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leojar Purchased

Hi, Just got the Christmas Card (Six Christmas Cards Bundle 2 ) and find that the Gift box won’t work on ISO (checked with old Iphone 4 and Iphone 5) yrs, Leo

Hi! Sorry for this problem. I’ll check and solve the problem. I’ll reply again soon. Thank you!

Hi! By the tests that I did, the problem is with the sound of “pop” or “bubble”. Check it out:


I will update the files today, but if you want, I will send you updated now. Send me an email to filippileonardo@yahoo.com.br

Sorry again, and thanks for your patience. Regards!

Hi there… my christmas_card_gift_box not run on IOS. I have this message “A problem repeatedly occurred on http://ficohsaimagencorporativa.com/2016/xmas/hnd/index.html".

Please help me. Thanks

Last Update 24 November 16 SOLVE this problem. THANKS!!

Hi! Sorry for this problem, I just learned after the file was approved. The problem was with the pop sound.

Thank you, and Happy Holidays!


Can i change text or picture in Card?

Hi! You can change it with Photoshop. You can put the texts in some image of the card. It’s simple, and most buyers change everything on the card.


Hello with the indications:

If you want to override the message, just type what you want and between <your_message> and </ your_message>. Just press enter to give a break line. If the text was very up, press “enter” to get the text further down.

Does not allow me more than two lines, how can I solve it? Thank you

Hi! The solution depends on the card. But in general, there are 2 solutions:

- Decrease text size. In xml you have the option of text size. You can modify it to a smaller size;

- Place the texts in an image of the card. This is the solution that many customers do, and that I consider the best. You can do this with Photoshop, and leave the xml empty.

Other more complex solutions are to change the card code. If you have more doubts, send me an email, it is better to send solutions: filippileonardo@yahoo.com.br


I have a button and i need to trigger with open card event. What is function i need to call in callback function button? Thank you.

If it is on the card appears open, in the xml you put “yes” where it has automatic.

I insert a button in html file. I need to click button and open gift box. The card using gift box template. Thank you.

Please, send me an email to filippileonardo@yahoo.com.br

I think I have a solution.


kineda Purchased


On mobile the message is not centered vertically (it’s too low). How do you adjust the positioning?



Hi! You can do this in xml by changing 2 things:


- Putting a “linebreaker” before the text, but in your case is deleting the “linebreaker”;

- If the text aind does not have the alignment you want, you can change the size of the text. Because if you increase or decrease, the text will go up or down;

If you still do not like the alignment, you can place the texts in the pictures on the card. You can do this with Photoshop.

If there is any more doubt, you can look for me. Thank you very much!


Hi, can you tell me how to use this in an HTML email? Only got it running on a webspace but how send this card to my contacts?

Hi! Unfortunately, there is no way to send it by email. Most emails block files like html5, javascript. You can only use the card as a page on your site.

If you have any further questions, you may ask.


Hi from italy! 2 questions: 1) With the regular licence I use it for free and extended licence I can sell it to one client, right? 2) Is it possible to skip the CLICK BUTTON to start the animation?

Hi! Let’s answer your questions.

Yes, you can sell to a customer. But only for one client. Check it:


In xml you have the option to open automatically. Just put “yes” in xml.