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Hey, great tool you’ve built here. My only question is do you plan to update with support Instagram & Twitter account analytics? I see some others here on Code Canyon who do. Thanks for your time!

Hi, we may do in the future but no plan right now :)


upgraydd Purchased

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Try now, I have reset your license :)

N.B : You should not write purchase code publicly :)


upgraydd Purchased

Thanks for this. Did not realise my message would be going to the public comments section.

A weakness in Envato Market’s built-in communication considering the “Support” tab is seperate from the “Comments” tab, and I am unable to delete a comment after.

Thanks again either way.

Okay no problem, I have deleted your comment. :)


Hello, I’m following this tool for long time, interest to buy, but it seems some tools are not working or not even reflecting the desired result.

Everything should work ! I think everything is working :)


Kevcom1 Purchased

Good Day, I purchased and installed the Site Spy and added to my domain. When I get to register i place the code in and it just freezes there and wont go further? Please assist? 99ff3483-a6b0-4628-905b-89b36ab67d9b

Send your app link , admin login and ftp deatils to info@xeroneit.net Also mention the issue for reference when you send email :)

N.B : You should not write purchase code publicly :)


Does it let user to get pdf report on email periodically?


Nope, it does not :(


gheghici Purchased

Hi lads, sent you an email with some small issues re. the Visitors Analytics (showing different no. of visitors than Google Analytics). Just wondering if is something I’m doing wrong. Thank you


It may vary a bit from google analytics. They have their own algorithm to calculate duration, views, unique views. And we have our own. It it never be exactly same. But it should not differ too much also. If you get the statics of visitor, then you didn’t set it wrong. And we display the result what our code got from your site.

Anyway if you think it’s completely different , then send your application link and credential and where you have add the code at info@xeroneit.net . We will check .



hi. I just bought a license, and after installation, the site does not display correctly on the administration side I believe there is a CSS problem

There is no css problem, attach a screenshot please.


I just bought a license, and after installation, the site does not display correctly on the administration side I believe there is a CSS problem

hi when i test send message to me (administrato), in display this message error :

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Warning

Message: fsockopen(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known

Filename: libraries/Email.php

Line Number: 1689

how to i can resolve the problem please



shahrakib Author Team

Hi algeria,

Please send your app address admin username & password . The FTP we will check it. Send all information on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/xeroneit by message mention your name.

Thanks Rakib :)

Hello, Pre-Sale Question. Does your application track analytics from AD Campaigns? For example, if I advertise my services on another website, I need an analytics application to track how many people come to my website from clicking the advertisement. I imagine the website where I’m advertising will give me a referral URL. Can your application handle this? If so, how many ad campaigns can be tracked at one time? Regards,

Top links that trigger traffic coming to your site. It can be a ad click or any other referral url :)

Thank you for the answer. I’ll be ordering soon!

Thank you :)

Trying to re-install the script but getting a blank page after clicking “Install SiteSpy Now” ?

Hi, sorry but support is expired :( Please buy support extension for getting further support.

Thanks :)

Yeah that’s a no from me

Already paid for the script , not paying to get help using it


Make sure .htaccess file was uploaded successfully when you unzipped the app.

Make sure apache server’s mod rewrite is enabled. [Note: If you get “404 page not found” error then make AllowOverride in your virual host.]

You bought the item about 10 months ago, while the support period is 6 month. You can not have free support life time !

Thanks :)

Per buy, i have on note.. i tried the demo from friend without code, i tried to analyse 3 sites and put in it the java code .. what happens next is very strange, i have a Dedicated server with 16GB rams and xeon 5 8 core, the server is down for the high load average hhhhh so is this script causing a high server load ? also i contacted my server hosting company and there answer is : your script is causing a high load try to contact the script developer :)) so i contact you, them i will buy this script the problem solved

There is no issue like that in current version. There are few issue at the very first version. But that has sorted out many days ago. Now in current version there is nothing like that. Tell your friend to contact with us if he face any problem.



thank you , can i try this version ? after that i will buy the code to activate the version, i don’t want to buy after that try it, because the site didn’t allow me to refund the money in my paypal or card, they will stay in my account .. thanks Bro

Sorry but there nothing we can offer to test except demo site :(


izkamul Purchased


I just recently got to install your script. Some features are working, some are not working. Can you please help me out? I don’t understand much about this native API and widget.

Please respond

New version, v3.5 is ready to download :) Please install a fresh copy to your server.


izkamul Purchased

Hi I updated and this is what I get:

Error Number: 1146

Table ‘mysite_stats.ad_config’ doesn’t exist


So I will for friday to get help from you guys, I don’t have support

update will not work , because update log is for v3.4 to v3.5 , you missed 2 or more intermediate updates. Please install a fresh copy in another folder/subdomain using new database :)


algeria20 Purchased

hi i send many message and screan shoot to my problem in messenger , but i haven’t respond me

Website analysis, keyword research, and all search action does not work. Solved me problem please.

i send you in messenger all acces to my web site and ftp


Working on it :)


winncomm Purchased

Hey there guys, what’s new in 3.5 and also is there support added in yet for the Proxies by adding in mass in support to a txt file being imported? If they’re in the format of xxx.00.00.00:3128? ;)

Nope, did not added it :( It was an sudden one, will bring more :)

Hello, can you point me to your documentation, how do i update. etc..

You will only get latest version. I suggest to install a fresh copy :)

thats not a good idea.. so i have to keep updating and if i miss an update then i have to reinstall? Can atleast the database be retained?

Sorry but you missed 5 versions !!! You can update to step by step like v3.0 to v3.1, v3.1 to v3.2, v3.3 to v3.4 and finally v3.4 to v3.5. That will be more difficult that’s why I told to install fresh copy. You do not need all the old versions to update. Use the latest one everytime :)

On other way you can use your existing database. Install a fresh copy into another folder using fresh database. Then after installation rename database connection information and point it to previous database from application/config/database.php

Then run update functions one by one :

http://yourdomain.com/update/v_3_1to3_2 http://yourdomain.com/update/v_3_1to3_2_1 http://yourdomain.com/update/v3_2to3_3 http://yourdomain.com/update/v3_4to3_5

Thant is what I can do for you :)

Thanks : Al-amin :)


algeria20 Purchased

hi Where I find the link to download the update greeting

Go to download menu and download the script again.

Update manual : sitespy.xeroneit.net/documentation/#update


izkamul Purchased

Hi, i entered the moz and google API key but nothing is produced when I do a site analysis. google scraper also doesn’t work, other functionalities don’t work but you want me to pay for support fee when I paid for the script and it’s not working as expected.

Please the customer and the customer will return the favor. I paid for script, I am not smile, but you, you already smile, what about me? when will I smile? Make me smile to see my script work

My friend, don’t be like this


Please send your application link and admin login credential to info@xeroneit.net and we’ll check your system.



Hello, I tried to launch the installation and I guess maybe like some others, I encountered the 404 error. Am I supposed to change permission 0777 to ALL folders, inside of each folders and so on? You mentioned in the documentation, if we get “404 page not found” error then make AllowOverride in the virtual host. Should it be enough to take care of the issue? Is it normal too that when I type the URL where the files are located, ex: http://mydomain.com/sub1/sitespy/, it takes me to http://mydomain.com/sub1/sitespy/home/installation path? I don’t even know how this is possible because in the download .zip package that I have uploaded, there is not even a folder named home. Am I missing something? Regards,

replied :)

Thank you! I just replied too.