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Hi, I have problem with niceScroll. How to activate nice scroll in other tabs. I tried with callback function but wont work….

Is it possible for you to specify where each of the code items should be placed for this plugin? Especially since you have not made this to load up as a regular wordpress plugin… and you have no contact info other help in your documentation. It looks like it is a really wonderful plugin, only it’s not set up to function as a wordpress plugin….

Hi, is there a way to disable the persist? I would like the tab to always start back on the first one on the left. Also is there a way to preload the tabs so there is no delay when the page load?

It’s not working on the demo site.

Still not working on demo site.

This no longer supported?


I really like your plugin. I have two questions

1) When a link is placed within the tabbed content and points to another tab – Is it possible for the link to go to the top of the tab? It doesn’t for me.

2) When I’m on the page with the tab plugin and leave the page, when I return it’s on the same tab as when I left. Is it possible to always start at the first tab?

Thanks in advance.

Live preview isn’t working. Can’t see tabs nor preview the skins etc.

I see this was a problem some time ago and no solution or followup from you. So is the mod still supported or not?

Good evening, I’m interested in your plugin against by the tabs like to have the same things here. look here full bar no side borders

Thank You

Hi, would like some answers to my questions.

Thank you