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monoffre Purchased

Hello, My code analytic does not work, i change it many times but it won’t work, why? thanks for your prompt answer


It should work.

First make sure if you change directory or path after installation, then you may need to fix the urls in js/analytics_js/client.js file. Please check.

Another reason might be if you embed http code in any https site.

Otherwise it must work.




tigertony Purchased

Hi Guys, What is the correct curl for setting up a cron job please?

This was in the documentation but i think it is outdated http://yourdomain.com/sitespy/native_api/get_keyword_position_data/[YOUR_API_KEY]

And is it the Google api key i enter? if so with the brackets or without?



Nope, you have to generate api key inside sitespy (Native API menu), use that api key :)


sacalul Purchased

We sent you an email with your password and FTP data .. we seem to be unable to install this script. I understand the idea that I do not have any support .. but I do not get installed ..

Now what do I do with this script need to renew the support to work. I gave a 5-star review .. it seems like if I did not pay back the support the script does not work anymore, which is not correct. Please think a little about the prospect when a user bought a product. I told you in the email the site is accessed without www ..accessed exactly like this: https://seotools.webmastersmind.com/


I didn’t say you that i will not support you. I wanted your details and when i can’t login then i replied you. If i didn’t want to support, i wouldn’t do it. We have to deal with thousand of client.So it may happen few delay sometimes

I just able to login in your server. I found that you didn’t upload files correctly. Lot of files and folder are missing. Anyway we are checking. Will reply soon.



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bonjour Puis-je faire des rapports pdf au client il y a votre logo ou le notre ? combien de site puis-je analysee ?

English please ?


Martyrium Purchased

Hello, First times I would say the SiteSpy system is great. Unfortunately, I have a problem with Paypal payment in EUR

The following error occurs “Things do not appear to be working at the moment.”

I think this has something to do with the transfer of the amount since in the address bar “Https://www.paypal.com/webapps/shoppingcart/error?flowlogging_id=21ebd05be80fb&code=AMOUNT_ERROR”


Sorry my english is not so good


How? What happened ?

Had in the price a comma instead of a point


The system does not have RealTime stats?

Yes, real time stat :)

Where can I find it in the demo?

Sorry , The stat of the visitor analytics updates instantly. But no realtime data of visitor available.

There is visitor analytics menu fot the tracking visitor.



pre buy question , the backlink section dose not show any backlinks is in anyway that could be fixed ?

It should work, do not worry :)