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Hello, I have prepruchase question: Can I use this for drupal nodes? If yes will I see drupal posts in admin panel? how will it work? Thanks.

Hi, this is framework independent file. It doesn’t require drupal, wordpress or any other framework. You will get exactly what you see in demo.

Hello again, I have purchased. Everything is perfect. Thanks for such good plugin. Just I need help about SEO. I want google display my results with rating stars and point. I use 10 stars. How can I do this? I have tried to use Google RDF structured data but I couldn’t find where you output data. Thanks in advance

Hi, there is an extension for this rating system Next time, please, contact me from support page, it will be faster

Hello, I want to buy ” Rich Snippets for Rating System” Please: 1. is complicated to integrate it and takr lot of time? 2. On search result visitors will see the ratings only or the product price too?


1. its not difficult, just follow the how_to file

2. by default yes, only rating, unless you use the custom snippets (example is attached in download package)

Been using this rating system on website since last month and I love it. My only issue and it is minor is that phone users have to tap twice on each star to make it “stick”. If they tap once, it will not save so I have to put a special statement “iPhone users please tap twice”. But people are either not so smart or don’t read that. Is this expected behavior? Is there a way to change this? I am saving to database. Thanks.

Hi, yes it’s possible, please contact me from support page

Your current download offering for 1.4 has errors in it.

I get the following errors when trying to install a fresh 1.4 version:

Undefined variable: stylefile in /home/blah/public_html/ratings/upload/admin/php/head.php on line 12

Undefined variable: style in /home/blah/public_html/ratings/upload/admin/php/head.php on line 15

Undefined variable: showNavigation in /home/blah/public_html/ratings/upload/admin/php/head.php on line 35

It appears you’ve forgotten to declare $stylefile, $style, and $showNavigation in head.php

Hi, yes you are right. You can either define them in head.php or set less strict error reporting in your php.ini file or contact me from support page so I could send you the modified version. Thank you

can the posts be sorted like They have it sorted by popularity. Most popular one top

Hi. I want to display zero vote (0 vote) or to a single vote (1 vote), a singular display when necessary. How to do?

Can you please tell me how I would replace the images with fontawesome stars?

Can you redirect voter to another url after vote?

Thanks! not too good at java, can you post an example? Thanks!

contact me from support page and i’ll send you the example

I will and Thank you for your wonderful support!


OKAOKA Purchased

Hey Sandi, we use your Rating system, i purchased it some time ago ;) But we have the double-tab problem on iPhone / iPad. Do you have a solution for that? Thanks!

yes, i have updated version, please contact me from “support” page or give me your email

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egorka2 Purchased

Showing info about IP and ban dont work with php 5.6 and mysql 5.7

| select SUM as sumrate, COUNT as votes, b.time AS bannedtime FROM rating_details d LEFT JOIN rating_banlist b ON b.ip=d.ip WHERE d.ip=”IP”

hi, could you contact me from support page. Please provide link and user/pass if possible.

Hi, Before purchase i have a one question. I want to install it in my hosting site and want to use it on other site because my other site not support php it’s google can i use it?

Hi, in principle it can be possible, but you have to care about cross-domain security. In your case, then you use, it may be not possible or hart to accomplish.

Nice script. I have tested the admin area, but looks like admin cant manually add votes to an item :( confirm?

Yes, it’s disabled, you can only delete votes. Adding new votes in admin would be kind of cheating ;)

Hi your system looks pretty good and I am wondering if it is possible to set it up so that if a user rates 1 – 3 it goes to one url and if a user rates 4 – 5 it goes to another url? Is this possible to implement – how hard would this be?

its possible, actually its pretty easy. If you have a look at the demo tab “more examples”, there is one example with modal dialog on user rate. Instead of modal window you can always redirect to some page depending on user’s rate.

presales – Is there a demo to add a new rating record, that is, as admin, I want to add a new question for users to rate? I do not see this in the demo.

Where do I add a new question to the system?

Please, have a look at the demo, all you need to do is to place the stars div on your page and provide id (and title attribute – which can play a role of question).

ok – little miscommunication – one has to use the code maker in and then add the snippet to website.

I was going directly into “Admin Area” demo looking for the code maker.

Hi Sandi, you should probably note that your script requires the mysqli php extension to run. This may help cut down on some troubleshooting, as it fixed some plain white pages I was getting previously, until I looked into my error_log.

MySQLi extension is automatically installed in most cases (Linux or Windows), when php5 mysql package is installed.

In a Debian (or Ubuntu) server, the following command is enough:

apt-get install php5-mysql

In a Centos (or Red Hat) server:

yum install php-mysql

but anyway thank you for the tip

On my CloudLinux box it wasn’t a default, and I had to manually add it.


darkmich Purchased

After the 2.0 upgrade, everything seemed to go smoothly, but now votes are listed as NaN/NaN for everything, even though the votes show up in the admin console (and as shown from the database in the list). Website here:

Any suggestions? Thanks for the upgrade, though – the mobile support is greatly appreciated!

please contact me from support page. And provide the link with the example