spagination object and set up count & limit per page
$pagi = Spagination::create($count, 15);

// Pagination calculated all needed params, let's get the actual data
$books = mysql_query('
    SELECT * FROM table
    LIMIT '.$pagi->limit().' 
    OFFSET '.$pagi->offset()
) or die('Selection error:'.mysql_error());

Changing Pagination look

Since all setter methods in Skinny Pagination are chainable, changing the look is quite simple:


Of course, you can call any one of these methods individually at any time. Some users practice the look methods calling right during the actual output:

echo $pagi->template('digg')->skin('fb');