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Are there any special Requirements for For Installation of “Sixthlife Search” WordPress plugin?

If any one gets an error or faces issues in Installation of “Sixthlife Search” WordPress plugin make sure:-

You have curl enabled on your server to allow fetching information from Envato API.

Also you may need to allow_url_fopen enabled on your server.

wp-cron should NOT be disabled in your wordpress installation.

file_get_contents should not e a restricted function on your server.

In the plugin folder included is a php.ini that has the required settings.

While most of you will have it up and running in a few moments in case it does not work properly at the first instance, try to edit the php.ini file in the webroot to include these settings or contact your Web Server to make the changes to the settings.

What are the recommended php.ini settings?

the recommended php.ini file settings are: max_execution_time = 300 max_input_time = 300 post_max_size = 20M extension=php_curl.dll allow_url_fopen = On

However if you are fetching products from say 10 urls at a time you may consider increasing the three values.

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