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pdavim Purchased

wanna install my script in a diferent site…can u “reset” my license ?


I have removed your purchase code activity log. Now you can use it for new domain. Let me know if you face any problem.



hi i changed my domain from to a new domain but I get the error “Error : Alreday use for domain :” please help me to reset it. Thank you.

Hello, I just reset your purchase code. Now check.


I will install the software in another subdomain. Can you reset my license? I already made a ticket.Thank you

Hello, I just reset your purchase code. Now check.


Thank you it works

You are welcome :)

Does sitespy ($49) include sitedoctor section?

What is the support period for extended license ($349)? What payment gateways are included and what additional features are added to it? Can you make a separate demo for the extended version with a boxed theme?

No, Only SitesSPy. SiteDoctor add-on is separate add-on.

6 months support period for both license. Stripe & paypal are integrated. Features are all same for both license.

If you want to charge your users, then you need extended license.



How complex is it to integrate some of these tools separately into wordpress using your API (your script has its own API, right ? Or maybe I misunderstood?)

One last additional question: With the scraping (by the way I couldn’t make Adwords scraper work at all), would you recommend using proxies as there is no open API for those tools?

I wouldn’t want my IP to be banned :)


Moz API has also free version. Our customer usually use free version & we suggest for that.

There is some feature depends on google search. In this case, we recommend to use good private proxy that support google search.

I didn’t know they had a free version, thanks.

I would like to buy and want to know how to choose the suitable hosting for this and how to install .. Thank you


Please have a look on the server requirement. Any good hosting with this requirement is fine. See the documentation about installation step.


Hi – Is your app nginx compatible and do you have an nginx equivalent for the .htaccess? Thanks

Some buyer installed it somehow. But we don’t have equivalent .htaccess right now.

Ok thanks for the info. Looks like you have a very nice app. Hopefully in the future it will support Nginx as well.

Could you please reset my license too? Thanks!

Reset done.


can u show a screenshot how keyword tracking looks like? does not work in demo (no results)

sitespy beautiful but there’s no PayPal and strip in turkey How to get the payment

how can I do it like bank transfer

paypal and strip outside payment how to accept

You have to take payment manually and manage users from user management manually

Before buying I would like to know:

1) Why the demo report comes out with bad design:

2) I do not see anywhere the option to send the reports automatically by mail (with daily / weekly / monthly frequency).

3) Can these reports be generated with a white label?

4) When buying this script (49 USD) and install it on a website, any user can generate reports prior registration?

5) Can I integrate the Google Analytics reports?

6) I do not like the designs, can a style similar to this? => or to this: or this:

7) Why SiteSpy is better than

8) Can you generate report like this? =>

Thank you in advance for your kind comments.


zipsite Purchased

I want to install my site to a different site can youplease remove the other one?

Done .



errobimd Purchased

Hello sir, please help me change my domain name. You can help me? My purchase code does not work and my old domain name has expired. Thank you


Purchase code reset done.


Is it php7.2 compatible

Use 7.0 , PDF download may have an issue in 7.2, We will fix it soon.

Okay thank you. Can you also reply to the following inquiry

“Also I use my own url shortner instead of (using Premium URL Shortener script) I have API access and everything”

In the system is integrated. There is no builtin way to add your own url shortner provider in the system. If you want , you need to do it by customizing codes .


cbp70 Purchased

does this have to be in sub domain ?

Replied to your ticket.

It is maybee that you sell this script for short time (one day) for 30 usd?

Couldn’t understand your question actually. Are you asking for a discount, if so we will run a discount offer very soon.

Yes, this is good….

Few question before buying:

1. It is necessary to buy additional plugins in order to use your theme?

2. Approximately, how much space will take full websites, lets say with 1000 users?


1. No Need .

2. The total space of this script isn’t more than 70 MB right now. When user will use, it depends on use case & how rapidly the database increase. But it shouldn’t take much space.


Place for Ads are only on main page, Front End? Can i put some banners on back-end?

Sorry, not available in backend by default.

Does the extended licence allow the product’s services to be integrated with another software and then sold as a new product like this Internet marketer is doing on the sales page?

Looks like, that’s our product SiteSpy.

Yes with extended license you can sell service to your customer or users.

Does it have live analytics? Is it possible to disable some features completely?

Live analytics isn’t available.

You can set package with module access for users.

About design, can you give a screenshot, so we can understand it better.


Will you add live analytics soon enough?

We have not plan right now. Ok thanks for screenshot.

Hello, How to update the site to https:// ?


Can you open a support ticket regarding this