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Can the ratings show below my post excerpts at the home page.

It can be inserted in any place. Just note, it’s not wordpress plugin.

Hello Sandi,

I have bought your rating script yesterday. Is there an possibility to center the stars. It always on the left side. look here: Could you help me please to bring the stars in the middle.

Thank you and best regards

hi, its simple, just define following style in your css file:

div.stars> div:first-child{margin: 0 auto;}

if you have difficulties – use contact form to get response faster


katw Purchased

Can you include more options for outputting field-values into their own text-location_divID?

I would like to position different elements and have the values inject into DOM elements.


data-title data-votes data-value data-stars

Currently we can only output one field text-main and not position different values and elements around a page.

Thanks for considering this suggestion and the next one:

One obvious use case is being able to label the rating eg ‘Design’ and have this label positioned at left, top, bottom, right, bottom right etc

If we could get a new data-item called ‘label’ and be able to set text location and DOM ID for injecting into position that would also be great.

Thank you for comment. Yes, some of such features would make sense. Will try to implement them in next update.


katw Purchased


hi from spain, pls let me know, can i use this in the same project in various places? One for albums for example, one place for artist etc… with the same db? thanks

yes, sure

ok. I’ll take it. If configurations mess occurs i’m gonna ask for your hand to help me out… Thanks


olli460 Purchased

How do you center the stars? I did text-align:center; which puts the text in the middle but the stars are always to the left.

Please contact me from support page and provide the link to example

Hello, I buy this script but I can’t find the place where the products of structured data. I would like to put on multiple pages


mmdddd Purchased

Hello! In WordPress is installed jquery version 1.12.4. Rating System works only with older versions, please update the plugin so it works with jquery 1.12.4

hi, its not WP plugin, but thank you anyway for the hint. I’ll check latest jquery compatibility

Hi Sandi Thanks for the great work ;) Regarding the top page, how can i create a button that sort the main items only and subcategories only, also how can i add graphs to the mix.

Best Regards

thank you! :) to make it – some custom php functions have to be created. Unfortunately its not implemented by design.

data-property doesn’t work

there is no such file included that is called jquery-latest.js Am I supposed to change that to a different name?

Does this still work in Late December 2017? there is nothing working on my site

hi, its just an example, you can use any jquery version, for example v1.8 which is included into the package.

Most of the sites already use jquery and you dont need to include it again, just delete line with jquery-latest.js

Thank you I will try your suggestions, great support! thanks


curbbb Purchased

I’m having trouble displaying horizontal skins like skinsmile.png, star_colors.png, and ilikeitsomuch.png.

The whole width is displayed as 1 star.

Here’s an example:

Sample code:

    skin    : 'starrating/skins/skinsmile.png',         //path to skin file relative to HTML document

curbbb Purchased

Nevermind. I found the solution for two of the three skins. I’m still having trouble with skinsmile applying ‘skinsmile.png’.

Does your plugin support display ratings on google search results?

Yes, after you install rich snippets extension


gerrix Purchased

is it possible to enlarge the size of the stars as desired? can you leave more space between the stars? Thanks so much.

Yes, it’s all can be done by providing the new skin. See skin.png and/or how-to file for detailed info.


gerrix Purchased

Thanks so much. I would also like to find an example template where clicking on the vote would pop up to confirm or exit without voting. Thanks again and congratulations


gerrix Purchased I’m trying to make sure that the vote is next to the choice, I came up here but I think I have to send the data to some function, can you look at this example please? when I click on ‘Bar’ for example, a window opens where I can choose the vote, after I choose I want to confirm the vote by clicking on ‘vote’ and then everything is updated and saved on the database. Sorry my bad english and I hope you can help me. Thanks again.

gerrix Purchased

I managed to make the stars color, now I just need to send the data to the database by clicking on the SAVE button can you help me please? Thanks so much


gerrix Purchased

How can I set the value of “Overall” with jquery? Thank you