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Hi! “1-100 products” is that per post or in total?

Hi, it is 1-100 products per wordpress post that you create.

You can have larger number of products per wordpress post, however 1-100 is the recommended number of products per wp post.

As very long wp posts will have larger load times..

Total products you can fetch from envato is not limited by script. thanks, Anu

Nice plugin ! Could be useful !

  • 1) There is a screenshot of the configuration, where i can change the html layout of the posting which i can’t see the admin demo – it is disabled ?


  • 2) Is there a list of the variables {themecount}, {themeprice} etc. which i can use in html layout in the documention ?
  • 3) About the Cron Schedules

    Why is Envato Themes and Envato Preview separate ?

  • Hi, Thanks for your interest in the plugin.

    1. the configuration page is in the settings menu in WordPress dashboard.

    2. check the product description, I have mentioned the admin demo logins there.

    3. Yes there is a list of variables please check the the documentation


    4. Envato themes and Previews is separate for efficiency, Envato may restrict you to fetch more images at one go, so splitting this way ensures more number of products and images can be fetched without straining Envato API and site…

    You need to keep good relations with Envato :)

    thanks, Anu

    If any one gets an error or faces issues in Installation of “Sixthlife Search”

    check the FAQ http://codecanyon.net/item/sixthlife-search-for-envato-affiliates/7614796/faqs/20431

    Updates Date: 26th May 2014. Added Cron For Large amount of data fetched through various screens so server errors issue is resolved

    Hi when i try to fetch the products i get the message

    http://codecanyon.net/page/file_updates#rss updated successfuly. No Products found

    same for all rss sources

    hi, Thanks for getting in touch! The urls you need to paste are

    NOT http://codecanyon.net/page/file_updates#rss

    but the rss urls you find on the above page..

    For Example:

    http://codecanyon.net/feeds/new-codecanyon-items.atom http://codecanyon.net/feeds/new-javascript-items.atom http://codecanyon.net/feeds/new-javascript-slash-database-abstractions-items.atom


    Also explained in “How to Press you Post” Video..


    thanks Anu

    I emailed support@sixthlife.net twice over the weekend about installation. not got a reply yet

    hi, I just checked in FTP and realize that curl is disabled on your server.. I am sending the details to your email, also added a piece of the code that will show in the plugin that curl is disabled in the images preview page thanks Anu

    Hi i did not get the details.can you send again pls. so that i can take it up with my host provider

    i just replied..

    hi, Any problems? Anu

    Hi, Thanks for purchasing this, it is working on quite a few websites including two of my websites. If you could send a test ftp login and temporary wp login t by sending a message through author’s profile, I can check and resolve. thanks, Anu

    hello, excuse the English, I use google translate. I purchased the code but can not create posts. I get this error: ‘A Post with empty content can not be created.’

    “preview post” will also work..can you provide details..

    I can confirm that the preview does not work. but it is not a problem. the rest seems to work. Thanks. But I wanted to ask you: I can create feeds of some research on envato? For example if I search all the files to create cd / dvd cover for wedding, how can I create feeds for use with Sixthlife. Thanks.

    Hi, I wanted to see a screenshot of it when you say the preview does not work. As I am unable to identify the issue.

    I understand, you want to save a search when you create a post from the “Theme product Post” so that you have a dynamic article.

    however, till now it does not have feature to create dynamic article with feed. thanks, Anu

    Hi is this plugins can compatible to any themes? and the fetch of the post is it automatically ?


    hi, It works with any theme. You can edit the html template in settings for each product description etc., the fetch is automatic from rss feeds. to be on the safe side the cron is disabled at the start, you need to select a schedule and start cron in the settings page. Also manually fetching is possible from RSS feeds. It takes a few days to have 1000s of products fetched with automatic or manual fetches.

    While manually fetching you need to fetch previews separately.

    It has taken awhile for some users to get itup,needs curl and allow_url_fopen settings. I offer a 1 time install if needed. thanks Anu

    Thanks for explanation, how about the link of affiliate is it will mask/hide under bitly ? Is the link is using nofollow methods ?

    Hi, currently no masking and no bit.ly is there. also nofollow is not being added to the links, however the template in settings will let you add the nofollow attribute. once the setting is added you can add whichever attributes you want. thanks Anu

    hello sixthlife i like your product and i have to perches it. and please help me and suggest me how to earn money by this. please i want to earn more money thank you.


    you can create a blog and add articles about theme forest themes etc. For example: http://search.sixthlife.net/

    Join themeforest affiliate program, the referrral link will be added to all the products for you to get commissin on your blog.

    Working of the plugin is at http://search.sixthlife.net/ Anu

    when i try to active the plugin i get this error < Access denied for user ‘web5’@’localhost’ > and my site go down

    I sent you before and you did not respond when i try to active the plugin i get this error < Access denied for user ‘web5’@’localhost’ > and my site go down

    Any update for this plugin ?

    Hi, Thanks for your interest. any suggestions for updates?


    Is this plugin compatible with Wordpress 4.3? Thank you.

    yes it is

    this plugin is excellent for me. Do you suggest any good theme from themeforest? in order to display themes in the front page?.


    Hi, Thanks for your interest. “Sixthlife Search for Envato Affiliates” wordpress plugin works well with any WordPress theme

    thanks Anu

    Another question:

    Because my English is not good enough to write good articles, could I let the articles as is?, without editing it ?.

    thanks again…........


    I will suggest at least deleting some content from articles that you do not need.

    If possible editing a bit.

    thanks Anu

    Hello! cant get the plugin to work. I´m trying to get product from http://themeforest.net/feeds/new-wordpress-slash-corporate-items.atom But keep saying that “No Products Found” How can i fix this..


    hi, i will check it. thanks Anu

    please still no help?


    Can you please check it and confirm

    thanks Anu

    Hi. I have the same problem mentions by dddownloads.

    I´m trying to get product from http://themeforest.net/feeds/new-wordpress-slash-corporate-items.atom But keep saying that “No Products Found”

    I checked all the parameters (php.ini).

    I installed the plugin yesterday. I sent you a message to the support email.

    I need help….

    thanks. I installed the updated plugin and is fetching the products now

    I have a question. I think that I misunderstood the work of this plugin.

    the new items that we see in sixtlife search will be published automatically?, because I can not see any item published.

    when the plugin save a new rss item, I thought that a new post would be automatically created,

    or the idea is to create new theme products posts using the new items from the database ?.

    that is right, there is option to schedule retrieving the envato products in settings on regular interval. however, you you will need to create a long article containing any number of products from the “Theme Products Post” option.

    It is made this way so that you can create unique articles like the pro bloggers easily. and are not forced to simply have posts containing a envato product which is essentially a copy.

    This means a little manual work although.

    Hi Anu:

    I have problems trying to retrieve items for the articles. When I put keywords in the field:

    Keywords in Title/Content

    with keyword like wordpress or PSD, there is no problem.

    but when I try to retrieve themes with the keywords HTML or joomla, the message appears telling me the following:

    no products found

    but the items are in the database, because I can find all of them using the sixthlife search.

    If I use the condition and, the re is the same problem….

    help, help,,,,,,,,,

    Another question. do I have to erase old items in database (items that I have used to build articles) ?.

    you can keep old items in database and use them in other articles you will write when they are matched by keywords.

    If you wish you can erase them from database, this will not make any difference to your current articles.

    Yes, cron is set to automatic. everyday it fetched 10 previews and 1 envato rss url. If you set previews to be fetched hourly the previews will be fetched once an hour.

    From “fetch previews” page you can schedule all images at once and they will be fetched until all images are fetched. this is faster, however if you find that that there re issues, you will prefer relying on cron.

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    I sent the download in the email, hope you got it