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Can I make the levels with the editor?

You can make levels via Hillmix

Ok, and levels are played in ordem, level 1, level 2… It is right?

No, in this game each level is built randomly during runtime with the parts of map wich you can create

if i buy the game can you help me , modifyy it to post it on play store

What is Hillmix ? is it developing tool ? I need to use that to edit ?

You can read about Hillmix here http://hillmix.oldenweb.com I build levels via Hillmix

hi, levels can be fixed?

all can be, but as default there is no such option

Does it build with Buildbox?

Hi brother Levels available ?


med88 Purchased

I tried to run but . Appeared to me : error : andriod Manifeste.Xml doesn’t or has incorect root tag . help me please

where can i found the package name?

in the file “build.gradle”

Hi, Im interested in your game, can you please send me the apk or a link of it in google play store ?