SiteSearchStats - Track Your Site's Rankings

SiteSearchStats - Track Your Site's Rankings

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SiteSearchStats is a PHP web application that tracks your sites’ metrics on the most popular search engines and social networks. All of your statistics are graphed and displayed in a beautiful HTML5/CSS3 template that makes it easy to identify where your sites are performing, and where they need improvement.


Metric Tracking

With SiteSearchStats, you can track the following metrics:

  • Google
    • Google Page Rank
    • Backlinks
    • Pages Indexed
  • Bing
    • Backlinks
    • Pages Indexed
  • Twitter
    • Twitter Followers
    • Recent Retweets (how many people retweeted your tweets)
    • Mentions of your Username/Handle (@yourname)
    • Mentions of your domains (tweets with “”)
  • Facebook
    • Facebook Likes (Followers of your page)
    • People Talking About You (recent mentions of your page)
Track Unlimited Sites

With SiteSearchStats, you can track an unlimited number of your sites, and use the powerful interface to compare one, or all of your sites’ statistics.

XML Engine

SiteSearchStats relies on PHP5 + with the included SimpleXML engine to store data in an XML file, negating the need for a complicated MySQL database. Additionally, an easy-to-setup cron job is included to refresh your stats on a daily basis.

Beautiful Look

SiteSearchStats aims to be the easiest, most aesthetically-pleasing way to track how your websites are doing day-by-day.

Export Capability

Any and all data you see in the application can be exported to a CSV (comma-delimited) file for use in other programs. Use this function to show progress in spreadsheets, graphs, or PowerPoint!


  • PHP 5.2+ (requires SimpleXML and curl)
  • A modern browser, for best experience (Chrome, IE 9+, Firefox, Safari)
  • Access to cron service (optional)


New in version 1.8: Updated the application to work with Facebook’s new Graph API, since the old version is no longer supported. You will have to create a Facebook account (if you don’t already have one) and create an App in order to view Facebook details for your sites. Don’t worry, it’s free!
New in version 1.7: Two bugfixes: one prevents older browsers from adding sites with blank names. The other fixes a bug in the DEMO cleanup code that prevented multiple sites from being deleted at once.
New in version 1.6: Added a DEMO mode. Useful for extended licenses!
New in version 1.5: Implemented OAuth for Twitter – follower count and recent retweets are now accurate again.
New in version 1.4: Added a backlink tool (under Tools menu) that lists backlinks to your site.
New in version 1.3: Small bugfix that prevents graphs from reversing trend lines in some instances.
New in version 1.2: Added the ability to export data to CSV files for use in other programs.
New in version 1.1: Small bugfix to prevent XML loading errors.

Try The Demo

See the demo for yourself, and how awesome SiteSearchStats really is:

The demo now keeps your added site for up to a week! Instead of deleting added sites every 24 hours, it deletes every Sunday. See how your site is doing throughout the week!