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Hello, I have prepruchase question: Can I use this for drupal nodes? If yes will I see drupal posts in admin panel? how will it work? Thanks.

Hi, this is framework independent file. It doesn’t require drupal, wordpress or any other framework. You will get exactly what you see in demo.

Hello again, I have purchased. Everything is perfect. Thanks for such good plugin. Just I need help about SEO. I want google display my results with rating stars and point. I use 10 stars. How can I do this? I have tried to use Google RDF structured data but I couldn’t find where you output data. Thanks in advance

Hi, there is an extension for this rating system Next time, please, contact me from support page, it will be faster

Hello, I want to buy ” Rich Snippets for Rating System” Please: 1. is complicated to integrate it and takr lot of time? 2. On search result visitors will see the ratings only or the product price too?


1. its not difficult, just follow the how_to file

2. by default yes, only rating, unless you use the custom snippets (example is attached in download package)

Been using this rating system on website since last month and I love it. My only issue and it is minor is that phone users have to tap twice on each star to make it “stick”. If they tap once, it will not save so I have to put a special statement “iPhone users please tap twice”. But people are either not so smart or don’t read that. Is this expected behavior? Is there a way to change this? I am saving to database. Thanks.

Hi, yes it’s possible, please contact me from support page

Your current download offering for 1.4 has errors in it.

I get the following errors when trying to install a fresh 1.4 version:

Undefined variable: stylefile in /home/blah/public_html/ratings/upload/admin/php/head.php on line 12

Undefined variable: style in /home/blah/public_html/ratings/upload/admin/php/head.php on line 15

Undefined variable: showNavigation in /home/blah/public_html/ratings/upload/admin/php/head.php on line 35

It appears you’ve forgotten to declare $stylefile, $style, and $showNavigation in head.php

Hi, yes you are right. You can either define them in head.php or set less strict error reporting in your php.ini file or contact me from support page so I could send you the modified version. Thank you

can the posts be sorted like They have it sorted by popularity. Most popular one top

Hi. I want to display zero vote (0 vote) or to a single vote (1 vote), a singular display when necessary. How to do?


patrick6 Purchased

Can you please tell me how I would replace the images with fontawesome stars?